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    Sarasota Home Inspector Talks Dishwasher Maintenance

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    Sarasota Inspector Talks About Dishwasher Maintenance

    Tim Beavers, inspector at Above All Home Inspecting (AAHI) in Sarasota, Florida says dishwashers require maintenance as does all appliances. In order for your dishwasher to operate correctly with no issues there are a few simple steps one should take.

    This episode is going to discuss dishwasher maintenace routines. What is required and how to address it.

    Tim Beavers
    Above All Home Inspecting, LLC


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    Diagnosing Water Leaks and Fixing Leaky Toilets

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    How do you know if you have a a water leak or a leaky toilet?  In this podcast by Charlotte Home Inspector Preston Sandlin he explains how you can tell and ways to fix it.  One of the first signs of a waer leak would be an increase in the water bill.  You might have a leak at the toilet or you could have a dripping faucet.    If your water meter runs continiously this would probably be another sign that you might have a water leak.  Check for wet areas around your yard.  In this podcast Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin will dicuss these and many other possibilities and will tell you how to repair a leaky toilet including replaing the wax ring.   

    If you have any questions about water leaks, leaky toilets or any other home inspection questions please call Home Inspection Carolina at 704-542-6575

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    How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

    in Real Estate

    In this interview, Brian and Travis Kepp discuss how to choose the right inspector. Are there different inspectors for certain houses or problems? If you know there are foundation issues, can you find an inspector who specializes in a certain area? Find out how you can choose the right inspector for you for your particular house and area! 

    More About Home Inspections


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    Atlanta home inspector interviews James Brantley, a Brandon Mississippi home inspector

    in Business

    Tune in as Bonnie Lelak, interviews James Brantley, a Brandon Mississippi home inspector about the different items and strange things that he has found during his time as a home inspector, also find out some of the ways that you can prepare for the home inspection especially if you are the seller and find out what to expect if you're the buyer and you're purchasing a new home. James Brantley can be reached at 601-454-4073 or visit his website at http://www.magnoliainspector.com.

    David & Bonnie Lelak with IHI Home Inspections can be reached at 404-788-2581 or on the web at http://www.ihihomeinspections.com Call James today for your Mississippi home inspection needs and David for your Atlanta home inspection needs!

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    Does Your New Jersey Home Inspector Have The Proper Tools To Inspect Your Home?

    in Family

    Choosing a home inspector is an important decision as part of your house buying process.

    A good home inspection company will have and use good equipment for the job. The tools they use can be an indication of the professionalism of their work.

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    How to find a qualified home inspector for your home inspection

    in Real Estate

    Join me, Reggie Marston, HGTV's original house detective and my guest Hollis Brown, President of the Home Inspector Training Academy as Hollis shares his insights on how to find a qualified, professional home inspector for the most important purchase of your life. Choosing the wrong home inspector for your home inspection could be a costly mistake if major issues are overlooked during the inspection. Hollis shares his tips on what quality's to look for in a home inspector; where to go to locate an inspector, how to interview an inspector, should you let you realtor choose your inspector, should price be the determining factor when choosing an inspector, what happens if the inspector misses an issue during the inspection and a lot more information on ensuring you hire the best inspector available.

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    Logbooks, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    in Training

    Every driver has a story about logbooks.  Every safety professional has a story about logbook reviews.  Every inspector has a story about a logbook audit. Please join this discussion and add your lighthearted story regarding logbooks, dealing with port/scale and/or safety managers and/or drivers.  I know you have a story to tell.  Let's hear it!  I know every driver, safety professional or inspector has at least one experience that made them do a double take.  That moment in time that is forever frozen in your brain that made you say to yourself "Did they actually just say that?"  Keep it light and make it funny and join in.

    Please call (347) 857-3624.  Calls will be answered in the order they are received.

