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    Select Sports

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    Select Sports / 1/06/2016

    Jerry Chiles and Ryan Van Hofwegen discuss NFL, NCAA Basketball, and more topics at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET


    * NFL Coaching Carousel

    * NFL Draft predictions

    * Sleepers

    * Megatron considers retirement

    * Bryant to have foot surgery

    NCAA Basketball

    * Ben Simmons


    * NBA Draft Predictions


    * MLB Hall of Fame

    NCAA Football

    * Kyle Allen transfers

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: New Year Edition

    in Soccer

    This was a super fun podcast to record. Gabe, Kiyan, and Mike create their own Real Madrid group therapy session, among other things. 

    This morning's podcast was recorded last night, topics discussed:

    2-2 results at Valencia
    Gareth Bale
    Rafa's line-up decisions
    Toni Kroos
    James' speeding incident
    James and Isco
    2015 highs and lows


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    We wish you a Merry Holtecast

    in Soccer

    Well, we've made it to the turning point of the season. A busy festive period with three very winnable fixtures within the span of a week gives Aston Villa an opportunity to more than double their current total. Or, they could just lose all three and confirm our fears of relegation! This is gonna be fun!

    Speaking of fun, Robert is in Hawaii so James was back in the lineup for a second straight week joining Jack on the show. We also got a lot of great Twitter questions, so thanks to everyone that's been sending them in. 

    In addition to talking about the recent draw against Newcastle United, we previewed the games against West Ham United and Norwich City, briefly talked transfers and James revealed what he wants for Christmas above anything else. (Hint, it's the same thing at the top of Rémi Garde's list as well.)

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    The Morning After

    in Sports

    Topics for this week:

    1.) Nkemdiche suspended for bowl game, ends college career
    2.) QB Will Grier transfers from Florida
    3.) Bowl Game Discussion - Dylan and JQ cherry pick which bowls stand out to them
    4.) The OBJ debacle in the Meadowlands
    5.) Falcons finally end the slide against Jacksonville/NFL Playoff Picture Quick Review
    6.) Falcons Mock Draft
    7.) What in the hell are Brandon Phillips and the Reds doing?
    8.) Dylan riff rant - time permitting
    9.) JQ riff rant - time permiting


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    Full Sport Press: Top NCAA Football Transfers Since 1995- 9/14/2015

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    Transfers are a huge part of any college football season. Whether it’s a graduate or Juco transfer eligible right away or a player that sat out the previous year due to NCAA rules, impact players are available in the transfer ranks every year. In college football, transfers have become a way of life. Maybe a program goes through a coaching change. Or over-recruits a position, creating too much competition. Maybe a player’s grades aren't high enough, or the program just isn’t what the player expected when he signed his national letter of intent. Regardless of the reason, a number of players each year seek a new start, a new beginning or in some cases a final chance. Join @Lock_tha_Great ,  @JaiHov and the producer of the show @Howezzy26 as they discuss the hottest sports news of the past week and analyze the Top NCAA College Football Transfers since 1995.

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    Parents Perspective ............ High School Athletic Transfers w/ Larry Rubama

    in Parents

         While transfers are nothing new, many coaches and school administrators say they are alarmed at how often athletes are changing schools - and how many are doing so.  In all fairness, is it the athletes that are making these changes or their parents?  I have not seen a case yet where an athlete told his parents, mom and dad, I am changing my address, because I want to go to school “X”, because they have a better football program than school “Y”.  Parents what have we fallen into?  What failures are we setting our children up for?  Why do we believe that a transfer will aid in securing a college athletic scholarship?

         Many questions to be addressed and answered, but it all starts with us as parents.  Where do we start parents?  We will start here tonight on the Parents Coaching Parents Network.  We are here to provide as much support and guidance as we can, from our perspective.  We value our resources as they are connected across the US.  So join in on the conversation and share your views on this very important topic that has such a huge impact on our children as athletes.

