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    GRACEbreak Radio | Be Prepared to Take Risk & Innovate

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    When you are prepared to imagine, innovate, and risk within your gift set you are no longer living within the set standard of average! ~ Tracy Worley

    Who are you inviting to the dance floor to innovate, collaborate, and have fun?

    We all have risk and either we embrace it or do everything in our power to avoid it. Imagine the playground where a group of children are jumping off the top of the monkey bars and then there are the few who stand at the edge pacing waiting for the school bell to ring so they do not have to jump.

    I want to encourage you to JUMP! Not in the sense of physical, mental, or spiritual harm but to really jump back into a childlike state and use your imagination, create, and innovate right where you stand. Ken Robinson states the risk of imagination eloquently, be prepared to be wrong. When you are prepared to risk, be wrong, and basically stand there looking like an idiot you are onto something!

    The risk takers are the ones you watch rise to the next level, the risk takers are the ones who are creating original ideas. 

    What You Learned
    Expectations | Client & Team
    Leading Creativity and Value

    "To create sustained innovation excellence..it is necessary to create innovation platforms and netowkrs of individuals within them where the selected innovative individuals can share with each other, be lead, and GROW." ~ Davila, Epstein, Shelton

    You are meant to have a life and career of significance so embrace your natural gifts, talents, wisdom, and knowledge to create original ideas.

    Look UP & OUT!

    Tracy Worley


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    Entrepreneur Strategy: How to Expertly Think, Problem Solve, and Innovate

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    From Harvard to Stanford, from Yale to Wharton, today's scholars are taught to recognize the value of learning to critically think, problem solve, and innovate. In fact, the top 100 U.S. companies practice these rudiments to help their organizations profitably compete within their specific market sector (industry). Entrepreneurs must dynamically be able to acquire a core capability to expertly think, problem solve, and innovate in order to sustain a competitive advantage and maintain a healthy and evolving business. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Innovate Your Brain: Chris Steely of BizKickers

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    So how do you prepare for this new economy?  It is high-tech and evolving quickly.  It is also low wage for workers and low margin for businesses.  The key to success appears to be innovation.  But not just technological innovation -- but mind innovation.  It’s something I have heard Chris Steely talk about for years now.  Chris is a business consultant and trainer.  His site is www.bizkickers.com.  He explains how to innovate your mind.  He also cites some good books.

    3:40-6:08 So when we talk about innovation… how do you innovate yourself? … deploy like never done before… innovate how we think… how we deliver a solution… new economy … in this new economy.”

    How do you innovate your brain for this new economy?

    It’s really the metaphor of sharpening the edge… Stephen Covey… Quantum Warrior by John Kehoe… leaders are readers… Success leaves clues: Jim Rone … getting out in community… what you don’t know … science of programming language of your brain … we are all Einstein to some extent … we all get to heed it.”

    I think awareness is the key… Secret cliché… Secret doesn’t talk about taking effective action… systems of leadership … track your business… read… seminars… to get results.”

    My take-away from this one:  It is not easy out there.  This is a new economy.  And you need to understand the new economy and then know the rules or if you are innovative enough recreate the rules.  That’s informed not inflamed.  Catch you next time.

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    Tech Talk on the SoftwareONE Radio Network - Rouge IT, CMT?, 2015-2016 Tech

    in Technology

    Every year we have a technology summit with several software publishers. At this summit, we hear what  each publisher is doing to innovate.  We find out what's new with their solutions, but most importantly, we find out how their products and services can help you get the IT job done!  So tune is as we review the year in business technology, discuss how profitable rouge IT can be, listen up Mr. CIO as we figure out what our CMOs and CMTs are up to, and look ahead at the Business Tech for 2016. And remember to call in to let us know what your priorities look like for 2016 and get an Amazon Gift Card for your thoughts. Only on the SoftwareONE Radio Network.


    12:00 EST - Rouge IT? Good or Bad?

    12:30 EST - CTO,CIO,CMO,CMT #waitwhat

    1:00 EST - Year in Review for Business Tech?

    1:30 EST - 2016 Business Tech Preview

    2:00 EST - What are your Priorities for 2016

    2:30 EST - Q&A for anything on IT Business 

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    Achieving Automation, Functional Safety, and Efficiency in Commercial Vehicles

    in Technology

    In an environment of growing safety concerns, decreasing driver resources, increasing infrastructure congestion, and rising costs, it has become more important than ever that the commercial vehicle industry find new ways to innovate. The top trucking OEM’s are working tirelessly to develop automation to allow for increased fleet efficiency, maximized driver productivity, better fuel economy, and above all safety.

    While the autonomous truck has been defined as the way forward to achieve these outcomes, the technology is still far from flawless and not ready for full implementation. There are a variety of critical challenges ranging from software capabilities to hardware competencies and onto strategic planning inhibitors preventing this technology from complete adoption.

    Join Melissa Birnie and Alan Korn, Director of Vehicle Dynamics and Control at Meritor WABCO on Nov 6th at 1:30 P.M. as they talk about The Autonomous Trucks 2015 Conference taking place from Nov 11th-15th @ the Crown Plaza in Detroit, where IQPC is bringing together the most motivated and forward-thinking OEMs, Suppliers, and Thought Leaders to work collectively and overcome these challenges and define the path to realize the infinite safety and efficiency benefits that come with integration of this disruptive technologies.


