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    Budget Weddings NYC 4 U - Ask the Experts

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    A very special show for Valentine's Day celebration with excepts from my Wedding Teleseminar sampling in celebration of my book launch, including excepts from my Celebratory Book Launch Teleseminar with guest included Asha Johnson - Vision Board Expert.

    Love Songs via Billboard's Top 50 of all time.

    Reading from NYC Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable on Valentine's Day



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    The Blue Card team at the 2013 ING NYC Marathon

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    This year, The Blue Card will host a team of 60-plus new and previous members. New ones with a fundraising requirement of $3,000 as mandated by NYRR, the organizers of the New York Marathon; the amount to be collected from family, friends, colleagues and the runners themselves.  
    This will be our fifth annual Blue Card team at the ING New York City Marathons.We also host smaller teams in Miami, Atlanta, informally in Los Angeles and Boston, as well as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, whether you are honoring family members or friends who perished in or survived the Holocaust, or just to give back to such a powerful cause, your race will be a profound spiritual experience. Unlike the 40,000 plus other runners, you will no longer be just one of the many in the undifferentiated mass of participants.  
    If you are listening to this program and want to support our fundraising efforts please call me at 631-255-3581.
    Please share this prgram with you community. We are looking to help destitute people who have suffered more than they ever should have. This effort will gain strength by taking many small steps. Your sharing this podcast is one of the most important small steps you can take. A small step donation is also greatly appreciated. Our goal is 3,000 per runner. Help us, help them.
    Brian Cohen 631-255-3581

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    Marathon Training Tips For Winter Training

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    Preparing for an upcoming marathon? Don't let the weather ruin your training! Hilary will be chatting with John Honerkamp, Senior Manager for New York Road Runners, the world's premier community running organization known for its world-class events - including the famed TCS New York City Marathon which attracts and inspires more than 300,000 runners internationally including 60,000+ NYRR members. John will be discussing tips to help you train for your upcoming half/full marathon during the harsh winter weather. Check out this episode to help you prepare for your upcoming race!

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

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    Updates and readings from my recently published book - New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, including excerpts from my most recent teleseminar= Your Wedding Pathway: Ask the Experts.

    This is special time this week because I will be traveling during my regularly scheduled show.

    Create your wedding with the assurance that no matter your budget you can have all of your dreams come true. We will discuss the best ways to create that wedding with resources from my book: New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable.

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    NYC Half Marathon

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    This week I will be re-introducing myself which will be my third attempt at a Podcast as well as giving a Runner's take to describe this week's event..... NYRR's NYC 1/2 Marathon which to takes place in the streets of New York City in mid March.
    As an overview this Podcast will endure my journey to the Running of my 2nd New York City Marathon and share the interesting events I attend along the way

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    SC State Marathon Record-Trey Best (12 years old)

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    We are thrilled to talk with, 12-year-old, Trey Best and his friend & coach, David Kitchens. On February 14, 2015 at the Myrtle Beach Marathon, Trey ran a 4:08:34 Marathon; breaking the previous South Carolina state marathon record (12-13-year-old age group) by more than 32 minutes which was set back in 2012. We are excited to hear from David and Trey as they recap this exciting journey. And, I am sure Trey will let us know what his next goal is!

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

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    Join me as we explore more wedding elements by talking with an industry professional.

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    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: (225) 395-1792

    PASS THE HAT & INVEST IN THIS VITAL CROWDFUND --> http://www.bbnomics.com/campaigns/kickoff-nyc-2015-state-of-the-black-parent   #IAMBBE

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    Topic:  Debut Show: Alkebulan Business History & the Black Parent

    PHONE/DIAL: #914-803-4571 at 11am East Coast Time

     STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT "Kickoff NYC 2015" will debut on The Initiative Network.  We will speak on a spinoff of correlating of Alkebulan Business History & what is the black parent teaching their children.   Alkebulan Business History is knowing how history relate to business (economics/ enterprise).   #statebp #bpnow #nyc     Review the timeline & Engage.

    ?Parents embrace for this event for $10 Admission.  Send Paypal & Label: -->stateoftheblackparent@gmail.com ?

    ?Become a Vendor,Today for $50 Limited Time Offer. Send Paypal & Label-->stateoftheblackparent@gmail.com

    Our Topics for ‘Kickoff NYC 2015′: 


    *Education: How do we fund Our children’s education? This will cover child care, learning centers, preschool, primary, secondary, & post secondary education. We will/possibly address those parents getting arrested for homeschooling their children. Solution: Facts/Resources and how to maintain?

    *Economics: How each economic class can help each other?


    *Enterprise: Does small business solve unemployment






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    Monika Mitchell brings The NYC Innovation Festival to LIFE!!!

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    Monika Mitchell wears many hats, social entrepreneur, web chat host, contributor to the Huffington Post and this Thursday, Feb 5th at 1:00 pm est , she will be joining host Frankie Picasso on the Good Radio Network, to speak about her role as Executive Director of the NYC Social Innovation Festival.
    Monika is also the founder of ImpactNYC, l3c, a social enterprise news and media platform launched from GoodBusinessNY, a leading online news platform for social innovation to provide tools, news, and information to scale sustainable local social impact.

    The NYC Social Innovation Festival is an Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Collaborative event that will take place over two weekends in NYC.

    This event is for Entrepreneurs and Innovators who wish to build a better NYC for all New Yorkers and they are looking for YOU to be a part of the solution.

    If you don’t live in NYC, that’s ok, Neither do I, however I am going to take notes, because this may be a model that will work for my City in the future.

    Monika will be bringing together Innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, local celebs & community leaders and speakers all of whom will be visiting the 5 boroughs across NYC together and then will discuss how to build the social impact economy in NYC's underserved neighborhoods!

    Social entrepreneurs, impact investors, bloggers, influencers, media, startups, creative & performing artists, hipsters, techies, social innovators, community leaders, civic leaders,



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    F.L.U.I.D. 24 Starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon

    in Pop Culture

    CHERIE CURRIE!!!!   Need we say more?? The former lead vocalist of The Runaways joins Susan and Jen for a dirty hour of rock.

    F.L.U.I.D. is an innovative, first of its kind Iradio show,  starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon.  It’s our hope that in the spirit of audio books, internet radio and all else you download, you’ll be able to enjoy voices you’ve loved for years in a whole new way. Exactly as they are, unfiltered.

    F.L.U.I.D. – Every Tuesday evening at 7PM PST and 10PM EST of WBAR NYC IRadio.

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