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    How To Engage Influencers On Every Social Media Platform, With Rick Cooper

    in Marketing

    It’s all fun and games to get on Facebook and post pictures of your kids or your cat. It’s great to reconnect with old high school buddies and family members you haven’t spoken to in years. 

    The real power of social media however, lies in connecting with and engaging those people in your industry that really have the power to help you grow your following…all with a tweet or comment. 

    Rick Cooper has been using social media to grow his business since 2003. In his interview, Rick will share:

    Why would small business owners and entrepreneurs want to contact influencers?
    What's the best way to reach influential people on the various social media platforms?
    What is the best way to approach an influencer?
    ...and so much more!

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    A Person of Influence Reproduces Other Influencers

    in Radio

    Begins with Power of Humility and Obedience Broadcast

    Personal Development Series

    GUTS Study Series 3 John

    A variety talk show with a Christian point of view


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    Tai Lopez - Inside The Mind of Success

    in Entrepreneur

    When will things ever start going Tai Lopez's way? :). Listen to this special episode to find out how this aspiring renaissance man lives, learns and most importantly teaches the principles of success.

    Tai is the author of a few books on unrelated subjects, a member of MENSA: the high IQ society, a self made millionaire before the age of 30, a Certified Financial Planner, CHFC, CLU, and most importantly a student of life who has read over 5000 books.

    Tai is part of the list of college dropouts (but managed to earn 10 or so credits). He has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and has started 12 multi million dollar companies that are all still running successfully.

    Tai is addicted to traveling (51 countries on 6 continents so far) seeking the advice of the world’s top minds. He credits 90% of his success to five mentors (three millionaires and two billionaires) who pointed the way. In his spare time he likes salsa dancing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and playing classical piano.

    He lives in the Hollywood Hills and occasionally throws big house parties for friends and the random acquaintances they bring along. When will things ever start going his way? :) Find out now…get to listening!

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    Mike Gillette - Mind Coach

    in Entrepreneur

    Mike Gillette is a master of mastering what he sets out to achieve. Black belts, counter-terrorism consultant, SWAT team commander, Guinness World Records - he's done it.

    When Mike sets his mind to do something – no question about it – he does it.

    In this interview with Jack, Mike shares how his incredibly diverse background (you have to hear it to believe it) has given him the experiences and knowledge to now help others achieve Peak Performance and their most desired goals.

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    LinkedIn Pops Its Doors to New Member Influencers: Come Get Some!

    in Entrepreneur

    If you are a regular Jane or Joe on LinkedIn then you are most certainly aware of how the LinkedIn's platform curates news, information, and entertainment from across the Net and publishes blog posts via its choice group of "Influencers." Now, LinkedIn is popping the doors of its publishing platform to its near 300 million members. How can you stand out among all this new noise and capture a greater share of your target market (audience)/? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE.”

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    Influence the Influencers with Mark Fidelman

    in Social Networking

    Mark Fidelman is the CEO for Raynforest Inc, an Influencer Marketing Network, and the author of Socialized! which some call “the playbook for Social Business”. He provides an insider's view of the modern business world based on his years of experience working as an executive and consultant within the Global 3000. He's also a contributor to Forbes.com where he writes about social, mobile and marketing trends.

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    Hayley Hines - Culture of Health

    in Entrepreneur

    Hayley Hines has been involved in wellness for over twenty years. She helps employers develop health management programs. In this interview with Jack, she discusses how today’s health management is so much more than sticking a treadmill in the break room.

    Companies used to make a half-hearted effort at wellness by doing an annual health fair and perhaps adding a healthy food machine in the break room.

    Armed with years of data from health insurance companies, Hayley helps employers realize that strategic and comprehensive wellness programs impact not only employees’ lives, but the company’s bottom line, as well.
    In order for a company’s wellness program to work well, everyone has to be fully involved, from the top-level senior management all the way down the company’s ranks at the bottom.

    Hayley points out that a culture of health is more than offering choices of healthy food in the cafeteria. For example, according to Hayley, stress management can impact a company’s finances more positively than even a weight control program. Therefore, all aspects of health should be addressed when putting together a program.

    The impact of having a complete wellness strategy can be felt in as few as a few weeks all the way to seeing the real outcomes and results by the third year of implementation. One example she shared was of a company that had added a health clinic to their campus. Two to three weeks after this, an employee’s life was saved when he was diagnosed to be having a heart attack and was rushed to the emergency room by the clinic’s staff.

