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    Motorsports Apex with Glenn Locke

    in Sports

    .We crown a Indycar champion, and look ahead to a throwback weekend at Darlington and travle back to 1990!

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    Real Talk with Coach Sherri - S1 Episode 23

    in Sports

    Conversation with Dwayne Jones who is the Manager of Business Operations and Production Management.  He manages the budget for NASCAR, Supercross, Formula E, and other motorsports.  Join the conversation and hear how he started and how his career keeps him connected to the world of sports.

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    Clubhouse Sports Radio : Sponsored by www.Hotel-Metropole.com

    in Sports

    Clubhouse Sports Radio recaps the world in sports. Joining us today in the clubhouse:

    * Sponsor Speaks: Our great sponsor from the Hotel Metropole, Gregg Miller joins us to talk about his hotel.

    * Southern California Baseball Report with John Rivera and Allen Johnson from Dodger Nation. We will check in on the Dodgers, Angels and Padres.

    And finally;

    *Jason Reichert, driver for Huddy Motorsports and DLR Racing will give us the rundown in motorsports (Indy Racing League, Formula 1 and NASCAR)



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    Making America Truly Great Again

    in Politics Conservative

    So if you're paying any attention at all you'll see the most talked about candidate and leading Republican candidate in Donald Trump talking about making America great again.  It's been an interesting past few days and this show came about as a combination of my bible reading in Deuteronomy and someone even reaching out to me on Facebook about my talking about Donald Trump.  The verses in Deuteronomy screamed at me and touched me as I read them.  So today's show is about what I believe it takes to make America great again.  Can we get there?  Being honest, these days being what they are, I'm not so sure we can.  But there is a formula.  That formula isn't in electing Donald Trump.  It isn't necessarily in electing anyone in and of itself.  It's Christians in this nation turning their churches and turning their fellow citizens, as many as we can back to God.  His promises are there.  His promises are real.  His promises are still able to be claimed today.  I'll be talking about that live at 4:30 Eastern time, and on the archives afterward.

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    Idiot Single Women, Married Men Love Pretty Women, Bad Men, ProtectYour Marriage

    in Romance

    Topics: Idiot Single Women, Married Men Love Pretty Women, Bad Men, Protect Your Marriage

    Listen to the track record of shows and enjoy. Judge Wyld, Seattle's 1st Man, host of the The Judge Wyld Show on KAVD 103.1 FM is now on BTR. Judge Wyld rants on the many subjects that make your life shallow and stressful. Call in and clash ideas with Judge on Politics, Holidays, Relationships, Parenting, Spirituality, Life, Death, Health, Working, Job, Career, Music, Movies, Law and more! Judge Wyld reserves the right to be judgmental ABOUT YOU. Guaranteed that you are judging Judge Wyld right now!

    Seattle's 1st Man, Judge Wyld, experienced talk show host extends his love and intelligence in short impromptu rants to uplift all parents, singles, churches, athiests, sports fans, teenagers, college kids, politicians, school boards, city councils.... Life deserves to be better through intellect and serious thought about why and what we are doing in all phases of life. Think about what you do. This program doesn't sell anything. It's not an infomercial for CDs or books or a spooky spiritual cosmic wacky fringe experience. It's talk from the heart with great passion to expose everyone to intellect and analyzing skills in every part of their lives. Learn early in life and apply intelligence and independent thinking throughout life... and have a blast doing it. FUN Humor Love. Judge Wyld

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    What Are The Most Common Mistake Artists Makes When Getting Started In The Biz?

    in Music

    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est

    Tonight's Topic: What Are The Most Common Mistake Artists Makes When Getting Started In The Biz?

    I can honestly say, I don't believe there is a sure formula to success when it come to this business of music. If there were a true formula everyone would be using it. However on the same note I do believe there are certain common attributes and mistakes that lies within the ingredients of both the successful and not so successful Musicians Tonight we will highlight the most common mistakes Artist make when getting started.

