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    Racism in America gone wild

    in Politics

    What if your children were relegated into second class education, inhumanity and the like what steps would you take?

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    Let us fashion Man in our image...

    in Religion

    If you are a creationist, so God pronounced when HE created Man in His own image. If you are an evolutionist, you believe that Man, as we know him, evolved from a lower form of species. But the question for us, regardless of your belief, how can we explain "man's inhumanity to man" as recorded both in the Bible and through history???  Animals kill for food or to protect their family...Man kills "for sport."  Recently, a house of worship, The Mother Emmanual AME Church in Sout Carolina, was the scene of a brutal massacre of nine parishoners in a Bible Study class by a self-proclaimed white racist!!!  Call us with your comments at 646-595-3275.

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    The Destruction of Satan’s Kingdom

    in Christianity

    Down through the ages God’s servants have asked certain questions again and again: When will God put an end to wickedness? When will He eliminate Satan’s influence? When will man’s inhumanity to his fellowman cease? The book of Revelation answers these questions! John writes: “Then I saw another portent in heaven, great and amazing: seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is ended … Then one of the four living creatures gave the seven angels

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    Euthanaisa Influence In America / My God The Mark Of The Beast?

    in Moms and Family

    We look at a New York case of euthanaisia here in New York and discuss how America is heading down the slippery slope of ugenics and mans inhumanity to man.  I cant believe this story! With Revelation 13 11-17 quite accessible and visible this company chooses to be one of the first to condition people to receive a microchip to enter and navigate the facility and purchase food in the cafeteria. Lord Jesus.





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    The Movement 101: Connecting the Dots

    in Culture

    This week we would like to hear from people about their thoughts on the last few years of landmark inhumanity in this country and across the globe? From the Ebola scare to the 43 students in Ayotzinapa and then the 21st Century lynching of Michael Brown, Eric Ganer, etc. (Rest in Freedom)

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    Ganagji and Hillary Larson, Embracing the Unthinkable

    in Self Help

    Listen in as Hillary Larson and American born Spiritual Teacher Gangaji discuss, Embracing the Unthinkable.

    Our question this month is: What do we do when we are faced with the unthinkable? Perhaps it comes in the form of a difficult diagnosis, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or just witnessing man's inhumanity to man. How do we find a sense of love and peace when what we are experiencing feels like struggle? How do we know when to hang on and when to let go? And do people who have had profound spiritual awakenings experience difficulty differently than others? Gangaji's answer to that question is both surprising and humbling.’

    Join Gangaji and host Hillary Larson as they take a close look at the issues that we face in our everyday lives, one topic at a time. Every month, for thirty minutes, A Conversation with Gangaji will address subjects like addiction, chronic pain, intimacy, depression, anxiety, enlightenment, death and many others

    Gangaji shares a simple message: This is an invitation to shift your allegiance from the activities of your mind to the eternal presence of your being. gangaji.org

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    #AdamKokesh: Teresa Learns Why Adam Is Against "The Man"

    in Finance

    Adam Kokesh is a self-described "anarcho capitalist,"  talk show host, activist, and author of "Freedom."

    A decorated Marine, Adam served during the Iraq War.  The atrocities and inhumanity he witnessed during that conflict convinced Kokesh of war's fundamental immorality.  He began to campaign for peace and to advocate nonviolent resistance to the abuse of power.

    Indentifying himself, as, among other things an anarchist, voluntaryist, agorist, and libertarian,  Kokesh has called for a "new American revolution" and for the "orderly dissolution of a federal government he claims is drunk on power to the point of oppressing its' citizenry.

    Kokesh and other activists participated in a flash mob silent dance at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. in protest of a recent ruling against dancing in the monument. Kokesh along with four others were arrested by US Park Police for demonstrating without a permit. 

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    War - The Inhumanity of Man - Lybia

    in War

    A look at the stupidity of war
    Sinking Ship: Gaddafi out of Libya?
    Media manipulation: NATO in a hurry to wrap up war in Libya
    Second colonization in Africa - Libya
    Al Jazeera English Inside Story
    Libya United
    Why won’t the African Union support the Libyan Rebels
    NPR 8/22/2011
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    The ORACLE Speaks with ... YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Dynamic, exciting, and on fire for life Denise L. Cook, known as The ORACLE, brings insight to the internet. Her new show, The ORACLE Speaks, is a call in radio show. Inspired by the ORACLE's writing and motivated by your input. Whatever the subject, The ORACLE brings knowledge and a personal understanding to the table and leaves you feeling as if you have been hugged from the inside out.


    This week's Theme: The ORACLE Presents Ten Pages of Nothing But The Truth: Volume IV, truth #9 ILLUMINATE


    Illuminate the joy you have for your G-D, yourself and for those you consider family and friends. Illuminate that joy through laughter, prayer, song and dance. Like the shimmering light shining from deep with in a cave, let your light of love illuminate every cavern in your heart and well of your soul.



    Illuminate by action what it is to be humane in a world of inhumanity. Shine brightly in to the dark veil of inequality, discrimination and indifference and bring to the light the truth that lies  with-in you.



    Illuminate your song for life for as far as the faintest ray of your love can reach. Beyond your known capacity for understanding and just with in your grasp of the reason why. Allow the   illuminating essence of who you are to be a beacon for the blind, the lame, the weak and the lost, that you may ignite each and every soul spirit whose path you cross with the love of self and compassion for all that is life.


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    How can our world be turned upside down??? Does God even exist???

    in Religion

    In a world turned upside down, in a world that can best be seen as man's inhumanity to man, in a world where a suicide occurs every 13 minutes of every day, in a world where children are gunned down in their school, and beheaded by Islamic militants, how can we say that "God truly exists?" Why would a supposedly merciful and loving God, be it Yaweh, Jesus or Allah allow such atrocities to exist???!!! Good evening and welcome to our Friday night show of The Rebellious Rev and The Doc. This has truly been "the week that was," with the suicide of one of the world's funniest and most talented men, and the atrocities continuing in the Middle East. Is there a solution??? Can we possibly make "heads or tails" of a world turned "upside down." We want to hear what you have to say about a "world gone amok." Please call us at 646-595-3275 and let us know how you feel.

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    SDG 152 The Good Samaritan

    in The Bible

    Luke 10:25-37

    Today we are looking at the parable of the Good Samaritan and three awesome truths contained in this amazing story.

    It has meaning on so many levels that it never ceases to amaze me when I sit down and read it!  And that’s one way you can tell it’s the inspired word of God!


    Today we’ll see the criminal inhumanity of Satan, society and even self.  Then we’ll look at the Casual indifference of religion with it’s rules and ritual that are dead and have no life in them.

    And finally we’ll conclude the most awesome truth of this parable and that’s the compassionate involvement of Jesus as The Good Samaritan.  Yes that certain Samaritan, The Good Samaritian is a type and shadow of The LORD Jesus Christ Himself!

    So stay tuned to learn how the compassion of this certain Samaritan was genuine, gracious and gentle.  Everything Jesus is to all who will trust and obey!