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    ENVISION THIS: Considering our contribution to a viable planet is a critical aspect of planning our businesses, our communities, and our lives.

    Christopher Cooke of 5 Deep was co-creator of ‘Be the Change’ event in London.  He has a unique track record in the conscious application of 'Integral Thinking' in all situations.  He advocates and provides tools for holistic thinking applied at the business level.  He invites you to “Discover the deeper dynamics of you organisations culture.” He explores Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) which looks “into the psycho-cultural-social ecology of individuals, groups, organisations and regions. The approach is based upon an understanding of the deep motivational intelligences that direct all known human behaviour.”

    Joining him will be his wife, Sheila Cooke, Senior Consultant at 5 Deep and co-developer, facilitator and trainer of Solonics, the art and science of human and social emergence.  She is focused on igniting the new era through Factor 100 Innovation and Change.  With a dedicated focus on the education and application of Solonics, Sheila specializes as a designer and trainer of virtual and face-to-face collaboration processes that build resilience and adaptability within organizations to lead through complexity, by building capacity for self-organization.


    Your Envision This! hosts, Burl and Merry Hall,  invite you to explore our new book, Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature, at www.envisionthismedia.com.

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    Mamas Superheroes Se Compromenten con su Salud Integral

    in Social Networking

    Dialogamos en este programa con Yoly Ripepi nos ofrece conceptos basicos de la salud integral y consejos de como podemos utilizar la comida a nuestro favor.  Como miembro del Panel de Expertos de www.mamassuperheroes.com,  Yoly hace su contribucion compartiendo su filosofia de una vida plena y saludable.

    Como Consultora de Salud Integral, basa su metodología en dos pilares fundamentales, nuestros pensamientos sobre la comida y nuestra interpretacion de lo que es la comida sana.   Considera que los pensamientos negativos son  producto de los traumas del pasado.  Como tal, en nuestros pensamientos reside la causa fundamental de nuestra obesidad y  problemas de salud. Yoly es controversial y no duda en confrontar paradigmas tan comunes como “si estoy más flaco, peso menos entonces estoy más sano”.   Prefiere la perspectiva   “si cambias tu mentalidad entonces de seguro podrás lograr lo que quieras, incluso estar más flaco“

    Graduada en Administración de empresas y Consultor de salud integral certificada por The Integrative Nutrition Institute of New York. Yoly plasmó parte de su proceso de aprendizaje en su libro “Adelgaza con éxito usando la comida a tu favor”.


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    O Patriota: a Teologia da Missão Integral como a Língua do Anticristo...

    in Politics Conservative

    No programa de hoje, vou falar sobre a Teologia da Missão Integral:

    1) A TMI como a língua do anticristo.

    2) Ed René Kiwi, Ariovaldo Ramos, Caio Fábio e outros enganadores.

    3) O que a TMI defende e por que isso é anticristão???

    Não percam!!


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    How to Heal Ourselves of Cancer with Integral Healing

    in Health

    Lynne Feldman is a New Jersey-based educator, lawyer, chaplain, and cancer survivor. Her new book, Integral Healing, tells the story of how she integrated traditional, alternative, and complementary medicine to heal herself of the disease.

    As a practicing lawyer since 1986, Feldman represented cases from murder to arguments before the state supreme court. As a high school teacher for over 20 years, she was honored by the White House and the governor. Feldman currently serves as a clinically trained chaplain, helping people to cope with serious illness. Lynne Feldman, MA, JD, is a New Jersey lawyer, educator, and chaplain. Her new book tells the story of her recovery from two forms of life-threatening cancer, and outlines her unique integral approach to healing. 

    Feldman currently serves as a clinically trained chaplain, helping people to cope with serious illness. Click tolearn more and get your FREE gift.

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    O Patriota: sobre a Teologia da Missão Integral e a Rússia (26/01/2015)...

    in Politics Conservative

    Hoje tem "O Patriota", às 2:00 da tarde!!! Basta clicar no link abaixo!!!

    No programa de hoje, iremos falar sobre:

    1) Anarcocapitalismo: conclusões do último programa.

    2) Rússia: a agenda da Rússia para destruir SUA igreja.

    3) Teologia da Missão Integral: origens, ideias e seus vínculos com a Rússia.

    Não percam!!!

  • Is Suffering Integral to Creator-God's design for Human Growth?

    in Spirituality

    Is suffering a belief for redemption of our inclinations to do harm, to be selfish, to do criminal things, or to hurt other's with our weaknesses of our wounded hearts and/or flesh?

    Is Suffering a necessary part of one's spiritual growth? Necessary as in REQUIRED by CREATOR? Can suffering be reframed as a gift that instructs or purges, and be so defined by ego-mind reasoning devoid of Divine wisdom/understanding? 

