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    Privacy, Anonymity, and Instruction

    in Education

    Privacy today looks very different than it did 20 years ago… and the drive toward more personalized instruction from students, parents, and educators challenges privacy even further. Is it possible to build barriers to thwart data thieves and support general anonymity while providing educators with access to assessment and more nuanced qualitative information?  The ability to balancing these demands is essential if we are to realize the benefits that personalized learning can offer.

    Communities are trying to address the challenge of providing the infrastructure to support quality education, while still adhering to socially acceptable policies around data security and anonymity. With instruction, it’s not simply about assessment but providing substantial feedback that allows students to become masters of their own learning. In order to be effective, educators and educational environments need to know who the learner is, balance the trade offs between complete anonymity and provide access to information that informs instruction.

    Join Michael Jay and guests as they take a bite out of the hard questions like:

    How is technology outside of education progressing and how can we leverage it to improve our systems?
    How can we educate decision makers about the trade offs around privacy/anonymity and also set expectations with parents and the larger community?

    Guests at the Table:

    Tim Discipio, Founder, ePals
    Jeff Patterson, Founder and CEO, Gaggle, Inc.
    Francesca Venning, Learning Technology Consultant, Venning and Associates

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    in Education


    GREAT BOOKS FOUNDATION  presents experts John Riley, Linda Barrett and Carolyn Lang on how encouraging inquiry works for today's standards, Common Core or otherwise. Let's enable discussion. It works

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    "Don't Be Stupid" He who love instruction love knowledge.

    in Spirituality

    Greetings & Welcome to "Latter Day House of Refuge" Bible Study on the Air, with your Host Pastor J.L. Grimes & Hostess Lady Tee Johnson Grimes. We welcome you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to thank each of you for joining us today for Bible Study on the Air. 

    Bible Study Topic is: "Don't Be Stupid

    Bible Scriptuire is: Proverbs 12:1

    Broadcast times are as follows: 7 PM EST, 6 PM CST, 5 PM MST, 4 PM PST.

    To join us live on the Air, please dial into (347) 637-1509

    Studio House Rules:

    1. Please do not use your speaker phone feature.

    2. Please be sure you are in a quiet setting when speaking live.

    3. Please keep your questions & comments focused on the topic

    4. Please keep your time 2 to 3 minutes to allow everyone a chance to speak.

    5. Please have your Bibles ready.


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    LIFE SAVING QUESTION: Why we Should Keep the Torah and Instruction of YAHUAH?!

    in Spirituality

    WEDNESDAY MORNING: On Wednesday morning (Yom Revi'i, the 4th day of the week), June 24th, 2015 (7th day of the 4th month 5776) at 10AM EST (9 AM CST), your Brother (Akhy) in YAHUAH will be talking, teaching, and testifying about obeying the Torah and what does it mean to the Natzarym (Branches) of the True Mashyakh. Please join us by calling in at (347) 884-8468 or just click on the link below and be blessed. Love you in Spirit and in Kingdom Truth! Shalum. Shalum. Halal YAHUAH!

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    Instruction - Warning and Correction

    in Education

    When we give instructions to a student we make two very important assumptions that may or may not be true. We assume that they heard us, and that they understood us. Dealing with student behavior requires as much instruction as does the academic curriculum.

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    It's All About Instruction!

    in Education

    We live in an era where there is much emphasis on student test scores, but little on the quality of the instruction students receive on a daily basis.  This show will discuss what high-quality instruction looks like in the classroom and will explore ways parents and educators can support high-quality instruction daily.

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    Revolutionizing Piano Instruction; Smart Book Publicity; More

    in Business

    Kevin McCarthy is the brains behind an emerging start-up that is revolutionizing the way we learn to play the piano.

    Amy Barone is a successful author who talks about how to publicize a book. Her newest book Kamikaze Dance is creating a stir thanks to her efforts.

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    Dr. Wayne Anders A Father's Instruction

    in Spirituality

    Tune in Tue morning at 10:00 and listen to the word of God and be blessed!  Some of the Topics are:: Corrections for  my son, Two Pathways, Healing Words, and Watch Where You're Going.I want to Honor Bishop Paul Keeter the Senior Pastor at Rivers Of Living Water Church Of God,, and his assocaite Pastor Bishop Johnnie Rivera.

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    Your Journal Companion 365 Writing Prompts with Plynn Gutman

    in Personal Journals

    Your Journal Companion: 365 Writing Prompts to Heighten Awareness of Self and Others offers interesting information on brain function and research associated with the benefits of journal writing, and shares easy instruction on key writing techniques – such as free writing, dialoguing and listing – that greatly expand the power and potential of the prompts when used to nurture and expand your writing practice.

    The book and prompts are useful for both beginning and experienced writers, ages 13 and up, and offer an excellent resource for teachers, counselors, coaches and group leaders from all walks of life to guide others into self-discovery and thoughtful engagement with the world around them.

    Plynn is a writer and publishing author, a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in helping others create an Integrated Life, as an energy practitioner and the co-founder of Your Liminal Space Retreats.







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    Defeating Discrimination with Pastor Karen Wilson on Who We Got Wednesday

    in Motivation

    On this edition of Who We Got Wednesday, we discuss Women as Leaders, Church Discrimination and Education with Pastor Karen Wilson on Who We Got Wednesday! 

    Pastor Wilson considers herself "trained in the School of Hard Knocks, under the instruction of the Holy Spirit of the living God."

    Born in Boston Massachusetts and raised in Washington DC, Pastor Karen Wilson put her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education to work as she taught in the Virginia Beach Public School System for 29 years.

    Pastor Wilson was licensed to preach in 1997 and ordained in 2000. Shortly thereafter she assumed pastorship of Temple of Peace in Newport News, VA.

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    in Politics

    My understanding of Malcolm's "THE BALLOT OR THE BULLET" is steeped in the knowledge of the Slave law or Code de Noir. In chapter 7, "FREE SOCIAL WORSHIP AND RELIGIOUS WORSHIP AND RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION PROHIBITED"..The Government not only permits the Master to forbid the free social worship and religious instruction of his slaves, at his pleasure, but it also steps in with direct prohibitions of its own, which even the Master himself may not relax or abrogate..........He is restrained, as we have seen, from bestowing upon his slave, an education that would increase his usefulness, or of employing him to do any kind of writing! The slave may be used so, as to be used up in SEVEN YEARS; may be used as ad breeder, as. Prostitute, as an attendant at the gaming tables, as a subject of MEDICAL AND SURGICAL EXPERIMENTS FOR THE BENEFIT OF SCIENCE, an d the Legislature makes no  objections against it. "William Goodell

     "By ballot I only mean freedom. Don't you know -- I disagree with Lomax on this issue -- that the ballot is more important than the dollar? Can I prove it? Yes. Look in the UN. There are poor nations in the UN; yet those poor nations can get together with their voting power and keep the rich nations from making a move. They have one nation -- one vote, everyone has an equal vote. And when those brothers from Asia, and Africa and the darker parts of this earth get together, their voting power is sufficient to hold Sam in check. Or Russia in check. Or some other section of the earth in check. So, the ballot is most important.

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