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    Margi Deneau-Saxton Shares Her Experiences with Infant Massage

    in Women

    Margi Deneau-Saxton joins CAPPA Radio to share her wisdom and experience about Infant Massage.  Her tips, and ideas will give you insight into the useful tool of infant massage with regards to bonding, breastfeeding, and nurturing touch. 

    Margi Deneau-Saxton, RN, CCCE, CLC, CPD/T (CAPPA) 45 years experience in maternal-infant care. In 1996, she studied infant massage and began incorporating it into her clinical nursing practice. Eventually, she became a trainer of infant Margi is also a lactation counselor and a childbirth educator. In 2004, she founded MotherNurture Pregnancy and Postpartum Professionals, collaborating with two other health care professionals, a massage therapist and a lactation consultant with the vision that “women who are nurtured are better able to nurture others."  They continue to provide educational opportunities and a variety of services within the greater Augusta, GA, area.  Margi enjoys a marriage that spans some 47 years and has brought to Margi what she deems her most fulfilling experiences...mothering six and now, a grandmother to 14.  Check out her website: www.mothernurture.net for more information about upcoming Nurturing Touch classes, and CAPPA postpartum doula trainings. 



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    The Health and Wellness Show - 18 May 2015 - Child and Infant Health

    in Health

    The Health and Wellness show on the SOTT Radio Network covers topics of health, diet, science, homeopathy, wellness culture, and more.  Tune in weekly!

    Today we'll be discussing health and wellness of infants and children - What's the best thing to feed your baby? How can one optimise prenatal health and breastfeeding? What components in the surrounding environment can compromise your child's health?

    Included, as always, is the pet segment.

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    Infant Mental Health with Carley Aroldi

    in Health

    Speaking of Birth! Come sing a lullabye, hear a poem and discuss the intersectionality of giving birth and being born into the overculture. "SPEAKING OF BIRTH: blending science and spirit in the wise woman tradition" Want to be a guest? Eager to welcome YOUR voice as mother, birth professional, grandparent, elder, sister, father, partner, child, doula, midwife--if you have given birth OR BEEN BORN, come share your words, poems, wisdom and songs in radical collaboration!

  • The Resilient Brain-The Amazing Infant Brain

    in Parents

    Noon Saturdays, "The Resilient Brain," host Kathy Kitts

    Join us every Saturday to hear about the latest techniques for improving your own brain power at any age.

    Today, we share more excerpts from Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce.  Also discussed will be another podcast heard recently on iTunes on the infant brain.  

    Call in to listen or to ask a question:  602-753-1726.  

    Or simply listen online, anytime:  blogtalkradio.com/s/7158817.

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    MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela Brewer - Infant Trauma

    in Psychology

    The creation of infant trauma - and the powerful differences we can make in our children's lives.  Guest - Chuck Green. President of Alpha Maxx Health Care.

    AMAXX is the premiere NCQA accredited Perinatal Population Health Management firm operating in Western Tennessee.  Utilizing its biopsychosocial approach, Alpha Maxx’s collaborative initiative has dramatically and consistently stabilized, and reduced the incidence of prematurity and infant mortality in Western Tennessee. 

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    Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience: When The Infinite Became An Infant

    in Religion

    The Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience is a virtual church where our troops stationed all over the world can come to worship, where those who are unable to get out of the house to attend a local church can come to worship, and where those who have been hurt by others in the church may come to worship, and be restored.

    Message: When the Infinite Became an Infant 
    Text: John 1:1-1:13 

    Although Jesus did make His personal appearance until Christmas day, the fact of the matter is that Jesus Christ has always existed according to verses John 1-2: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” Jesus is before the beginning of time. 

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    Pregnancy and Infant Health: Spina Bifida and Erb's Palsy

    in Health

    Have you or someone you know experienced the loss of a newborn or have a child born with a birth defect? October 15th is recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day to provide education and support for those who have experienced a miscarriage or loss of an infant.

    October is also the time that many organizations bring awareness to serious birth defects such as spina bifida and Erb's Palsy. Join us on Root Cause Radio Wednesday October 15th as we empower families affected by infant loss, birth defects and birth trauma.Root Cause Radio gladly welcomes back therapeutic scientist, professor, author, and the founder of Symptometry - Dr. Maxwell Nartey. 

    Tonight's expert health panel will also feature Elizabeth Wanek, MD, LSym and Dr. Charlie Abbott, OMD, LAc, LSym & Director of Administration at the AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SYMTPOMETRY - first training institution producing therapeutic scientists in root cause therapeuticsTM.

    Root Cause Radio  -  Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health - www.RootCauseRadio.com today.

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    Hip Hop Headz Radio

    in Hip Hop Music

    "With no apology fraud or trick-knowledgy, Just trust, what I see and I say and follow me my way, I read an open booklet inside me, The star of the story that groove teller got me,Through all the dark times part of the business, The light be contingent on small forensics, My microphone'll make a man a newborn infant, It's true so the crew gon' sense it, I get in the zone." What up to all my HEADZ! It's about that time! Tonight's show we'll also do like we always do, get into some dope topics and dope music along with the illest segment of the show, Original and sample. We kick off at 9pm EST @ www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopheadz You can call in at 646-595-2574 and give us your opinion on the joints we play tonight. HIP HOP, LET'S GOOOOOOOO!

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    Tha PUGILIST KOrner-Presented by Tha SPORTSKRIB

    in Sports

    @wcsteelerfan, aka James E King III presents 'Tha PUGILIST KOrner, our weekly show dedicated to the art of boxing, on both the amatuer and professional levels.

    As with every infant, the PUGILIST KOrner began as a seed. After listening to so many 'boxing shows', I wanted to create something totally different  Most shows I heard had hosts' and panelists' crowing their expertise and resounding boxing knowledge.  What happened to the fighter?  My show is about the fighter and this beloved Sport we watch and anticipate with baited breath.  We interview all of the fighters with a sense of respect and admiration, they deserve, for entertaining us, with their craft.

    When schedules permit, I'll be joined by a guest co-host boxer, past or present,  Join us as I interview our various guests, review the bouts of the week, talk about upcoming matches, and answer questions posed by callers/listeners.  Watch for our 'Press Release', usually Tuesday morning, announcing our guest co-host and guests for the evening show.

    Call in (718) 506-1506 or listen.  We look forward to having you in our audience, in the very near future.

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    Infant Baptism

    in Christianity

    What does the Word of God say about infant baptism

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1097

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Judy Cagnemi from Suffolk County, Long Island, a returning NAASCA family member who's a child abuse survivor and blogger at One Woman's Adventure Through Life and Recovery. Today she says describes a beautiful life, and is grateful for her family, home and career. But, she writes, "For most of my life, I didn't see things this way. I was filled with rage and self-hate." Her mother, bruised and battered by Judy's father, turned up on her maternal grandparents doorstep when Judy was an infant. She continues, "My mother made it clear she never wanted me. I suffered neglect and emotional abuse from her." She was physically abused by her grandmother, " .. and much later on I realized I was sexually abused by my grandfather. I was a victim acting out for decades by abusing myself with alcohol, drugs, engaging in physically and emotionally abusive relationships and making incredibly bad choices." As an adult Judy was in therapy for over 20 years for depression and emotional child abuse and neglect before uncovering the sexual aspects of her trauma. She says, "Since the door was opened, memories have been springing forward and it feels as though they are happening now rather than 30+ years ago. It's a strange reward for being in a better mental state." She goes on, "My mind must feel that I am finally able to accept the memories of what happened and recover from it" She concludes, "Along the way, I turned from the victim I was to the survivor I am today. I look forward to sharing how that miracle happened for me."