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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch & Damitra Sorden-Viera

    in Entertainment

    Guest: Damitra Sorden-Viera

    Topic of Discussion: Beating Breast Cancer while Building A Business

    “I strut with passion, optimism and confidence.  I am definitely a Soleful Diva!” says Damitra “Metta” Sorden- Viera, shoe designer and owner of Soles 4 Divas, a mobile shoe boutique based in Baltimore, MD.  Damitra’s passion for fashion was cultivated at the age of seven by watching her mother, a former model, pose and strut in stylish clothing and accessories. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Damitra began modeling locally and learned about the business of fashion, which slowly sparked her entrepreneurial dreams.

    This Diva’s true passion for style demanded her entrepreneurial attention as well and in February 2011, she began Soles 4 Divas, her booming shoe boutique which boasts the motto "Accessorizing your Walk, While Dazzling Your Destiny". She streamlined her philanthropic heart and fashion-savvy mind by enclosing a motivational quote in everypair of shoes that is purchased.  Her ultimate goal is to speak, touch, help and inspire every woman in one way or another. Damitra’s business and personal accomplishments have made her a woman on the move. 

    She has been recognized for her continuous effort to inspire and innovate.  She received the Woman of Power Award, Joe Mann’s Award, Distinguished Woman Award, has been featured in Essence Magazine, 2 time exclusive shoe designer for runway fashion show New York City Mercedes Benz Fashion Week alongside international designer, Cesar Gallindo. She has contributed powerful messages and dazzling shoes to woman-empowerment events.  With all of these accomplishments, her biggest testimony comes from being a breast cancer survivor and breast cancer advocate and speaker for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Foundation, and now Soles 4 The Cure.

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    Mikayla (Rock/Southern Rock) Singer / Song Writer

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes back Mikayla (Rock/Southern Rock) to the show! 



    “My goal is to write songs for the future…songs that will stand the test of time…the type of songs that will immediately take you back to that ‘feel good’ emotion you had when you first heard it…and you will want to listen to it over and over,” says Mikayla. 
    As Mikayla continues to earn a frenzied fan-base, V2D Records is releasing a new single and subsequent video, every 30 to 45 days. Unlike most record labels, V2D concentrates on releasing hit singles, rather than albums, their motto is: INNOVATE, DON’T EMULATE 
    Mikayla’s music is being heard in more than 70 countries around the world…she is a guest on some of the biggest talk shows on the planet. 

    Direct all Media & Booking Inquiries to:
    Vision to Destiny Records, LLC

  • Innovation: What is next in Technology

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    Innovation as defined is a new idea or product.  Innovation is an important part of the lifecycle of our businesses. This new idea / product is how our businesses start full of excitement, enthusiasm and vigor. We build our business around this product and get heavily involved in the day to day. Often not having enough time to see the future of our business and continue fostering new ideas, the very new ideas that will keep us in business. If we are not proactive and continuing to bring new ideas and innovation we will find ourselves at the end of the lifecycle of our business. The best time to innovate is not when we are in atrophy with our business but when your business is thriving. You want to be the one to cannibalize your business not someone else.


    Today we are going to talk about innovation and what is next in Technology


    Todays Guest: John Wesley Clark Jr

    John Wesley Clark Jr. has been working on paradigm changing technology products and services since before he graduated from high school.

    He currently owns 3 virtual companies. Millennium Design Concepts, LLC as President & CEO here is the most recent in 2013. He have over 20 years of experience working in the Information Technology industry and business.

    His current mission is a developing life size full color 3-D off screen holographic products for sporting goods products, business products healthcare products video games, and science technology offerings of this type to the world.


    John Wesley Clark Jr. is a True innovator.

  • I Am Hood Smart - is a Reality TV Show about urban smart kids pursuing STEM

    in Technology

    As a Master Educator Washington, DC native Ateya Ball-Lacy has become an ambassador for STEM education. One of the primary goals of President Barack Obama’s educate to innovate campaign is to broaden participation to inspire a more diverse STEM talent pool. Ateya Ball-Lacy has found an innovative way to educate and increase the talent pool of youth in America who have specific interests in pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math at the collegiate and professional level. She has created a reality-based game show called HOOD SMART: The Urban STEMulus Project. This reality TV series presents high school students with STEM challenges all for a chance to win a full ride scholarship to their dream university to major in STEM-related fields. The students meet their goals under the guidance of parents, tutors, judges, STEM experts, and surprise celebrity guests.

  • IoUC Presents: Digital Citizenship with Mike Ribble

    in Technology

    Deb and Tom, from Internet of Unintended Consequences (www.tiouc.com), explore this month's theme of "Digital Citizenship" with Mike Ribble of digitalcitizenship.net.  What does it mean?  According to Ribble "it is the approrpiate repsonsible use of technology."  How does that relate to being a citizen?  Or is it that we must expand our traditional ideas of "citizen" to the digital and online world.  Join us as we explore the nine elements of digital citizenship and how they apply to each of us. Twitter: #IoUCDigCit, www.facebook.com/tiouc

    Dr. Mike Ribble author of the books Digital Citizenship in Schools (soon to be in its 3rd edition) and Raising a Digital Child has worked within the education field his entire career.  He has been a science educator and an assistant principal at the high school level.   Dr. Ribble has taught as an adjunct faculty member at the community college and the university level.  Currently, he works as the director of technology for a school district in Kansas.  Dr. Ribble has spoken on the topic of digital citizenship to parents, teachers and students in the United States and internationally.  Mike has written articles for THE Magazine, District Administrator, Leading & Learning, Kappa Delta Pi Record and Innovate My School.  Dr. Ribble is interested in helping students, teachers and parents understand the issues around technology and how to use these tools appropriately.  His current work is focused around character education and how that can improve user’s online profile.