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    The Sony Hack: A Security Community Discussion

    in Technology

    If you’re a security professional, you’ve probably been asked many questions about the December attack on Sony, the pre-emption of the movie The Interview, and the possible implications for enterprises and cyber conflict in the future. Now’s your chance to have that conversation with top experts and your peers in the IT security industry.

    On Jan. 21 at 1pm eastern, you can join a special, one-hour Dark Reading Radio discussion devoted to the Sony hack and the issues that may arise from it. Hosted by Dark Reading editors Tim Wilson and Sara Peters, the discussion will feature expert guest speakers and will address a wide range of questions, including:

    Was the attack really perpetrated by North Korea, and how did they do it?

    What could Sony have done to prevent it? How could they have responded differently?

    If the threat of further attacks prevented theaters from showing a movie, could cyber attackers use similar methods to stop other organizations from conducting business?

    What implications/conclusions should security pros draw from this attack?

    This online radio program will not only allow you to listen in, but you can also ask questions of the experts and participate in a chat-style online discussion.

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    The Watch Dog Report - InfoSec in 16 Minutes

    in Business

    In this episode we touch on many of the key points of information risk with Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, Former ACE Hardware CIO, Paul Ingveldson, SR. VP. of InfoSec, Bill Stevenson and leading Data Security Researcher Dr. Larry Ponemon.   

    By the end of this interview you will gain insight into many of the significant aspects of information security in your organization.

    For More Information on NCX Group, Please visit our site.   

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    The WatchDog Report - How To Build an InfoSec Program

    in Business

    Interview with Bill Stevenson SR. VP of InfoSec w/IndyMac Bank,  is from the Best of The Watchdog Report.  During the interview we discuss the building blocks of developing an effective security program within your business.   At the end of this interview you will gain insight into many of the threats businesses face everyday and the necessary strategies for mitigating the risks associated with todays business requirements.  
    This is not a LIVE Show... Original Interview Was Conducted in 2007.  

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    EPISODE #6: Former Double Agent Naveed Jamali & former CIA officer Bob Dougherty

    in Current Events

    UNREDACTED with Rachel Marsden: Lifting the black ink to reveal the covert information and intelligence around global events.

    Details about today's guests: www.unredactedshow.com/vault.html

    Show website: www.unredactedshow.com

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    R3belution Radio Live

    in Comedy

    Join us tonight for another great show! We will discuss all of the stuff going on in the world. We will be discussing infosec as usual and have open lines all night!

    Special Guest @ohgeisty will join us to discuss a new project he is working on.

    We will be playing some of his music as well.

    In a world of BTR drama, R3belution Radio is where the big boys play... JOIN US TONIGHT!

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    The Watch Dog Report - Use InfoSec to Gain New Business

    in Business

    Interview with Paul Ingevaldson, the former CIO for ACE Hardware, is from the Best of The Watchdog Report.  During the interview we discuss how you can leverage InfoSec to drive new business and grow revenue. 
    By the end of this interview you will gain insight into many of the strategies for aligning your business objectives with your security requirements.
    Visit our site NCX Group for assistance with your next project. This show is not live and the orignial interview was conducted in 2007.

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    Season Premiere R3belution Radio Live

    in Comedy

    Welcome to the Premiere of R3belution Radio on Blog Talk Radio. Your host, CnyR3bel returns to entertain you on Saturday night! We will be covering everything that we have missed this summer. From Mike Brown to Robin Williams, we will have quite a bit to talk about.

    We have all the great people that make RebRadio the best! GUESTS GUEST GUESTSSSSS!!! We will have open lines all night and you never know who will show up!

    Join us for CnyR3bel's last season as host of the Infosec communities favorite radio show, R3BELUTION RADIO!

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    Emerging Trends And Tools In Hacking

    in Technology

    Security threats constantly evolve as attackers find new ways to exploit applications, infrastructure, and users. And sometimes it can be hard to keep up.

    Join David Rhoades and Steven Pinkham of Maven Security Consulting (www.mavensecurity.com) and Interop Radio host Curt Franklin as they discuss the latest developers in hacker tools and tricks. They’ll also talk about how IT can fight back, including new products, many of them free, that should be in IT’s tool kit.

    Listeners will get up to speed on the state of the art in IT security and be better able to defend themselves and their organizations against new threats. The show will also cover the current landscape in regard to security and compliance legislation to ensure that IT practitioners are up to date on legal requirements to protect corporate data and customer privacy.

    Listen live on Thursday August 7 and chat with David, Steven, and Curt for what’s sure to be an engaging and informative hour.

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    Bird's Eye View: What I've Learned Working In Cyber Security

    in Technology

    In this podcast Caleb Barlow speaks with Sandy Bird, CTO of IBM Security Systems, co-founder of Q1 Labs to discuss his recent appointment as an IBM Fellow, part of IBM’s elite "most exceptional" technical professionals. Sandy will explain what makes being an IBM Fellow so rewarding and will shed some light on the types of people that have been honored with this distinction. In addition, Sandy will discuss how his career and the security landscape have both evolved during his during a time that threats have constantly evolved for financial profit. He’ll also explain what it’s like to work in the security industry and why college students should consider a career working in cyber security. 

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    Police Brutality in America

    in Current Events

     police brutality in America has run rampant I'm posting a link here of police in America using brutal force against people their sworn to protect http://is.gd/zJO1oh just one of these videos is unacceptable. It should outrage any and all American citizens to see any civil servant brutally beaten an American citizen.


    I've been told all I do is complain without any solutions to the problems I do have a simple solution that I believe would curve this type of action on our streets by people who are sworn to protect and serve the public.

    (¦-}> Ric Veda loves you, and so do I <{-¦)  
    As Always Sponsored by Sharing and Caring Hands

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    We're All One Family

    in Current Events

      My Grandfather of seven generations Biauswa would say "we are all relatives and must learn to live in harmony". First nation people believe in a strong community a United community, where each person plays a vital part in making the community thrive. NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND! 


     (¦-}> Ric Veda loves you, and so do I <{-¦)  
    As Always Sponsored by Sharing and Caring Hands

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