    Can suffering become an addiction that consumes one's whole life whereby they never realize anything except pain as their teacher!!?  WHO determined this is universal meanining of suffering? 

    Yes, suffering is pervase and who doesn't suffer to some degree or another. The question and point we want to share with you is one that is generated from the wisdom of SELFGnosis® hindsight rather than from the sole observation of life experiences. 

    SELFGnosis® is our reconnection with Absolute TRUTH of our Christos-Spirit as restored Pure Awareness of What-IS. Hard to argue with that level of remembrance. This point of view is wisdom 'at its best'. It is hard to dismiss this perspective when seeking answers about existence, right?!

    Is pain an arm of TRUTH or is it a belief we conconcted to explain the pervasive experiences of pain life seems to be over-abundantly riddled with as our current "normal state of affairs" - human condition?

    Suffering dominates the HUman condition, but, WHY? How does so much pain and tortuous suffering define LOVE? What does this say about the Heart of Hearts emanating this creation/universe into existence?

    Is something amiss? Are we missing a vital link of understanding?

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    John Forman on 'Integral' Leadership

    in Management

    An expert in the role of organizational culture and values, his work reflects the many ways that people make meaning and address change in their work-lives.  John works with clients to integrate tools and technologies that achieve performance breakthroughs and other objectives.  - Learn more about John  
    Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step 

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    Integral Healing with Lynne Feldman

    in Spirituality

    Integral Healing with Lynne Feldman

    Integral Healing is the result of Feldman’s exhaustive research into traditional and contemporary cancer treatments, and describes how she combined the best of Western medicine with more holistic approaches to ultimately go into remission. Feldman shares her emotional and physical recovery from cancer, gracefully weaving her personal story into a multi-faceted guide to health and healing, enabling readers to develop their own individualized healing blueprint. At the heart of Feldman’s message is a call for more flexible and varied approached to cancer treatment, as well as exploring the psychology of illness in order to change and improve the ways in which we understand health and healing. Above all else a story of hope, Integral Healing will educate, challenge and move readers, encouraging us not to view cancer as a death sentence, but to play an
    active and positive role in our own recovery. 

    Lynne Feldman, MA, JD, is a New Jersey-based lawyer, educator and minister. Lynne has been a pioneer in the integral movement, serving as a founding member of the Integral Institute and the Vice Chancellor of Integral University. Practicing as a lawyer since 1986, she has handled civil and criminal cases, and has appeared before the New Jersey Appellate and Supreme Courts. She was also honored by the New Jersey State Legislature after serving as a high school teacher for nearly twenty years. Today, Lynne is retired, but continues to serve as an ordained minister, helping victims of serious illness cope with their disease.

    For moreinformation visit: http://integralhealingbook.com/

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    Mark Forman on Ph.D on Integral Psychotherapy

    in Self Help

    Mark Forman, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Clinical Director of Life Design Centre, an innovative psychotherapy studio dedicated to changing the lives of individuals, couples, children, and families. His text— A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy: Complexity, Integration, and Spirituality in Practice — is one of the seminal works in the field on Integral Psychotherapy. He is also currently co-editing his second text which applies Integral principles to diversity issues. It will be published in 2014.

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    Consider This... What is INTEGRAL Spirituality?

    in Spirituality

    Thought-provoking discussion on Integral Theory in all Spiritual Traditions. Learn about Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber, and how this relates to all religions and traditions.
    Mondays at 6pm, Rev. Drs. Linda Marie Nelson and Nancy Ash offer a spiritual evolutionary dialog from the heart uniting our world in Oneness honoring ALL perspectives in sacred traditions. Meditation w/ music Call in-share your voice! Enjoy inspiring, timely discussion with veteran, contemporary, trans-denominational ministers, co-hosts, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson and Rev. Dr. Nancy Ash. Featuring a Doing a 360 segment to re-calibrate to higher vibratory frequency. Consider This presents programming that inspires, educates, and motivates you to learn while opening your heart to multiple ways we, as aware, integral minds are dedicated to transforming our world. Nancy: http://www.Doinga360.com Linda Marie: http://www.divinityalliance.org

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    Elisa E. with Elana Freeland - MKUltra and Unseen Forces

    in Education

    Tonight returning to the show are my very special guests Elisa E. and Elana Freeland.

    Elisa will take us through her MK Ultra deprogramming process and how that process must include an inner spiritual awakening in order break out and defend against the forces of evil. Elana will then explain how the ionization of our atmosphere and environment is an integral part of the agenda to mind control the masses and create generic thinking and behaving human beings. We the wrap up with Elisa relaying her personal experiences with unseen forces and how these entities play an important role in mind control programs and the oppression of humanity.

    Elisa's website and books: https://ourlifebeyondmkultra.wordpres...
    Elana's book: http://tinyurl.com/oynbgl9