    This interview is eye opening for companies of all sizes. If you own a company or are an employee, this information will definitely be useful.

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    Kevin DiDonato - Achievable Weight Loss

    in Entrepreneur

    Lasting results from most weight loss programs, such as The Biggest Loser, are not something most folks can get. If you want achievable results, listen to this interview with Kevin DiDonato.

    Kevin unlocked the key to the achievability of weight loss and wellness results – and long-lasting results. Despite their popularity, he doesn’t believe in the quick-fix fad diets. Even if people lose weight, many will inevitably gain it all back, and then some.

    Kevin believes that it’s all in fixing the mindset and having a positive behavior change. And quite simply, he does it by using goals in a different way than most people think about goals.

    He recommends setting small goals based on small changes. Rather than the typical “I’m going to lose twenty pounds” goal that many set, his clients might choose a goal of eating two more pieces of fruit every day. This goal is more likely to be achieved and will, over time, lead to the weight loss that is desired.

    Another key distinction is that Kevin’s clients choose their own goals, making it easier to achieve them. This is incredibly powerful. And as they achieve their goals, their positive mindset is reinforced.

    If you know someone who has struggled for years to lose a few pounds or inches, this is a must listen-to interview.

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    Bob Burg - Adversaries Into Allies

    in Entrepreneur

    Bob Burg, best-known as coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver, talks with Jack about his latest book Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion.

    Great influencers — whether CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, clergy, parents, teachers, etc. — seem to have a knack for getting the results they want from people, but in a way that everyone is happy. And, these leaders are persuasive in the most positive and benevolent sense of the word.

    And, while, for some it might be natural, for most of us it’s a set of learned skills. Fortunately, they are both simple to learn and easy to apply.

    In this chat, Bob shows us how to take our influence to an entirely new level utilizing his:

    Five Principles of Ultimate Influence

    Control your own emotions
    Understand the clash of belief systems
    Acknowledge their ego
    Set the proper frame
    Communicate with tact and empathy

    The technical skills of any profession are vitally important.

    Without them, you’re not even in the game. However, even with them, you’re only in the game. Those who have mastered the people skills obtained through the Five Principles of

    Ultimate Influence are nine steps ahead in the game…in a ten-step game.

    And their lives, and their business, are a lot more fun, a lot less stressful, and a lot more profitable. And, that can be you!

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    Marjorie Saulson- Magnetize Your Message

    in Entrepreneur

    Public speaking coach, Marjorie Saulson, has been using her voice both professionally and to grow her own business for years. In this interview with Jack, she shares how she helps business owners and entrepreneurs use their own voice to market and grow their businesses.

    Most business owners shy away from speaking for their businesses, feeling that they won’t do it properly or that they don’t have that “perfect” voice they feel is necessary. In fact, very often they’ll spend part of their marketing budget to pay others to speak and market for them.

    Marjorie cautions that some of that money may be spent in vain, if an ineffective marketing professional is hired. She prefers to teach these business owners how to magnetize their own message and use their own voice to share the passion they have for what they do and how they can help others.

    Rather than trying to emulate a famous speaker or person and speak in someone else’s voice, everyone needs to share their authentic selves. People can tell when you’re not being yourself and will shy away from doing business with a fake.

    According to Marjorie, networking situations can be very effective for growing a business and are often done incorrectly. The mindset needs to be focused on building relationships during these meetings, rather than making a sale.

    This is an interesting interview with some great tips for finding and sharing your own true marketing voice.

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    Brian G. Johnson - Trust Funnel

    in Entrepreneur

    In this interview Brian G. Johnson, Author of the Best Selling book Trust Funnel, talks with Jack about how the days of links, SEO and Google page rankings being the deciding factor in online success are in the past.

    Trust, Brian explains, is the currency that powers the Web and creates online success today.

    With Trust Funnel, Brian provides detailed formulas and rituals that enable anyone to leverage the exact same strategies, tactics, and philosophies that have allowed him to drive traffic, build trust, and earn a very comfortable living.

    For more than a decade Brian's simple and easy to follow Internet marketing blueprints have allowed himself and so many of the people he has shared this information with to make a very comfortable living online.

    Listen to the powerful interview and you'll see why.

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