    A judge has ruled two teens who transferred to Jefferson High School are eligible to play softball.  Retrieved from - http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-tampa/a-judge-has-ruled-two-teens-who-transferred-to-jefferson-high-school-are-eligible-to-play-softball

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    buzzTalk Radio - Voice of the True Yellow Jacket Fan

    in Sports

    Join the BuzzTalk hosts as they take a break in the football action to setup the table for ACC basketball and Georgia Tech hoop. Coming off another dissapointing campaign, the Jackets have reloaded with a couple of key transfers and recovered from key injuries. They are poised for a turnaround season but the road through the ACC will never be tough. The guys breakdown who's back and how the team likely will gel. Get a taste of hoop as the team tips off on November 13th against Cornell to start the 2015-2016 season.

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    All Things Transfer Paper with Charlie Myers of Neenah Paper

    in Business

    Heat Transfer Paper has been a staple of our industry for years and with the recent uptick in the laser transfer market, Terry and Aaron invited a guest from the paper company who has been the gold standard in transfer paper for years. We are excited to welcome Charlie Myers from Neenah Paper to talk all things Transfer Paper with us. We will get into the history of Neenah and Transfer Paper, talk about what they are seeing today with the transfer paper market and what the future might hold.

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation at our Facebook or Google + Page or even hit us up on Twitter. Tell us about what you have going on in your business!

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    Chelsea, Liverpool & Mancs lose, Citeh, Swansea, AFC & Saints surge + Transfers

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    Chelsea continues miserable start to the new season in losing another match and losing their key transfer window target John Stones. Can Jose right the ship after the Blues' worse start since the early 1970s? After showing promise with two wins and a draw in their first three games, Liverpool gets buried in a 0-3 drubbing to West Ham.  Is Brendan Rodgers the right manager for this team? After not being scored upon in three games Manchester United give up two goals in five minutes in their loss to upcomers Swansea City - and what was that fiasco about in the De Gea/Real Madrid transfer falling apart due to paper work snafus at the eleventh hour? With Arsenal scoring just three goals this season and "own goal" accounting for two of those, Arsene Wenger responds by aquiring no field players in this summer's transfer window - is this same old AW routine wearing thin on Gunner fans again? Wholesale changes again at Southampton: after getting their first win this week against mighty Watford can the Saints pull off another successfull complete player overhaul? The panel picks their Blacksheep/underdog teams for the season - Swansea, Sunderland, Leister or maybe Bournemouth? Having walked into a Santa Monica bar while being in the USA for a work project and meeting scourserCraig, fellow scouser liverpoolGary jumps on the pubcast and starts pitching the banter from word one - great to have you on the show Gary!  We discuss all this and more in the latest version of the famous Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show!

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    And He Believed In The Lord

    in Christianity

    In Genesis 15:6, the scripture verse declares "And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness.  Abram  experienced a setback when Lot and his brother were taken captive.  Sometimes the test is when our belief is coupled with fear.  Abram believed God in v. 6, however, sometimes fear is masked as unbelief, but God is yet reinforcing our beliefs and quelling our fears.  God was starting to believe what God said, but he doubted how God was going to do it. 

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    "The method of interesting the government of a people to a strong ruler has great advantages when the ruler combines strength with ability, unselfish devotion to the public good, and knowledge of what that good calls for.  Such a combination is, however rare and the selection of the right ruler is very difficult. To leave the selection to force is to put a premium on physical strength, hand, and intrigue; to make the selection a matter of birth simply transfers the real power from sovereign to minister. Inevitably the choice of rulers must fall on electors.

    Then comes the problem, who shall elect.  The earlier answer was: a select few, such as the wise, the best born, the able.  Many people assume that it was corruption that made such aristocracies fail. By no means, the best and most effective aristocracy, like the best monarchy, suffered from lack of knowledge.  The rulers did not know or understand the needs of the people and they could not find out, for in the last analysis only the man himself, however humble, knows his own condition. He may not know how to remedy it, he may not realize jus what is the matter, but he knows when something hurts and he alone knows how that hurt feels.  Or if sunk below felling or comprehension or complaint, he does not even know that he is hurt, God help his country, for it not only laws knowledge, but has destroyed the sources of knowledge.” DarkWater by W.E.B.DuBOIS

    There has been an out cry in the Black Community for years to have in Colleges across the country African Studies Department. For a few years it seemed it was taking hold and being respected by White Colleges or Black Colleges run by White Administration, but now in the wake of New Racist /Back to Slavery Movement in America, African Studies Departments and Ethnic Studies courses across the country are being eliminated. Why and what can we do to change this as a people?