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    in Wrestling

    STC From The UK: Munny Inna Bank 2015!!!!

    Your Hosts: Infamous Informer, Shadfather, and Chris from KicFM

    Special guests: Matt Sacco & Joanne Chapman

    Cameo appearances: Lana & Rusev

    We break down this weekend's PPV with our outrageous predictions,

    PLUS! Can ANYTHING really happen in the World Wrestling Federation?

    PLUS! Should Rusev LET IT BURN???

    PLUS! Has Shadfather TRULY gone too far this time??? 

    This is an episode you DON'T want to miss!!!!

    This Saturday (times TBA) download links on iTunes, stitcher and mixcloud after the show!

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    Happy Hour w/ Blerd Lines

    in Pop Culture

    Music, sports, politics, news & entertainment discussed inna witty stylee......

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    We live inna da Building

    in Entertainment

    Shoutout to the underground where the real is at...

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    We live inna di morning

    in Entertainment

    Underground still active leggo 

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    Yute Vybz- May 22

    in Current Events

    Be sure to join us this Friday at 8pm for Yute Vybz on Talk Jamaica Radio hosted by Lij (@lijitimate) !

    •In our Real Medz segment , we're talking about flirting. “Is flirting really cheating?” We have on our panel Dutchess Charm (@dutchess_charm) and a few others to tackle this controversial issue . You can't afford to miss that ! At 8:40 it's fashion tips from our resident fashionista Ms Ho-young ! You might just learn a few !
    •And at 8:50 it is Yute Spotlight , we turn our focus on #MrOxtailBone or others may know him as @princemarni or Princemarni Qualis Grant , Jamaica's /New York's newest vlogging sensation ! It's an energetic & personality-packed show. Suh tweet it ! Post it ! Hashtag it ! Let's Vyyyybe . We affi tun up .. Cyaa manage fi tun dung like a cup inna drainer ??

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    Curvy Metalhead Show Exclusive: With Jonathan Mahan From We Are Kings And Queens

    in Entertainment

    We Are Kings & Queens has to me really changed how Alt Rock can have a deep and soulful side as well. Representing the super-competitive music world of L.A. they have done a great job being humble and always keeping their audience on their toes. Their latest EP Rise and Fall is a classic in my book! Also new music from Inna and Jordin Sparks!


    Offical site



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    WebbWeaver Book ProudlyPresents: Author Lisa C. Paul

    in Books


    Swimming in the Daylight: An American Student, a Soviet-Jewish Dissident, and the Gift of Hope:

      In September 1984, Lisa Paul, an American college student living in Moscow and working as a nanny, enters Inna Meiman’s house for her first Russian language lesson. And so begins a two year friendship and fight for Inna’s life. Swimming in the Daylight chronicles Inna’s struggle to shed her refusnik status and to be granted a visa to travel to America, seeking medical treatment for the cancer that is slowly killing her.

      Inna reveals an indomitable spirit as she endures a perverse reality as a citizen of the Soviet Union—she must deny invitations from countries in the West to receive life-saving cancer treatment due to her inability to receive a visa from her own government. This refusal, Inna explains to Lisa, is the Soviet authorities’ way of persecuting her and her husband Naum, a member of the Moscow Helsinki Watch Group fighting for human rights in the USSR. Spurred by outrage and the desire to help her friend, Lisa returns to the United States, vowing to do all she can to get Inna out of Moscow. Lisa stages a hunger strike, holds a press conference, and galvanizes American politicians to fight for Inna’s freedom. All these efforts eventually succeed in pursuing Mikhail Gorbachev to issue Inna a visa in December 1986, and she finally steps foot on American soil. At a time when international strife seems insurmountable and worries at home seem to paralyze, this story will teach people everywhere that it is the courage inside that defines a person and can change the future.

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    YSB/Inna lillahi wa inna lillahi raji un/remember usefulness(Azizah magazine)

    in Religion

    An open discussion with minds of all ages on the movement in time involving the human intellect. How the human intellect evolved expressively so during the youthful experience. Youthful in different experiences. Youthful in age. Youthful in thought. Youthful in leadership. etc Addressing all ones to COME ON AND TAKE A STAND and get engaged in space, time, orbit, intelligence, social and matter etc.

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    Embracing the Shadow with "The Tools" and Inna Segal

    in Spirituality

    Meet a man and a woman who can help us turn inward and confront the one thing that may be holding us from our dreams - our own shadow. 

    Inna Segal, an intuitive healer from Australia, explains the 4 archetypes all of us hold within, and the light and shadow of each.

    Barry Michaels, a California psyhcotherapist,  gives us the keys to forward motion by looking inward and questioning what we feel.

    Here's to truly knowing who we are...


    Kacey Morabito Grean Hosts the Health & Happiness Show on 100.7 WHUD in New York.

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    in Culture

    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for Meet The Nominee  on Tuesday. Maria Iliou is interviewing our guest: Inna Serglyenko sharing her stories. Inna Sergiyenko is 2014 INAPA for Community Mentor and her son son is Autiistic. He won Chess Tournment in school on his age level, also he won swimming competition. Spoke his first words at 4 years old, can't share what he did today  even though he consider higher functioning, he studies in private school that he gets good results.  He is very sensitives to noises like cryies, laughs and Hypersensitivesy to smells.  He dosen't like to play with children play by his rules, telling the truth. Inna fundation http://cwf.com.ua/en,   http://cwf.com.ua/en/about-fund/fund-history    INGO " Children with Autism support fundation "Child with Future"                                             Autism Europe

    Maria Iliou is your Ambassador for Long Island, NY

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    in Wrestling

    Mike Knoxxx has taken time away from perfect Plex talk radio to branch out. Taking this show on the road, way on the road to the UK as we bring you Smack Talk Centre wrestling talk each week join the founders of smack talk Centre Jamie Maverick Shields,  Michael Grant & Big Jazz Kumar Talking wrestling the UK way 

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