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    The Indigo Journals

    in Spirituality

    Yol Swan is a spiritual counselor and coach with degrees in English literature, music and homeopathy who has taken the understanding of the soul and the wounded Feminine to new cosmic depths in her new book, The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls. 

    Born in Mexico to intellectual parents and surrounded by a blend of Shamanic cultures, she is a modern seer who perceives life as energy and is highly sensitive to other dimensions. She began channeling spiritual messages in her teens and later spent many years in psychoanalysis, which launched her into a deep exploration of Divine Consciousness during a 3-year retreat in almost complete isolation.

    First initiated as a Buddhist nun by a liberated master from Thailand and then into a path of meditation and mantra by enlightened Hindu teachers, her life is filled with mystical experiences, unusual encounters, and profound insights into the power and workings of the mind.

    A painful divorce brought up memories of Atlantis and revelations of the distorted Feminine, as well as the recognition of being an Indigo adult. This led her to a deeper exploration of the soul and a soul typology based on the cosmic interplay of the Feminine and Masculine,raising a new paradigm to explain essential differences between humans and the polarized world resulting from them.

    With a practical system of spiritual healing and energy management developed over more than 30 years, she helps clients around the world to create an empowering life or businessthey love, in alignment with their soul. She currently lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina. To learn more about her visit: SoulGuidedCoach.com or YolSwan.com.

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    The Energetic Toybox – Indigo Children

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to The Energetic Toybox with your hosts Julia Stubbe and Karolee Schloth. We start the show with guided imagery, setting sacred space and connecting with the love of Spirit and Earth. Each week we take a look into the Energetic Toybox and bring out a metaphysical concept, or "toy", to play with. We examine the fundamentals of the metaphysical world for holistic healing and expansion of consciousness. Our mission is to give you the confidence and desire to explore yourself on deeper levels. We offer you knowledge and "toys" to empower you with joy on your spiritual path. We discuss concepts such as the inner child, chakras, past lives, meditation, fairies, channeling, light body, angels, and so much more! Come play in The Energetic Toybox live every Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific 5 PM Eastern Time. For more info please visit 


    This week’s topic: Recognizing Indigo Children

    Join Julia and Karolee in this hour of discovery as they discuss the characteristics of Indigo kids to help you recognize if you or someone you know is an Indigo. Empowering you with knowledge that will enable support of the Indigo Child.

  • Indigo and Crystal Children - Embracing Their Journey with Danielle Cappelli

    in Spirituality

    Danielle Cappelli has always had a deep concern and interest in how these special individuals were accepted, treated and educated.  Because of this, Danielle has committed much of her life to encouraging, supporting and educating those who have these amazing intuitive people around them.  Please tune in monthly as Danielle shares all of her research, education and guidance specifically designed for parents, caregivers and those who have any connection with Indigo and Crystal individuals.


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    The Long Lost Indigo Child... The Emotional Struggle to Succeed

    in Lifestyle

    Will the struggling Indigo child ever come into their own acceptance and succeed in their spiritual mission? If even the spiritual world doesn't understand the Indigo child, what chance do they have in the world to create their own life?

    Join us, Tuesday January 26th, 2016 at 7:00 pm Est Usa, as Miss Raina shares the common struggles of the Indigo children!

    The Indigo children where a group of souls that incarnated during a period of time many decades ago. These children were born with certain gifts to uplift this world and set in motion the dawning of the new evolution. Unfortunately, many of the Indigo children become lost and confused in a world that did not accept them. Parents struggled to understand their child and medicine often misdiagnosed them!

    This show reaches out to the parents and family of the Indigo child, as well as the Indigo children themselves.

    Call to speak live: 310-861-2341

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    Indigo and Crystal Children - Embracing Their Journey with Danielle Capelli

    in Spirituality

    Danielle Capelli has always had a deep concern and interest in how these special individuals were accepted, treated and educated.  Because of this, Danielle has committed much of her life to encouraging, supporting and educating those who have these amazing intuitive people around them.  Please tune in monthly as Danielle shares all of her research, education and guidance specifically designed for parents, caregivers and those who have any connection with Indigo and Crystal individuals.

