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    Intuition and Insecurity.

    in Spirituality

    Virginia Blank is joining me for this show. It is an important topic and it does take two of us.  ;) 

    Do you trust your intuition?  Do you know when you are having an intuitive hit or when it is insecurity and ego chatter? 

    Intuition is a muscle like energy, the more you practice with it the stronger it becomes. Insecurity and second guessing yourself can derail this.   Add into this being empathic and it can be a lot of energies to sort through. 

    We will share our tools for discerning the difference between insecurty and intuition.  


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    The Ministry of Insecurity : Dealing with Critical Spirits

    in Religion

    THE UNSOLICITED "WORD": You ever talk to one of your Christian / Church Folk friends and out of no where they got "A Word" about your life and your situation, unsolicited? They seem to know why something didn't work out or why something didn't happened and they proceed to critique your life and life's decisions as if God sent them to do so. They always try to make you feel like "your not doing enough", you ought to be living this way and have more of that it is constant instability instead of contentment in Christ in HIS process and season for you. This my friends is a Ministry of Insecurity, that manifest itself as a "Critical Spirit". You always feel confused after talking to them, not the peace of God but "judged" not convicted. It is different when the Holy Spirit convicts you in LOVE but these ministers of insecurity make you feel like you committed a crime. TUNE IN Tuesday at 12 PM Noon as we discuss how to deal with The Ministry Of Insecurity, Dealing with Critical Spirits 

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    in Relationships

    Not addressing your own insecurity could have a negative affect on your lifestyle, your relationships and your career. Why does this get ignored & how do people deal with it? Join us for the Realness101 as we talk about it...

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    Inspiration or Insecurity

    in Spirituality

    Do other people inspire you to do better?  Or do they make you feel completely inadequate because they are doing things so much better than you feel you are?   How do you tell the difference?  

    Do you read someone's words and feel they stole them from you and snarl, or do you say hey, I wonder if I inspired them?   Or do you think...cool we are on the same wavelength?   

    Where are you on your spiritual journey?  Are you willing to look at your words and actions and take responsibility or are you staying in denial?  

    It is all a process; we can easily get caught up in it.   Being able to take a step back and release the energyof ~ I am not good enough so I have to model someone else's energy~ is a gift you can give you.     You are good enough, you are way better than you think!  How do I know?  I see it all the time with my amazing clients.   So does Virginia Blank who is joining me for this episode!   Yay!  http://www.virginiablank.com


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    Jeremiah (insecurity)

    in Christianity

    Proverbs 29:25 "The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted."

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    Kingdom Work for Christ Through Insecurity

    in Christianity

    Host Emma Boa-Durgammah is explores how insecurity is addressed in the Bible. In this episode we explore Christ-Centered Christianity versus comparative Christianity and the dangers of the latter. What does the Bible say about our insecurities. How can insecurity be a transformative tool for Christ? Tune in to find out more. 

    Host, Emma Boa-Durgammah would love to hear from you through email after the show contact@kingdomworkforchrist.com. More on Emma can be found at www.kingdomworkforChrist.com or www.facebook.com/kingdomworkerforChrist. A very special thanks to Rooted Deep for their song Give Him Praise, our opening song! Check them out at www.rootedeepmusic.com.

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    Sensitivity and Insecurity.

    in Spirituality

    Are you sensitive?   Do crowds overwhelm you?  Do you plan your grocery shopping to avoid crowds?  

    Do you know what kind of day your family members had as soon as they walk in the door?   

    Do you refrain from doing things because you do not want to upset someone else?  Do you feel like crying for no reason?   or get angry for no reason?  you are probably highly sensitve and have empathic energies. 

    lets talk about how to navigate being sensitive to others energies and living the life you dream of. 


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    Gentrificationomics: Self Government vs Government Insecurity

    in Real Estate

    On "It's My House" we shall continue our talks on Gentrification Literacy.  We shall take another inside look at Gentricationomics, which are the economic factors that lead to a community becoming gentrified.

    Communities and households that are "self governing" do not get gentrified...........however households and communities that rely on the government for "security" usually end up with "government INSECURITY".  

    Please feel free to call in and offer your questions or comments during our LIVE STREAM podcast.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call It's My House Radio @ 712-432-2945

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    in Spirituality

    Insecurity is something we all have, there is a tremendous amount of insecurity in all of us in some how....

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    Overcoming Insecurity, Gaining Confidence & Discovering Passion - Bradley Rapier

    in Entrepreneur

    GROOVALOOS founder @brapier offered his email to listeners interested in #dance career opportunities. Listen to my interview as we discuss:  - pushing past insecurity,  - defining success,  - how the dance industry really works, - and, finding your passion. 
    BIO: An international performer who connects people to the rich and powerful heritage of dance. 
    As founder of award winning group, The Groovaloos, Rapier has directly infuenced the history of dance on stage, film and television with his refreshing mix of storytelling, powerful spoken word poetry, and jaw-dropping displays of physical ability. The GROOVALOOs have been touted as “The Cirque du Soleil of the Street.” 
    As creativedirector and choreographer he has staged special guest appearances for Dancing WithThe Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and grand championship performances on NBC's international competition series Superstars of Dance, produced by Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller.
    He produced & directed An Unprecedented Night of Dance at The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, one of the largest live dance events in Los Angeles featuring Wayne Brady, tWitch, Anjelah Johnson, Af?on Crockett, The JabbaWockeez,Groovaloos, BeatFreaks, The LXD, and iLuminate. 
    He is a life coach and mentor who teaches urban dance, history and culture at The University of Southern California. 
    bradleyrapier.com groovaloos.com

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    New Wave of Immigrants, Captive, The Movie & Our National Insecurity

    in Politics

    Jospeh Castleberry-The President of Northwest University says, The New Pilgrims: How Immigrants Are Renewing America's Faith And Values.

    Bob Waliszewski-Focus On The Family's Director of Media and Culture and director of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In department discusses "Captive" and rates the 1,2 Box office Winners for family viewership.

    Tom Abrahams-Veteran television journalist and author who's spent the last 20-plus years covering the biggest stories of our time talks about our national security.  Are we really secure?

    Dave Schram-Regarded by many as America's top FICO Score expert and one of the Credit Repair Industry's leading debt settlement strategists shares the Do's and Don'ts of Rebuilding Your Credit.

    Paul Driessen-Sr. Environmental Policy Analysts: Global Warming Message From President Obama & Pope Francis is Wrong for Many Reasons, Including Hurting the World’s Poor.

    Tony Perkins-President of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council talks about his latest book, No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth.