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    Cooking in College: Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive Meals/Snacks

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    No one’s busier or on tighter budgets than college students, right? But you gotta eat, so you may as well eat well. Learn how to prepare tasty,  time-efficient and cost-effective recipes from cooking expert Andrea Lynn, author of The I Love Trader Joe's College Cookbook, and Jessica Harlan, author of Ramen to the Rescue: 120 Creative Recipes for Easy Meals Using Everyone's Favorite Pack of Noodles and Tortillas to the Rescue: Scrumptious Snacks, Mouth-Watering Meals and Delicious Desserts--All Made with the Amazing Tortilla.
    Topics include:
    What can I make for lunch? What can I make for dinner? What can I do with a microwave oven? What can I do in a suite with a kitchen? How can I eat great-tasting food without gaining the freshman 15? What can I make for my party? What can prepare fast and inexpensively? What’s good BRAIN food?
    And, of course, we'll be taking LIVE CALLS with YOUR questions and comments! If you’re in college or going to college next year, this will be a great fun show for YOU!

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    Meals And Fellowship, The Breaking of Bread.

    in Christianity

    What importance is there between meals and fellowship? who should we break bread with? when should we break bread with others? Why should we break bread with others?  This episode will include information on the importance of fellowship to the servitude of an obedient Christian. This episode will include a very emotional testimony from one of our sisters who had a very serious drug habit , she talks about how misconception in her understang of her denominational faith hindered her ability to connect with the Lord when she first truly needed him, and I assure you that the rest of the story proves His love for His people. Tune in to see how the Lord inspires our host to comment on these and other important ssues.

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    Making Lunchbox Meals Fun & Easy

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Stephanie Katleman, Founder of The M.O.M. Method, talks the importance of teaching your kids to manage their time. Spotlight on Moms features Lindsey Laurain of EzPzFun.com. Nationally certified speech language pathologist and feeding therapist, Cindy Morrison AKA Chew Chew Mama, shares tips for parents struggling with picky eaters. Barb Schmidt, author of The Practice, shares tips for achieving inner peace. Heather Stouffer, founder of Mom Made Foods, shares tips for making lunchbox meals fun and easy.

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    Easy Meals to Make With Kids

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Joanna VonYurt, Founder and CEO of Swanling Innovations, shares information about swaddling and sleep training. Spotlight on Moms features Jodi Whisenhunt of MagicalMouseSchoolhouse.com. Chef Eric Crowley of CulinaryClassroom.com shares easy meals to make with kids. Kathy English and Sara Casey, authors of Climbing the Ivory Tower, share how they transferred their focus from children to academia. Ryan Stevens, Senior Brand Manager for Mott’s, shares information about Box Tops for Education™.

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    Dr. Weizer’s Healing Meals

    in Health

    Dr. Ken Weizer shares with a something that has been on his mind for about ten years – Dr. Weizer’s Healing Meals. What is that? Dr. Weizer wants people to know the value of food in the cancer dance. Listen in as he explains his new project in this mouthwatering episode.

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    Spice Up Your Meals And Take A Trip Around The World

    in Health

    Are You tired of the same mondane or boring meals, are your taste buds screaming for something new?  Spice your meals with taking a trip around the world.  The World is full of many different flavors for food, be advantureous and try something new.  We will explore what is need to explore these flavors from around the world.

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    Holiday Foods and Recipes

    in Health

    The Holiday is one of those times that many familiy and friends gather together for great food, drink and even recipes to celebrating what the holiday means to them.  However, the grandma's or family recipes on the menu how much of those are the healthiest for us and is it possible to change tradition by changing the menu but still make it memorable, delicious and healthy?  In this episode I will continue to share with you the foods and recipes that you can added and even change to be more healthy to those not so healthy meals.

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    RE-BROADCAST: The: 'It's Not Yo' Birthday, It's Jesus' Birthday!' Show

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! New Christmas from Delbert Pope & Tiffany K!!!

    If you LOVE Christmas music like I do, then have I got a TREAT for youuu!!!! Minister Delbert Pope's new Christmas Single, "Wise Men" will surely slow you down long enough to want to grab a hot cup of chocolate cocoa [add a candy cane, too!], a warm snuggly blanket, and re-visit the TRUE reason for the season! And Tiffany K's "HOLIDAY?"  It will have you pumped about the many, many blessings that YOU and your loved ones get to enjoy because of the birth of a Savior more than 2,000 years ago! Plus, our weekly UPDATE from Crystal TV Talk Show with her "What's Going On" segment that keeps you  ''in the know'' in the gospel community--and the world at large! BOTH artists will be IN STUDIO for a quick chit-chat!

    Plus, [as always--like, FOR REAL-FOR REAL!] the BEST in gospel [CHRISTMAS!!!] music by artists that you ACTUALLY know, CHRISTMAS TRIVIA, news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! Get your favorite Christmas movie and set it aside for AFTER the show.  Our snack of choice this week? Well, MINT CHOCOLATE COOKIES, of course!! ;0)  #christmasjunkie #dreamingofaWHITEchristmas

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


  • Radio Show: Digestion – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [Encore Presentation]

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    What a healthy digestive system looks like
    What happens when digestion goes wrong
    Tips on things you can include with your meals to help your digestion


    We’re talking about the digestive tract today. This is a timely encore presentation in light of the fact that tomorrow is Christmas, and a lot of people are going to be putting a lot of stress on their digestive tract. If you have any kind of health problems at all, you want to make sure your digestion is healthy before you can make any headway on correcting any other conditions.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie as she teaches you how your digestive system works. A healthy digestive system is actually somewhat rare. There are many things that can make your digestion go wrong, between toxins in the environment all the way to the toxins in your food.The quality of your food combines with all of these components to put a burden on your digestive system.

    Conditions such as leaky gut, diabetes, and thyroid issues - these are all symptoms of the things that happen when your digestion is in need of repair.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play in your hormone and skin care health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    Holiday Nutrition, The Twinkie Defense & Skittles.............

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House"  we shall discuss to connection between food, nutrition, and how they can affect your thinking and behavior.  We shall discuss traditional holiday meals and what affects they have on the body, plus we shall connect nutrition and the possible affects in recent high profile legal cases.

    Feel free to call in and ask any questions that you wish or give your comments.

    Also make sure you have pen and paper ready to take notes.

    Be sure to listen to our Mobile Phone Radio Station @ www.waterassetsradio.com


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    AASA, The Superintendents Association


    with Schenectady School Supt Laurence Spring  and  AASA's Kelly Beckwith

    Presented by KNOWLEDGE WORKS

    www.knowledgeworks.org   @worldoflearning

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