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    The Free American

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    Cody Robert Judy OBAMA'S INELIGIBILITY CASE HITS REPUBLICAN DEBATE STAGE in Violence Against Women Charge !


    Is the world is being guided by a co-creative effort of humanity and an interdimensional Light Alliance? 
    Are they transforming the darkness on our planet, and supporting the emergence of a civilization based on love, aligned with a higher spiritual Plan" www.freeamerican.com. www.shop.freeamerican.com

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    Cody Robert Judy to Discuss Supreme Court Case Against Obama's Eligibility

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    Cody Robert Judy is the only Presidential Candidate in America who has a "Bi- Partisan" Record in Federal Courts filed to protect the  "natural born Citizen" Clause for the Office of President. The 49 year old 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate has 15 Civil Actions in Court since 2008 that included McCain and Obama. 
    His case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 will be in U.S. Supreme Court Conference Thursday, June 18. 
    Cody  Majored in Psychology at Utah State and is the author of Taking A Stand- The Conservative Independent Voice.
    Cody has dedicated a large chunk of his life out to preserving, protecting, and defending what he calls the nuclear center of the U.S. Constitution in the qualifications for the Office of President. He's also run for Congress and the U. S. Senate. We're going into some detail about his U.S. Supreme Court Case and hope you'll join WOBC Radio with Host and WOBC Chief Mike Volin, June 18th, at 8pm EST. WOBC RADIO 

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    I (Brian Lange) am going to talk about Obama being eligible, or ineligible.  All the evidence, and FACTS regarding the case against Obama over this issue with DR. ORLY TAITZ.   Dr. Taitz was a Senate Candidate in California in 2012, and Founder of The Defend Our Freedoms Foundation.  Dr. Orly Taitz has TAKEN HER CASE AGAINST OBAMA to the SUPREME COURT.  She will give you astonishing details with regards to this, and what she has just done on 03-05-2013 in Washington D.C. that just might turn D.C. upside down.  Dr. Orly Taitz case(s) and Much, Much More!  At the same time... ...we'll be Bringing you T.R.U.T.H. - "The Reality Underneath The Honesty" over each and every issue that is brought up during the Broadcast. They say that they are being Honest with you, but the Reality.... is something completely different.  The Obama Birth Certificate, Citizenship of America, Kenya, or Indonesia... Which do you think he belongs?  What are the ramifications if we find out that ABSOLUTELY Obama is not a natural born citizen?  I ask you... Isn't this a MAJOR ISSUE? Be ready to be astounded over what you will hear... ... The items that we bring up for discussion are items that you listen to on the Lame Stream Media, but we will offer you T.R.U.T.H. for your understanding, and hopefully help you realize FACTS that they aren't telling you. Join us, call in, and share your thoughts!!! Call in number is 949-272-9418. http://livetruthradio.com  or e-mail brian@livetruth.us

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    Frat House Saturday #26

    in Sports

    We may have gotten dumped with ten inches of snow the other day but it’s feeling like Spring as we’re welcoming in Daylight Savings Time . . . and more importantly . . . MARCH MADNESS!

    But we’re going to keep it “relaxed” as usual taking a look back at some of the best conversations we had on the Frat House Sports Radio Network this week like our chat with Jeff Warner from FOX Sports 1470-AM Lehigh Valley giving us his viewpoint on the Philadelphia Eagles trading the #1 2013 running back, LeSean McCoy.

    Patt Leggs from NHLNFA.com is talking “frozen pond” action with just about a month remaining in the NHL; and, Leigh Klein of Five-Star Basketball Camp talked the NCAA and the controversial “Freshman Ineligibility Rule.”

    PLUS, you get a chance to meet ANOTHER one of our newest talkers, Sean Heggan who will be joining us as a co-host on our upcoming all-MLB “Clean-up Hitters” program that will debut right here on March 17th!

    THIS is a “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program you absolutely want to be listening to . . . and, be sure to give Frat House Mike a call at 347 – 826 – 9964 . . . because, he’s all by himself, and needs someone to talk to!

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Sharon Rondeau, Post eMail News Site

    in Politics Conservative

    Sharon Rondeau is the editor and owner of the online newspaper ThePostEmail.com.  According to Cmdr. Charles Kerchner (USN Ret.), Sharon's online newspaper is one of the very few professionally run sites that have covered the Obama document fraud and constitutional ineligibility issues consistently, factually, and professionally.  "It is a good site to follow as to what is going on in regards to investigating Obama.  Her site and BirtherReport are the sites to follow for the latest on Obama's doc fraud and Arpaio's efforts.   Sharon Rondeau would be a great guest to have on your radio show."

    We agree. Tonight Sharon Rondeau joins us to discuss several cases that she's been covering involving unlawful imprisonment, as well as the Obama eligibility/forgery issue.



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    The Black Squirrels Sports and Fantasy Show: The Apology Tour

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    Join us on the Black Squirrels Network to talk sports with two average guys who have a combined 60 years of experience as fans, fantasy sports players, Little League and high school sports participants, coaching, video games and trash talking! The Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy Show will cover pro sports, college sports, fantasy sports and many other things that come across the airwaves and is on the minds of sports lovers and fans. We're not insiders or former pro or college players but you can expect fireworks between Donney and Mike when it comes to the various topics in the sports universe. Listen and call in with questions about your fantasy teams for strategy, lineup advice and waiver wire pick up considerations. Call in 657-383-0361 at 9PM EST/6PM PST Sunday Evening. 

