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    Innovative Black Men - Innovative Black Men - "The Power of Words" (Part 2)

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    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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    Innovative Black Men - Can Good Sex cause you to Settle?

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    Can Good Sex cause you to Settle? Let's talk about it tonight at 7PM (CST) / 8PM (EST) Sharolyn Payton will be joining me on the Innovative Black Men show to disscuss this thought - provoking topic.

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    Innovative Black Men - Does Family Matter?

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    Tune in to the Innovative Black Men show as we take a closer look at the family structure in the twenty first century. 

    The conversation starts at 7PM (CST) 8PM (EST) 

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    Innovative Black Men - "Follow the Leader?"

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    Buying into a destination - less vessel is like making bread without yeast. 

    ~ Trent Williams 


    Surrounding yourself with like-minded people may be comforting, it might even seem like a good idea, but it’s not the stuff of great leadership. The best leaders are not only capable of effectively leading those who hold differing opinions and perspectives – they thrive on it. 

    Join the Innovative Black Men as they discuss "Follow the Leader?" How well you do when leading those not inclined to follow.

    The dialogue starts Wednesday at 7pm (CST) / 8pm (EST)  only at #BlogTalkRadio #TaylorKennedieMedia  

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    Innovative Life Alternatives

    in Entrepreneur

    Amen Ankh Communications Social Network Presents: Innovative Life Alternatives Listen to Min, Loren Jones

    discussion on the difference between Marketing vs Selling 

    For more Information for Amen Anh Communication: amen-comm@live.com- 816-304-7240

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    Innovative Black Men - "The Power of Words" (Part 1)

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    Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those who love to use it will eat it's fruit.  (Proverbs 18:21)

    Just the Innovative Black Men show as we discuss "The Power of Words"

    Joining me this Wednesday at 7pm (CST) / 8pm (EST) will be none other than Dr. Rosemarie Taylor adding her power voice to this thought - provoking topic.

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    Innovative Black Men - Calling all Men to the Carpet

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     I was that guy who ran through countless of women and didn’t care about the carnage I walked away from, until karma came knocking at my door and refused to leave until I answered.

    Join the Innovative Black Men as they discuss "Calling all Men to the Carpet"

    Tune in at 7pm (CST) / 8pm (EST) only at #BlogTalkRadio #TaylorKennedieMedia (347) 324-5327 

    The one thing that will awaken a man, as the one I’m writing about, is pain. Through my heartache, I found my passion and purpose to push others forward.

    The moment I laid down my will and selfish desires. I gained my life back.

    Be EPIC and know I don’t regret not one pain sent out. That pain, along with my own pain, has helped thousands. If I’ve pushed one, I’ve pushed a million. Stay encouraged

    #Purpose #Vision

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    Innovative Black Men - "Standing in Quicksand"

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    If you haven’t had contact in months with a friend who suddenly went mute, chances are, you’ve become an afterthought. We remain stuck when we continue to speak on/of a person who has vanished from our lives.

    Non verbal communication means they have moved on to their next season.

    Join the Innovative Black Men show as we discuss "Standing in Quicksand"

    Lisa Page will be joining us tonight. She's a Personal professional mentor coach and seminar developer on topics related to life enhancements. 

    The dialogue starts at 7pm (CST) / 8pm (EST) #BlogTalkRadio

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    Innovative Black Men - "ELEVATE AND EVOLVE"

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    As we elevate and evolve the people and our surroundings should be elevating and evolving as well.

     If you are continuously pulling your surroundings as you evolve, that’s a huge problem.

    Join the Innovative Black Men show as they discuss "Elevate and Evolve" - "Progressive Forward Motion"

    The Conversation will begin Wednesday at 7pm (CST) / 8pm (EST). Listen/call in (347) 324-5327

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    Innovative Black Men - "Driven" : Having the ability to push pass your Fears

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    Join the Innovative Black Men as they discuss "Driven" : Having the ability to push pass your Fears

    The Spices of Life will be stopping by to add their voices to this thought - provoking topic. 

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    One of my fondest memories with my father was standing on a beach in Jamaica a week before I was getting married. He and I witnessed a Jamaican headed out into the water with a spear in hand to catch fresh fish.

    I can still hear my dad say, “Watch this son!” I replied, “Here you go with this wildlife stuff, mannn.” As we’re standing there drinking a Red Stripe, an hour later the patient native returned from the water with fish in hand.

    My dad was very excited as the guy placed the fish onto the hot grill. At that point, I knew my dad had set this entire moment up.

    He and I shared fresh grilled fish from the sea with the head of the fish still attached.

    The moral of the story: Big Wheel taught me that I should go out and get that fish no matter how far out it may appear. Be EPIC and know when we acquire patience in life, everything we desire will appear.

    #Patience #HustlerSpirit #Leadfromwithin

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    Innovative Black Men - "The Recipe"

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    The Recipe
    Posted by somecallmetrent on June 2, 2014

    Join the Innovative Black Men as they the discuss "The Recipe"

    If we’re not careful social media can give us a false sense of confidence along with a superficial praise. In today’s society we tend to long for “likes” while placing filters on the pictures we all post daily.

    Likes and comments on a page will give you twenty to thirty minutes of popularity.

    Be EPIC and know at some point we have to remove the filters, leave cyberspace and bring the people the recipe.

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    For more blogs and quotes feel free to visit the SomecallmeTrent website 

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