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    Can one survive on air alone?  Inedia, otherwise known as Breatharianism, referenced in many religious and spiritual traditions, is considered to be the 'original state' of humans in Taoism, a state of attainment in the Vedas, and in Christianity, some Saints have claimed to be kept alive by 'The Holy Spirit' alone.  There are numerous living Breatharians world wide, and from all walks of life.
    Yet, Breatharianism has no association with, or requirement of, religious or spiritual practice.  Breatharians often state that their toxic free bodies allow them to live longer and have healthier lives than people who need to ingest food or drink, including water.  Genesis Sunfire travels the world and dedicates much of his time emphasizing the abundant misconceptions about Breatharianism, both in skeptical and new age circles, including the belief that it is impossible for humans, that it requires spiritual distinguishment, and that it can be easily and safely attained in 21 days.

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