    Athletes in all sports are engaging in behaviors that baffle the average fan because of their celebrity status, wealth and privilege to earn a living playing a game. Why does the apology matter and should it matter? Are we placing too much responsibility on athletes as role models? Do we expect them to not be human beings because of their position in life? These are some of the questions we tackle on this week's episode and more from the world of sports such as Freshmen ineligibility in NCAA Football and Basketball. Plus, EMOtional Rescue with Emmett Berry. Tune in...We look forward to sharing Sunday evening with you! 

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    The Frat House Sports Show #181

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    “ALLLLL Aboard!” . . . the Frat House Sports Show roller coaster as the Frat House Gang goes all over the place with numerous guests and topics, so be fast on the phone to get your comments in before they move on.

    Both the Big-10 and PAC-12 have proposed reinstating the Freshman Ineligibility Rule. What will this mean for football and basketball programs, recruitment, the one-and-done, and NFL / NBA drafts? We’ll be talking with two guys that cover collegiate sports, Penn State Nittany Lions beat writer Mike Gross of Lancaster Newspapers and Chris Franklin of Coach & Player.

    The NFL has been aflutter with rumors of a Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant video, and the team cuts are beginning as organizations prepare for Free Agency to hit on March 10th.

    Alex Rodriguez is already causing a stir and controversy and he hasn’t even swung the bat yet in spring training. We’ll be chatting about the Yankees and other MLB developments with Yankees feature writer for Baseball Hot Corner, Nik Swartz.

    NASCAR goes into Race #2, but ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith just can’t leave the Kurt Busch situation alone. We’re breaking down his rhetoric and calling him out!

    We’re covering EVERYTHING you have an opinion about, so be sure to jump in with the Frat House Gang – Frat House Mike, Uncle Mark, Sidekick, and Brandon – by giving your opinion at 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    James Neighbors and Colonel Harry Riley come together to Wake-Up America

    in Politics Conservative

    The group, founded in June 2013, is openly calling for the removal of Mr Obama from the White House for many reasons, among them his ineligibility for office, crimes committed during his tenure in the White House, and multiple violations of the Constitution.

    Signs and banners carried during the rallies cite things such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, ObamaCare, voter fraud and much more.

    Overpasses For America Founder, James Neighbors states the need for Obama's removal from office extends well beyond his criminal actions, that Mr Obama and his collaborators must be made an example of for future generations of Americans, and as a warning to future politicians that the American people are awake, and are none too pleased with politics as usual across the nation.

    The movement has teamed up with Colonel Harry Riley and Operation American Spring, and members are carrying signs and banners about the Washington DC event which begins on May 16th. Organizers for OAS (Operation American Spring) state that over 5 million people have made commitments to be in Washington for the peaceful demand that Obama and many members of Congress step down from their positions, and the return to a Constitution based government in our nations' capitol.


    Neighbors also states that the Overpasses movement is highly encouraging members to find their way to Washington DC for American Spring. He also emphasized that many members of the movement are in dire financial straits due to the failing economy, and those members will be rallying in their area, so the nation is aware of the events occurring in Washington DC.

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    The Dave Levine Show

    in Politics Conservative

    An Independent Conservative law and order online talk show whose #1 topic is the Invasion from Mexico--THE defining issue between RINOs, faux conservatives and true Conservatives.
    A special Sunday edition of The Dave Levine Show!
    I discussed Sen. Cruz's ineligibility to be President, the Syrian WMDs story and countless law and order stories including some really horrific black-on-white assaults.

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    Obama's real father is a shocker because he's a WHITE spy

    in Politics

    The drastic fear the Socialist Democrats have about Barack Obama's birth certificate is who his real parents are: We share the same father, he's white, Communist and a former "Master Spy" of the East German  STASI (CIA), General Markus "Misha" Wolf.  His mother a black Indonesian; my mother is white. I know this because, I, like Obama and others, were bred by Wolf to be his life-long Manchurian Candidates Wh=of political change.  I was "Ushered" into US Army M.I. in '74, used to lure him to the West, run against some of his spy rings, then sent to ground with this and other major secrets, and ordered to expose them at the right time.
    Whether Pelosi and others knew they were letting a Communist spy into the White House and did it deliberately, or simply didn't recognize the name at the time, either way it's disasterous for them all.
    After all, why have the Conservatives let this happen?
    Much more info, personal photos, and details are available at www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com, Picasa.com, and my novel, BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, on Amazon.com and Lulu.com.

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    THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Bettina Viviano

    in Politics Conservative

    WND's Dr. Jerry Corsi reports:
    A successful Hollywood producer who had an insider’s view of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign claims she heard Bill Clinton say that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president.
    Bettina Viviano – who started her own film production company in 1990 after serving as vice president of production for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment – told WND that it was common knowledge among delegates committed to Hillary that the Clintons believed Obama was constitutionally ineligible and that Bill Clinton would eventually disclose his belief to the public.
    The Clintons were the original “birthers,” Viviano told WND in an interview in Los Angeles.