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    Insanity Is Still Going Strong

    in Spirituality

    Updates on current events and guest Savannah will reveal the occult nature of children’s cartons and their meanings. The last days can never be underestimated for its insanity. Tonight some info on how it all comes down with current news lies

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    Living wit Serenity HOUR~of~POWER with Wellness WarriorZ Commander, Mark Denning

    in Weight Loss

    Commander Mark Denning, R.N.,  locks arms with the Godmother, Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed, to discuss Self health care information on:

    Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Immune system, Bone and Joint issues

    Mark gives a heartfelt very candid testimony about his personal medical challenges, including  weighing in excess of 300 lbs, multiple blood clots in his legs and lungs, AFIB and Diabetes. He further describes the his current nutritional program using Youngevity products. Mark correlates healing with peeling an onion; it occurs in layers. In fact, this is where he will pick up on his next broadcast.

    You may contact the Commander at Facebook/wellnesswarriorZ

    You may contact the Godmother,  also known  as the "drill sergeant" behind her back @ Facebook/serenityweightlossanddetoxificationprogram

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    Fight Back Monday: The 21 Days of Detoxification~ Part I with Michelle Edmonds

    in Weight Loss

    So many people faced with weight challenges give emotional causes, stress as the primary reason for derailing their wellness and weight loss goals. If that is the case, it is time that all of us pay more attention to what to do about the "emotional side"


    Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification are a mind, body and spirit wellness program that strives to address the total person so that your journey will be successful, THIS TIME. 

    Don;t forget to watch for Part II, also available on-demand after February 1, 2016

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    Doing the Same Thing Over & Over - Is it Insanity? or Practice of Perseverance?

    in Dads and Family

    So often you hear that doing the same things over and over is insanity. However to counter that our Certified Personal Trainer will put you on a repetitive workout and you begin to see positve results. We've also heard the term "PUSH" which means to pray until something happens. INSANITY? PRACTICE OF PERSEVERANCE? 

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    Enabling or Empowering in Weight Loss: Know the Difference, Michelle Edmonds

    in Weight Loss

    An enlightening, often overlooked topic. This tough love conversation about enabling , (a term more often used in addictions and substance abuse counseling)  and how the term applies to the relationship between a participant and their weight loss program.  In essence, the  weight loss program becomes the  enabler; as long as it is  there AND it WORKS, I can eat what I want and just start again!. The game is this: The clinician thinks the person is motivated to release weight; the disconnect in communication is that the client is really just testing their safety net, before  returning  to their old habits. This cycle needs to stop and  is physically dangerous, hence the reason for this broadcast

    The program director and author of the program is Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. Ms. Edmonds is affectionately  known as "The Godmother" of Wellness,  A/K/A  the "drill sergeant".A trained counseling psychologist, she is a dynamic  speaker in the area of  wellness and personal development. Ms. Edmonds is also the CEO and Station Manager of Serenity Radio Network (SRN), an empowerment  station that focuses on MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT


    To get started with the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification program. click here:        



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    Women Thou Art Loosed, with guest Kimmie Kim of eLATION Magazine and Radio

    in Health

    One of te most treasured broadcast I will ever have the pleasure of hosting. Uncut, unrehearsed authenticity and sharing by Kimmie Kim; publisher and founder of  eLATION Magazin and Radio

    A discussion about the infirmities :


    Mental illness,  addictions, food, sex, drugs  and  physical abuse

    Extremely disrespectful philandering on the part of male or female, including outside children

    Near death experience of self, a parent or a sibling or spouse

    *100 % of the participants in the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program,  weighing at  the 235-240 threshold, when they were asked stated they had been molested. This is based on over 12,000 participants since 1992. This indicates that weight is a form of  communication


    You are loosed, in the name of Jesus..... I declare that you are loosed of all infirmities, per Luke 3:12. I call out these infirmities.....the infirmity of molestation, the infirmity of mental illness, of infidelity and the humiliation that it caused, I call out attempts of the enemy to take your life or the life of any loved one; I call out the infirmity of addictions....more specifically, the addiction of overeating, not eating, binge eating, binge and purging and all self-destructive behaviors that interfere with living long and strong. I confess and believe this day that I AM LOOSED in Jesus name Amen. Love you all