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    Phourist & The Photons - In Infinite Indigo

    in Music

    Phourist & The Photons have achieved a firey and thrilling lift-off with their new album, In Infinite Indigo. This incredibly well-matched three-man band sparks musical alchemy as they play. The band creates a deep pocket of space for listeners to move, think and feel in as they weave each song's story with air, beats and notes. Ultimately, In Infinite Indigo is like that ride you can't stop getting back in line for at the theme park. "Again, again!" 

    Talkupy welcomes Nick Hill (guitar, keyboard, lead vocals), Scott Boice (percussion) and Stuart Wicke (bass) to the show on Friday, Sept. 25 at 8 pm ET. All three band members are accomplished musical storytellers who give everything they've got to give to their craft. We will talk about the band's history and listen to songs from the new album. We'll also discuss the new animated video for "Here's Some Moonlight For Your Day" and find out what's next for Phourist & The Photons.

    To listen to, or purchase songs from, In Infinite Indigo go to Phourist & The Photons Bandcamp Page or visit Phourist.com where you also can find more videos, contact information and the band's schedule. Please follow Phourist & The Photons on Twitter or Facebook.  For more information on Talkupy, please visit Talkupy.net or follow @Talkupy_Radio



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    Not Letting Other Define You with Keiko

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome. This is Star Indigo's premiere broadcast featuring yours truly Keiko. My intent is to tackle the battles of judgements presented in different forms; self judgement, judgement from others and traditional measurements. 

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    Goddess Alive Radio - Normandi Ellis and Indigo Ronlov

    in Spirituality

    Goddess Alive Radio will be hummmming with Egyptian vibes on November 19 as we welcome back the amazing Normandi Ellis and welcome for the first time, Indigo Ronlov! Tune in as we discuss Egypt, Egyptian Goddesses, and the NEW book just released by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully: The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt

    Normandi Ellis is the author of six books, including two award-winning collections of fiction, Sorrowful Mysteries and Fresh Fleshed Sisters. Her spiritual autobiography, Dreams of Isis, has been the touchstone for many modern day seekers.Her translations of the Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, is regarded as the essential text for any pilgrimage through the ancient Egyptian temples. See more on NormandiEllis.com

    In 2014, Indigo Ronlov, MA, founded The Zahra Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to educating women about the value of handwork, especially when created from reclaimed materials. She received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and is a Minister of Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies.

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    Indigo Wisdom Presents- John Wood

    in Spirituality

    John Wood, author, student, philosopher, poet, musician, Christian mystic & so much more... to speak with Danielle Lovelight on Indigo Wisdom Talk radio show. Join us for a 45 minute juicy conversation. John is a prime example of the innate wisdom and Goddess-given talent that comes with being an Indigo... -Tune in!

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    Indigo Wisdom Presents- Rich Bella

    in Spirituality

    Indigo Wisdom Radio Presents...Rich Bella. Rich Bella is a spiritual and creative leader, who formulates solutions for individuals and communities on a wide scale. His creative, personal, and spiritual life has been nothing less than dynamic.

    A writer, motivational/inspirational speaker, musician, poet, artist, father, and an unlimited number of other fulfilled purposes are the center of Rich Bella's "Focus".

    Come join us for a free-flowing dialogue, in the light and in the love, with our wonderful and inspirational guest. Rich Bella.

    Please feel free to visit his websites at www.richbella.com or www.BellaTransmutation.com or www.FocusBella.com or www.racingforthechange.com

    Please feel free to call-in and add to the discussion at 347-215-8822. Thanks!

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    A Conversation with the Indigo Girls

    in Self Help

    On this week's radio show, my special guests are Amy Ray and Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls). We talk about their activism, get their thoughts on various States passing discrimination laws, learn more about their spiritual journeys...and go inside the music with several of their songs. Inspiring conversation and four of their songs. It's a full hour of divine Indigo!

    It all begins Sunday at noon EST on 88.7FM, WICR (Indianapolis area) and worldwide at richardbrendan.com
    For more info, visit www.indigogirls.com