    DISCLAIMER:  We do not pretend to have all the answers nor know all the regulations, rules and rights.  Remember states have the right to adopt all or some of the Federal Regulations so you must know your state laws as well as the Federal laws.  We offer an arena to discuss both our and your experiences and best practices.  Please keep in mind our goal is to improve the safety of our highways and byways across our great nation.  We humbly defer to the regulatory agencies both state and federal to help all of us be the safest we can be. 

    We encourage everyone to contact the appropriate regulatory agency directly, however if you are not comfortable doing that please contact the Safetymentor, the email address is safetymentor1856@gmail.com IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP THIS EMAIL ADDRESS FOR OUR FUTURE CONTESTS,  you can also contact our  office at 970-858-4445 (cell 970-216-2523).

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    Episode 269: National Strategy and the Navy's Proper Role in it

    in Military

    The role of the Navy and Marine Corps should be to provide ready and capable forces to the joint commanders. Outside of that, what is the proper role of the sea services in designing a more national strategy?

    What is the state of a national and a maritime strategy, who are the different players in the discussion, and what is the proper way forward?

    Our guest to discuss this and more for the full hour will be Captain Robert C. "Barney" Rubel USN, (Ret.), Professor Emeritus, US Naval War College.

    Captain Rubel, now retired, was previously the Dean of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies at the US Naval War College from 2006 to 2014.  Prior to arriving at NWC, he was a thirty-year Navy veteran, with experience as e a light attack naval aviator, flying the A-7 Corsair II and later the F/A-18 Hornet, commanded VFA-131, and also served as the Inspector General at U.S. Southern Command. 

    He is a graduate of the Spanish Naval War College in Madrid and the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, RI., and has an undergraduate degree in liberal arts from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the US Naval War College.

    Captain Rubel continues to serve as a member of the CNO Advisory Board and is active in local American Legion activities.

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    Inspector Gadget

    in Culture

    In a perfect world, partners in a relationship share every detail about themselves. Unfortunately, the world we live in is not perfect. So that leaves a grey area. An area in which we either draw our own conclusions about our mates or we investigate to find the facts! Call in this Monday on our new day and time @ 7pm EST to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO PROVE THAT YOUR MATE IS HIDING SOMETHING?" Call 760.283.4647 TO LISTEN IN AND HIT THE #1 KEY TO COMMENT! DON'T FORGET YOU CAN ALSO WATCH USD LIVE ON USTREAM @WWW.EBLOCKRADIO.COM

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    Don't Judge and Love Your Enemies/Luke 6

    in Religion

    On this broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis continues in the 6th chapter of Luke where Christ is delivering the Sermon on the Mount. Here's an outline for today's broadcast.

    1. Love Your Enemies-----Do good to those who hate your guts. (Verses 27-36)

    2. Don't Judge Others. Did you know that the Bible says we will be judged by the same standards

        we use to judge others. ( Verses 37-42)

    3. Do Be A Fruit Inspector. (Verses 43-45)

    4. Construction Advice-----Build On Strong Foundation. (Verses 46-49)

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    LIVE! with Cathi--For the LOVE of the Big Cat!

    in Fitness

    News updates, local, national, international...

    I LOVE CATS, all species of cats but there is an endangered animal that needs to claw its way back from the brink.

    A CINDERELLA STORY.  In Russia's far east an orphaned female tiger is the test case in an experimental effort to save one of the most endangered animals on earth.

    In a Russion remote Province, on a frigid afternoon in February 2012 a pair of hunters were halted by an unusal sight...a 4 month old Amur tiger cub lying on her side in a drift of snow.  A typical Amur hearing the sound of human steps will either roar in an attempt to scare off the interlopers or melt away entirely.  This cat was different.  Her eyes glazed and distant, her breathing shallow.  The  hunters tossed a blanket over her head and carted her into a newby town, to the home of Andrey, a local wild-life inspector.

    Andrey immediately recognized the severity of the situation.



    From starvation to...etc.

    Tail black with frostbite...etc.


    Healed, Released SET FREE...etc.

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