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    Wrestling Spoilers Daily

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    Brock Lesnar has resign with WWE for 3 years! What does this mean for the main event of Wrestlemania? Plus, we discuss other Wrestlemania matches like Cena/Rusev, Sting/Triple H, Orton/Rollins, and the IC Title match. All that and more on Wrestling Spoilers Daily.

    Hosted by @AnthonyRAlford of Wrestling Spoilers. Follow Wrestling Spoilers @YKIFR for the latest news, opinion, and other

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    Wrestling Spoilers Daily

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    More reaction to last night's Monday Night Raw and how Wrestlemania 31 is shaping up to form. More analysis on the hot topic, Roman Reigns. Plus the latest news and opinion as we continue Wrestlemania Week.

    Hosted by @AnthonyRAlford of Wrestling Spoilers. Follow Wrestling Spoilers on Twitter @YKIFR 

    For the latest opinion, go to www.wrestlingspoilers.tumblr.com. 

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    Call us 347 857 2361

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    Buck and Shady C discuss This weeks news in the WONDERFUL WORLD OF WRESTLING.



    Ofcourse Taking your calls.

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    Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

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    AWNR is back after taking a week off and lots has been going on in the world of Arm Wrestling with this past weekend 2 major events went down the US Open and the MGC/UAL 9. I have a jammed packed show for you guys tonight. If you checked out the UAL 9/MGC this weekend on Sunday you saw Matt Mask put on a great showing and I will be talking to Matt about his experience this weekend and what he thought about his match up with the greatest Arm wrestler in the history of the sport. Also I will have the winner of the 6 man left handed round robin super match and also the Left hand super heavy weight champion at this weekend’s US Open Robbie Topie will be calling in. Also Chris Okyen will be calling in to talk about the National Sit down Arm wrestling championships that will be going down on April 11th. Travis Robinson will also be calling in tonight to talk about drug testing in the sport and much, much more. So tune in tonight action starts at 8 pm EST.









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    Indy Power Rankings Weekly Reveal Show

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    Since January of 2013, we have been ranking the very best independent wrestlers on a weekly basis. This is a KAYFABE list, meaning it is not centered around our opinion of who the best worker is on a weekly basis, but rather, more sports-oriented in the thought process of wins being the most important factor in getting ranked. Many various independent wrestling writers spend their time debating who the “best in the world” is while we simply seek to prove it via wins and losses.

    In order to be ranked and to avoid personal biases, we have a group of voters from around the country who have 3 main criteria for voting (in a similar manner to ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings):

    1. Win-loss record for the week & overall

    2. Strength of opponents for the week

    3. Overall public perception of the wrestler in question (i.e. Chris Hero has a stronger following than a regional independent wrestler who most people have never heard of)


    We will be breaking down the Singles Top 10, discussing the Tag Team Top 5 and attempting to shed some light on the various wrestlers and companies that make up independent wrestling, so please sit back and enjoy the show!

    Website (where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting): http://indypowerrankingsipr.wordpress.com/

    Our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/IndyPowerRankings

    Also search “Indy Power Rankings” for our open Facebook group where anyone on the indies can promote their various merchandise, fan pages, and upcoming events

    Our Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

    Our Instagram: @IndyPowerRankings

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    Wrestling Spoilers LIVE

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    Full reaction to the post-Wrestlemania edition of Monday Night Raw.

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    NWA Wrestling Revolution presents Battle Talk Episode 77

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    Tonight we bring you the latest from NWA Wrestling Revolution "Chain of Fate" and we will update everyone on our upcoming event NWA Wrestling Revolution "Hart of a Champion" featuring Teddy Hart, "Godzilla" Jax Dane, and Ray "Death" Rowe! We also got the results of NWA Inspire Pro's "Phenomenon" event last Sunday! Plus we got Lucas and Adan stopping by to give their takes on these events plus Wrestlemania 31 and more! 

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    wrestling discussions podcast trial run with dan & chuck

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    this is only a trial run so the audio is not that good as were are just learning how to do this. the perfections not there but the pasion is.

    5 days before ep.1 wrestling discussions goes balls to the wall with a trial run

    On this ep. we will share our picks for wrestlemania.

    As we go down the card we will discuss our picks in 2 parts.

    What that means is we will share with you,

    who we want to see win and who the think acctually will win.

    On wednesday april 1st wrestling discussions podcast will run its first live ep.

    It will be a wrestlemania and Raw recap along with predictions leading into smackdown.

    Hopefully we will also announce the first guest to come on our show and talk wrestling with us.

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    Wrestling + 1 Ep 34 Rey Mysterio WWE news, TNA

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    Call us 347 857 2361

    JOIN THE GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/953389498020997/

    Buck and Shady C discuss This weeks news in the WONDERFUL WORLD OF WRESTLING.

    Buck and Shady debate the Rey Mysterio incident.

    This weeks raw and smackdown and TNA

     Build to WRESTLEMANIA

    Ofcourse Taking your calls.

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