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    iMission Institute Founder Rob Leighton

    in Non-Profit

    iMission Institute founder Robert Leighton talks about the mission behind imission and where that "i" comes from.

    Rob Leighton is the founder and executive director of The iMisison Insititue.


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    Shaping the Future - The Tavistock Institute On The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    The Tavistock Institute has been shaping the future through social engineering of the masses. This organizion uses all forms of social interaction to influence the people to the agenda of a new world order for the arrival of the anti-christ.  What are the origions of this society and who is carring out its agenda? We will break down the Tavistock institute as well as talk about the latest news and current events.

    Here is the link to the listen live &  archive page. It contains the Live stream links at the top of the page and then the archives below.


    https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamKNEIN/featured   link to the youtube channel

    https://soundcloud.com/hagmann-hagmann-report  link to the soundcloud page

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    Roger The Institute of Family and Marriage

    in News

    The Institute of Family and Marriage

    We consider the family as a foundation for sustainability and prosperity, for tolerance and equality, especially equality between women and men, an important pillar naturally providing safety and freedom from violence.

    The mission of the Institute of Family and Marriage is to assist Families to resist and repel undue influences from threatening the integrity and wellbeing of each institution of the Family founded on Marriage and to monitor the organs of Government to ensure they provide support to the Family consistent with the recognition by the State in Bunreacht na hÉireann – the Irish Constitution of “the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law" and in accordance with the pledge therein recorded for the State, "to protect the Family in its constitution and authority, as the necessary basis of social order and as indispensable to the welfare of the Nation and the State” and “to guard with special care the institution of Marriage, on which the Family is founded, and to protect it against attack.”

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    Creating Workplace Success: Autism & LD-Rob Crawford, Life Development Institute

    in Family

    Young people on the spectrum or with learning disabilities (or differences) often can do the work an employer wants, but need help and support learning the soft skills like showing up on time, listen to instructions or not be distracted explained Guest Rob Crawford, co-founder of Life Development Institute in Arizona to host Lon Woodbury on January 19, 2016.  Often, they do exceptionally well when the employer understands their unique strengths, and mentors support them in learning how to approach a job.

    Contact: Rob Crawford 623-773-2774 RCrawford@discoverldi.com www.discoverldi.com

    Lon Woodbury 208-267-7717 lonwoodbury@gmail.com www.strugglingteens.com

    This is one of a series of short interviews about new developments in the network of private, parent-choice residential schools and programs helping struggling teens and young adults. The guests are innovative leaders in this network.  To hear other interviews in this series, click on "Follow" above, or click on  The Woodbury Report or www.strugglingteens.com

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    Remnant Church Bible Institute

    in School

    Welcome to the weekly broadcast and teaching from Remnant Church Bible Institute.

    For the last two weeks, we have been away from the microphone, but now we continue in our teaching on the Present Day Work And Ministry Of the Holy Spirit.

    You may receive more information on RCBI by going to the web site at: http://www.rcbi-edu.org

    You may also contact Dr. A.S. Francis at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com  or call us at: 409-234-5854

    We are a ministry of Tell Them Outreach Church, Fellowship and Network

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    Remnant Church Bible Institute

    in School

    Welcome to the weekly broadcast and teaching from Remnant Church Bible Institute.  Today, we will deal with the subject of "What Signs Accompany The Baptism In The Holy Spirit?"

    In order to have a head start, you may begin with Acts, Chapters 2 and 8.

    You may receive more information on RCBI by going to the web site at: http://www.rcbi-edu.org

    You may also contact Dr. A.S. Francis at: rcbi-edu@outlook.com  or call us at: 409-234-5854

    We are a ministry of Tell Them Outreach Church, Fellowship and Network

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    Kingdom Lifestyles Training Institute Broadcast

    in Religion

    God says in Isaiah 55:11, "So shall my word be that goeth out of my mouth. It shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereunto I sent it."

    Join Apostle Christopher and Prophetess Crystal McQueen for the Kingdom Lifestyles Training Institute! 

    Also join Apostle Christopher and Prophetess Crystal McQueen for our weekly broadcasts. The Christ the King Redemptive Ministries Worship Experience is every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The Kingdom Lifestyles Training Institute Broadcast is every Tuesday at 7 p.m. The Prophetic Atmosphere Broadcast is every Thursday at 7 p.m. On Friday nights join us for J.A.M.M. (Jesus and Me Ministry). 

    Christ the King Redemptive Ministries is an international ministry with churches, schools and orphanages in the United States, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Pakistan. Join us for Bible study, revelation in the Word of God, prophetic utterance, apostolic impartation and teaching as the Spirit of God gives us insight.

    Please go to our website at www.ctkrm.org to learn more about us and to watch us live. Click on the media tab and press play while we are broadcasting live! We pray that you become a Vision Partner with us. Your financial gift will help us to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world! Also, like our pages on FaceBook at Christ the King Redemptive Ministries and Women of Prophetic Destiny.

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    New water institute has Florida focus

    in Environment

    Noted environmentalist and policy expert Clay Henderson, the executive director of Stetson University's water institute, discusses the institution's scope with WSBB president Skip Diegel in this episode of Focus on Stetson. The newly established Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience,
    a first of its kind at Stetson, will focus on water and environmental research in order to offer policy options to protect natural resources for Central Florida and beyond. The institute will be housed in the new Sandra Stetson Aquatic Center on Lake Beresford in DeLand. Learn more in these Stetson Today articles: http://www.stetson.edu/today/2015/08/henderson-to-head-new-water-institute/ and http://www.stetson.edu/today/2015/08/stetson-plans-cutting-edge-aquatic-center-at-lake-beresford/, and visit the institute's website at http://www.stetson.edu/other/water-environmental-resilience/


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    Remnant Church Bible Institute

    in School

    Today is a Special Broadcast, featuring Dr. William K. Mackie and Dr. August S. Francis, discussing the updates of Remnant Church Bible Institute and the purpose of the Institute.

    The weekly lesson from "First Things First", by Russell A. Board will continue next week at this same time.

    "First Things First" is the beginning of our Core Courses for the Remnant Church Bible Institute and the School Of The Holy Spirit School of Ministry.

    To get more information on RCBI, please visit http://www.rcbi-edu.org

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    Mr. President of Marcus Garvey Institute

    in Education

    Special Saturday @ P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Network...
    ...is so very proud to present to our listening audience a Strong Minded Elder from Chicago Illinois! This Brotha has been groomed and is advanced in his cultural relations with self and the Motherland.
    We hope to hear from our listening audience in the way of identifying with his story an elaboration of what has given your life similar purpose and drive...in Love & Service

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    The Kingdom Institute - with Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    We live in a world of all kinds of philosophies and ideologies that dominate the minds of men.  The one doctrine that excells and originates every doctrine of man is the Kingdom of God.  Without the clear, exact and precise knowledge of the Kingdom of God it is impossible to be an able minster of the New Testament.  The purpose of the Kingdom Institute being on Sunday afternoons is to give leaders an opportunity to come grow in the knowledge of the Kingdom of God that they would carry the truth of the Kingdom to the nations of the world.