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    Two reseatcher sickened in the same area just two hours apart. They will tell thier story here on the Watch for the first time. We will be talking about infarsound and many other subjects. With Insights from guests Jeffery Teagle and Jan Allen. Show wil start at 8pm central time on thrusday the 6th.

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    Infrasound, Georgia Mountain, Indiana Bats in WV

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    Dr. Alec N. Salt, Ph.D., Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory, Washington University in St. Louis will join us.   Large wind turbines generate very low frequency sounds and infrasound (below 20 Hz) when the wind driving them is turbulent. The amount of infrasound depends on many factors, it cannot be heard and is unrelated to the loudness of the sound that you hear.   Tina and Dan Fitzgerald as well as Scott McLane from Vermont will be on to talk about the sordid goings on surrounding the Georgia Mountain Community Wind Project  (GMCW) that has been in the news so much this week.   Pam and Art Dodd, Master Naturalists, will join us to talk about endangered bats being killed in West Virginia and other impacts. West Virginia's current slogan is "Wild and Wonderful". It used to be "Open for business."  Perhaps it needs to be changed back?   Arthur W. Dodds, Jr., is a professional cartographer who worked for NOAA. Mr. Dodds is the President of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association.   Pamela C. Dodds, Ph.D., is a Registered Professional Geologist.  She serves as Treasurer of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association.  

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio: Infrasound Theory Discussion

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    Please join hosts Billy Willard and DBD, aka The Blogsquatcher, as we discuss the topic of infrasound. This has been a frequently discussed subject and is interesting to many. We invite call in guests to join in with any theories of infrasound.

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    Infrasound and Adverse Health Effects. Ambrose and Rand.

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    Join us for the first edition of Wind Wise Radio when we will be delighted to welcome Stephen Ambrose and Robert Rand, professional acousticians, members of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and the authors of "The McPherson Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study" which investigated the possible relationship between infrasound and adverse health effects experienced by people living near industrial wind turbines (IWT) in Falmouth, Massachusetts.
    We will be discussing Stephen and Robert's findings, their personal experience in the vicinity of IWT, their work on other projects, and their thoughts on the the recently released "Wind Turbine Health Impact Study".  We will also be asking them about their ideas for further studies to advance our knowledge.
    Stephen and Robert will be happy to take questions and listen to your comments so please join us for this important event.

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    Orbs, Infrasound, and EVP with Guest Steve Parsons

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    Steve Parsons, a UK researcher, discusses his recent research on orbs as well as infrasound, and EVP.

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    Windswept News with Rob Pforzheime; Senator John Madigan

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    SORRY!!  David Corrigan is down with a bug and Rick James needed to be rescheduled (Rick is facing a tight deadline on a project to help folks in Onario.) We apologize for the late notice. Lisa and Harley will be joined by Rob Pforzheimer to talk about the Windswept News at the start of this week's program. Caller's are encouraged to dial in and add their comments. Lisa, Harley, and Rob will be talking about the PTC effort and much more...
    Dave, Lisa, and Harley with the Windswept News.

    We will have Richard James of E-coustics Solutions on to talk about his experiences with turbine noise and infrasound.

    Rick is the Owner and Principal Consultant for E-Coustic Solutions and a has been a practicing acoustical engineer for 40 years.  He has been
    actively involved with the Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE) since the early 1970s and has full Member status. Specific to wind turbine noise, Rich has worked for clients in over 60 different communities and has provided written and oral testimony in approximately 30 of those cases.

    Rick has authored or co-authored four papers covering topics from how to set criteria to protect public health, demonstrating that wind turbine sound emissions are predominantly comprised of infra and low frequency sound, and conducted a historical review of other types of noise sources with similar sound emission characteristics, such as noise induced Sick Building Syndrome, that have known adverse health effects on people exposed to their sound.

    His work with local communities and citizens groups around the U.S. and Ontario, Canada has focused on the question of how to integrate industrial wind turbines into rural communities.

    We will also air our complete interview with Australian Senator John Madigan.

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    Jeff Aramini on Health and Steven Cooper on Noise (part 2)

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    We will speak with Dr. Jeff Aramini, Ph.D. about the just published Nissenbaum-Aramini-Hanning research tying turbines to health impacts.  Dr. Aramini is the CEO of Intelligent Health Solutions and a former manager of the Public Health Agency of Canada unit responsible for coordinating multijurisdictional and international enteric disease outbreak investigations.  He has led numerous multidisciplinary research projects investigating the epidemiology of various diseases.   Jeff was also a founder and manager of the Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence (CNPHI), a national Public Health Agency of Canada initiative aimed at reducing human illness associated with infectious disease events by establishing a national, secure, Web-based system to integrate surveillance, epidemiology, and laboratory information.   The paper can be read here: Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health    Dave Corrigan will bring us up to speed on the good news about the rejection of Quantum Utility Generation's attempt to industrialize Passadumkeag Mountain.   WWR will also air Part Two of our Steven Cooper Interview regarding his research into noise and infrasound.

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    Best Of: Haunted Hotel Leger & Beast of Boggy Creek

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    A BEST OF THE SPENCER HUGHES SHOW you DON'T WANT TO MISS!! Even if you heard these the first time around!!
    First up it's ghost hunting with my Partner In the Paranormal, Dave Mace, as we discuss the haunted Hotel Leger in the California Gold Country and an event we are planning with listeners at the location. We talk about infrasound with surpise caller Bill Murphy of SyFy's FACT OR FAKED: PARANORMAL FILES!! 
    Then it's off to rural Arkansas as we search for The Beast of Boggy Creek with author, adventurer, and cryptid seeker Lyle Blackburn.
    It's a WILD and THRILLING ride into the Paranormal. Tell your friends about it!!

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    Rick James of E-coustics Solutions; The Shirley Report

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    Harley, Lisa and Dave will be talking about all the Windswept News and we will play our interview with Richard James of E-coustics Solutions on the first show of the year -- please join us.   Rick will speak about his experience as a noise control engineer and acoustician and the recently released results of the Wisconsin study authorized by the Public Service Commission centering on the Shirley wind farm in the town of Glenmore. It was conducted by Clean Wisconsin, a clean energy advocacy group, and four independent firms. The groups monitored the wind farm for four days in early December.

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    The Steven Cooper Interview

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    By popular request, WWR is making available the entire Steven Cooper Interview by itself.  Please listen in and share with all your friends.

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    Viewpoints from Vermont with Sen. Bob Hartwell and MORE

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    Windswept News with David, Lisa and Harley -- The DRAMA from DOWN UNDA as debate begins in the Australian Parliament on Senators Madigan and Xenophon's amendment to tighten up turbine noise and infrasound regulations; An update on the signature campaign to help Scotland; and much more

    Viewpoints from Vermont -- we will hear from Luke Snelling, the Executive Director of Energize Vermont; more from Noreen Hession and Mark Whitworth; and an extended interview with Vermont Senator Bob Hartwell regarding the efforts for a 3-year moratorium and re-establishing the primacy of Act 250.