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    Marital Peace, Dr. Laura Louis, Ph.D

    in Family

    Dr. Louis shares the foundation of her doctoral research, which formed the basis for her book: Marital Peace. She discusses John Gottman's Model for predicting marital success known as the Four Horsemen. . Contact Dr. Louis and learn more information @ http://www.giftedcounseling.com/


    Serenity Radio Network (SRN) is sponsored by The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program, Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.ED.CEO|Author @ Serenity. More information: https://www.serenityradiochallenge.eventbrite.com?




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    Hour~of~Power: The Law of Cure, with Wellness WarriorZ, Mark Denning, R.N.

    in Weight Loss

    Mark Denning, the Commander of Wellness WarriorZ . You can reach him @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/123559957782396/

    Today he discusses the LAW of CURE

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    Romance without Finance?.....Is a Nuisance! with Jenyfer Rogers and Tarence Hill

    in Finance

     Romance without Finance is a Nuisance is an new weekly series about wealth building strategies. The host is Jenyfer Rogers, an economic coach and realtor. Along with her own expertise, she will introduce to you the very best experts in financial education as co-host and guest speakers on future broadcasts. This program provides financial education broken down in plain language, without the hype. 


    Commentary by Michelle Edmonds, Life and Wellness Coach and Serenity Radio Network (SRN) owner:

    It's amazing how often we say, "Love conquers all, yet when the money gets funny, the first thing to go is the love! To be honest and to talk real, even sex goes, when the money is not right. Then why do so many of us leave our finances to chance and not make it our business to get even basic financial information? 

    According to the list attached  to the following link, Finances is the # 7 reason for Divorce. http://www.top10stop.com/lifestyle/top-10-reasons-for-divorce-and-marriage-breakdowns-stats-from-the-us A quick Google search, however, will list Finances as the #1 reason, followed by infidelity and poor communication. 

    In my practice as a counseling psychologist, Life, and Wellness coach,   I see Finances, Infidelity, and communication, in that order. Does not matter who's stats you use, there is no question that too many of us have raggedy finances and basic financial education is needed. 


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    Healing Series~ Part IV: Encountering Painful Circumstances, Dr. Terry Dixon

    in Psychology

    Counseling psychologists, Apostle Dr. Terry Dixon, Ph.D  and  Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed.,lock arms in this  4th episode and final segmant of Ladies,Let the Healing Begin.  The goal is to address some of the emotional issues plaguing the body of Christ, specifically within  the  African American community, where these issues are often neglected and not openly discussed.

    Unveiling the truth, stopping the trauma, healing the wounded. Dr. Terry Dixon wishes to reach as many as possible with answers to unanswered questions that most live with each day. As a culture of people we must be responsible enough to speak up and address what is wrong and right and not agree with everything that comes to us. Therefore it is my purpose to minister to all who has a hope of returning to the roots or righteousness. Be prepared to be challenged by Black Issues, because a demand is placed upon us to make emotional, family and religious changes for the betterment of our future. We must be real and honest about who we are and what responsibilities rest upon our shoulders to gather together a people who has experience years of pain and rejection. 

    To order his books click:  https://www.pinterest.com/serenityweight/serenity-radio-network/

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    Health & Wellness Show - Feb 5, 2016 - Depression and the Insanity of the World

    in Health

    Corruption, war, human suffering, disease - there's seemingly no end to the level of insanity and evil that prevades the world around us. It's unsurprising that many who are paying attention will succumb to feelings of depression, anxiety and an intense lonliness.

    What's the right perspective to hold on the insanity that surrounds us? How can we continue to function when the world seems bent on descending into chaos? Are we really alone in our unceasing efforts to pay attention to reality, left and right? Is there anything left to be hopeful for?

    All these subjects and more will be explored today, as we look into how to stay sane in a world gone mad. With us, as always, will be resident animal health expert Zoya, with her weekly Pet Health Segment. Join us Fridays at 10am EST for the SOTT Radio Network's Health and Wellness Show.