    Show link:

    UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com
    To listen or participate call: 213.559.2995

    Show Date: 8/24/2015

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    Baltimore Ravens Preview: SGP Two-a-Days

    in Football


    The Baltimore Ravens are a favorite for many to represent the AFC in the Superbowl - and for good reason. The Ravens are stacked on both sides of the ball with a formula for success. The only challenge is that they are in the AFC North and the Steelers and Bengals are primed to be tough competition. Add a schedule that includes the NFC West and the road to a championship is filled with potholes.

    Next Fan Up's Ravens Superfan Rex gives us the details to prepare for a successful Ravens season.

    Next Fan Up: blogtalkradio.com/nextfanup 

    Twitter: @NFUPodcast

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Dallas, TX Hip-Hop Artist ~ KINGWEEZY

    in Music

    Making the transition from most "Slept On" to The New Face of Dallas Hip-Hop, has KINGWEEZY fans boiling with excitement and anticipating his NEXT Gigantic Leap and Career Shifting move.

    BOLD Dreams intertwined with a unique sound and hidden inspirational anthems in each track seem to be KINGWEEZY's formula for his rapid success. Dallas,TX latest poster child, is ready, willing, and definitely able to ?C.H.A.N.G.E the Hip-Hop game by making enjoyable music you're not embarrassed or ashamed to listen too!!

    TWO YEARS AGO Kingweezy had inspirations to follow his dreams of becoming the piece of the puzzle the music game had been missing ever since the killings of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Now after just one Mixtape, several rapid fire (Song Covers), and a shocking back to back Single release, including the levitating ?#‎KANYEWEST? Diss/ Micheal Jackson tribute entitled "MIKEJACK"... KINGWEEZY has not only the Dallas,Tx music seen in awww, but is even getting the attention of successful Underground Rap artist such as (Houston Tx) CHALIE Boy, (Dallas ,Tx) Mr. Diabolical, Mr. Lucci, and most recently Dorrough Music, in which Kingweezy had the prestigious opportunity to open up for at the Dallas Night Club Soleil. Needless to say headlining his own events and bringing in a crowd has been the least of the New Artist concerns.. As he became a true pioneer in Dallas Tx. becoming the first artist ever to perform at the Top 40 Nightclub, (none the less) throw a Single Release Party at the infamous Club Thrive late last yr.. Setting records for attendance. 

  • Intuitive Coach for Entrepreneurs

    in Spirituality

    Intuitive Coach for Entrepreneurs with Leonard Irwin

    Spirit and Empowerment is Leonard's formula for living a high performance life.  On the soul side, he uses the gift of intuition.  On the empowerment side, he uses his gift as Coach to help people reach new heights in their life.

    Leonard enjoys combining these two passions and gifts and sharing them with the world.  We are not here to play small.  Spirit and Empowerment combine to create a powerful formula for life.  Both of these gifts help people to gain a new perspective, heal and move on.

    For more information visit: http://leonardirwin.com/

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Staying power of Summer Jobs!

    in Fitness

    AH, you love your summer job but your position is seasonal and the end of summer is around the corner and so is the baseball season unless your team is in the play-offs.

    TRUE STORY...Lisa loves her job as a concession stand cashier at a Park in Miami and she hopes to be right back next summer.

    Lisa is one of thousands of part-time workers who want to return to their seasonal gig next year.

    Ze formula for  RETURN VISIT...

    Be on time...report to work ahead of your scheduled time start.

    Be responsible.


    Look the Part...etc.

    Personal grooming so important...etc.

    Guys, lose the ratty beard...etc.

    Make yourself known...etc.

    Do your job NOW GO HOME...etc.

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    You're Making a Big Mistake and It is Ruining Your Productivity

    in Women

    You believe in the power of multitasking. In fact, you're probably doing it right now! Except you aren't being as productive as you think you are. In fact, multitasking is costing you in time, in focus and in the very productivity you swear by. But, what is a busy woman to do??? There is a better way, it may seem counter-intuitive but it can save your stress and your sanity and boost your productivity. Learn how to work with your brain instead of against it.

    Website: www.getittogethergirlmedia.com 

    *Subscribe to the blog and receive the FREE Focused 15 Formula and start boosting your productivity!