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    A.V.A Live Radio Features Insignia

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    Host Jacqueline Jax interviews the band Insignia.
    Info: At the intersection where real life meets passion and obsession you'll discover Insignia, a band with big hopes and dreams like all aspiring musicians and artists. Finding time between the rigorous work to school, school to work schedule of band members, they fight hard to accomplish their goals.
    Apr 14 - Saturday - Sigma Delta Tau's 5th Annual Prevent Child Abuse America Benefit Concert at Nova University - 6pm-midnight –  www.PreventChildAbuse.org
    Original Post: avaliveradio.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/a-v-a-live-radio-features-insignia

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    Paintball Dynamics Episode 25 - We Are Magfed!

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    Hosts Jonathan Sampson and Evan Hughes talk about what the insignia "We Are Magfed" is all about! Also Jon Rotilie is on the show to share a little about Magfed Monthly which is a magazine he is publishing April 1, 2015. We are excited for this project and honestly can't wait for it to be realesed. The " We Are Magfed" is a callout to magfed players no matter where they are from to help grow the game of paintball. If we want something to grow then lets take the intiative to make that happen. What is your "Magfed" moment and post it to our page.

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    ISIS in the USA, and let's talk about other current events.

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    If this doesn't send a chill down your spine, then nothing will.

    Houston, Tx - Houston police officers confronted and arrested a suspected terrorist who was wearing body armor with the ISIS insignia embroidered on it on September 5th.

    One thing is sure. ISIS (or those who admire ISIS) are here in the USA and they want to kill Americans.

    The media is ignoring this story and the Houston PD did not respond to a request for comment.

    What do you think the government should do to combat these terrorists?


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    Guest Anthony Mele'

    in Politics Conservative

    Anthony Mele is the Founder/President of AMI Global Security.  He holds an MA, Diplomacy – International Conflict Management, Norwich University, Vermont, a BS, International Relations and Counter-terrorism, SUNY.

    .3rd U.S. Infantry [The Old Guard], Fort Myer, Va.,  Defense Intelligence Agency, Intelligence and Security Command, Tabuk Detachment, Pentagon Tele-Communications Command,  Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff – Army Intelligence, Pentagon and graduated the Defense Intelligence College, Washington, DC.

    Mr. Mele has extensive international security consulting experience and expertise in the arena of asset protection management. He has provided professional services contracted to the Department of Defense,  The United Nations Office for Narcotics Trafficking and Border Security in Uzbekistan, The United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan,  Members of the Diplomatic Community, Office of the Mayor, Emergency Preparedness, Washington, DC, International Corporations, Senior Military Officers, government officials, celebrities, and members of the Saudi Royal Family, among others.

    Invited guest speaker to a variety of organizations and events to include the National Security Agency, New York Police Academy and 26 New Jersey Law Enforcement Agencies.

    His military decorations include the Army Commendation Medal, 1st OLC for heroism, Meritorious Service Medal, Good Conduct Medals  and a variety of individual achievement awards and recognition pins from: the FBI, US Marshall’s Service,  US Secret Service, US Congress and Insignia Medallion from the Director, National Security Agency. He holds the rank of “Chevalier” Knights Templars in the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. An internationally recognized Chivalric Order that holds a seat in the council of NGO’s at the United Nations.

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    Scouting Hot Finds Radio: Arapaho History Through Insignia

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    If you have been collecting Boy Scout memorabilia for some time then the names Arapahoe and its principal author Albertus Hoogeveen will be familiar names.  Today in collecting circles we talk about the Blue Book as the primary reference guide for Order of the Arrow (OA) collectors.  However before that it was Araphoe II - A History of the Order of the Arrow Through Insignia published in 1979, that die-hard OA collectors cataloged their collection by.  The book was the result of the collaborative efforts of the authors of Arapaho II: Albertus Hoogeveen, Richard H. Breithaupt, Jr. and David C. Leubitz. It was subsequently updated by printed supplements published in 1984 and 1989. By the early 1990’s, Arapaho Software, a partnership between Richard H. Breithaupt, Jr., Albertus Hoogeveen and Douglas E. Beaudoin, moved the hobby into the computer age with Arapaho II On Disk. 
    My guest tonight on Scouting Hot Finds Radio is none other than Albertus Hoogeveen.  We will hear the first person story of how the Arapaho series got started and how it changed the hobby of collecting Boy Scout memorabilia.

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    Making The Connection W/Soke Haisan Kaleak & Guest

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    “Martial Arts Patches & Insignia” Join another episode of “MAKING THE CONNECTION” Martial Arts Talk Radio Show. Please join Soke Haisan Kaleak (Host) & guest for a great discussion on the subject of “Martial Arts Patches & Insignia”. The question to be discussed is as follows; What are there meanings? What do they say about person that is wearing them? Osu !!!
    Call in to speak with the host and our guest @ (646) 716-6825 If you like to make a comment, Press 1, or if you just want to listen in on the great conversation, press 2.

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    La Pelota cubana. 50 Aniversario de Industriales

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    Se cumplen 50 años de la formación del equipo insignia de la pelota cubana. Hay chismes sobre ese tema...ademas, hablaremos de los peloteros cubanos, de la actualidad beisbolistica en Cuba; de los peloteros cubanos en grandes ligas...daremos un poco de informacion de las actividades de artistas cubanos en Miami y en Cuba...na' soquetear un poco y relajarnos...llama y pregunta loque te de la gana! no te midas ok? Avanza!
    Hoy a las 7pm...347-215-3434 y aprietas el 1, yo te abro la linea y a soquetar se ha dicho.

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    Morning Devotion: JEHOVAH NISSI (My Hope of glory)

    in Religion

    All praise and honor to God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ! So glad you joined us for Morning Devotion here on The Everyday Christian with host Mary Washington.
    Jehovah Nissi (yeh-ho-vaw' nis-see')
    The Lord My Banner, The Lord My Miracle 
    Jehovah is translated as "The Existing One" or "Lord." The chief meaning of Jehovah is derived from the Hebrew word Havah meaning "to be" or "to exist." It also suggests "to become" or specifically "to become known"…this denotes a God who reveals Himself unceasingly. Nes (nês), from which Nissi derived, means "banner" in Hebrew. In Exd 17:15, Moses, recognizing that the Lord was Israel's banner under which they defeated the Amalekites, builds an altar named Jehovah-Nissi (the Lord our Banner). Nes is sometimes translated as a pole with an insignia attached. In battle opposing nations would fly their own flag on a pole at each of their respective front lines. This was to give their soldiers a feeling of hope and a focal point. This is what God is to us: a banner of encouragement to give us hope and a focal point.

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    BottlesUp - Laurel Herter and Barry Bryant

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    Laurel Herter has been working with glass for the last 30 yrs. Most of her work has been in the field of architectural art glass, where she specializes in creating both contemporary and traditional glass designs for residential, commercial, public and religious settings.   From her studios in Bluffton, South Carolina, she produces work for clients throughout the United States and Mexico and Europe. Her commercial and public commissions are found in corporate headquarters in Atlanta, athletic facilities in Silicon Valley and several restaurants and churches in South Carolina.   Barry Bryant has over 25 years of diverse business experience working for large corporations, venture backed startups and is the founder and owner of Fortress Residential Management on Hilton Head Island, SC. He served as the Chief Operating Officer of bayMountain Inc., a web infrastructure management company for small and medium sized businesses based in Richmond, VA. Prior to bayMountain, he was Senior Vice President of Sun Trust Bank in Richmond, VA, managing a $300MM retail and business banking division. He holds a BBA in Finance from James Madison University.