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    CultFund: Heavenly Mushroom Film on Indiegogo

    in Movies

    Talking with Shareef Snuggs (Writer, Producer, Director) and Rashidah Bernay (Actress, Producer) about Heavenly Mushroom, a film project being funded on Indiegogo by New Lot Attractions.

    Heavenly Mushroom Indiegogo
    Heavenly Mushroom on Headtalker

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    Baron's Crypt

    in Film

    56th Show! Discussions of Horror Releases, Horror News, The Segment - Day in Horror History, Horror Themed Music, Events, Convention News, Honoring Horror Icon of the Week Edward X. Young! News of Indiegogo and Kickstarter Horror Projects. Facebook Round-up of Horror Projects. Interactive show with Tweets and Facebook messages read on the AIR! Plus Horror Authors and a new segment for NJ FANS!

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    Business & Legal Q&A LIVE 4/21/15

    in Legal

    On today's program we answer the following questions.

    Business Question: Should I still use e-mail marketing and what's the best way to manage it?

    Legal Question: What is an Affidavit of Merit and why is it important? 

    Today's Sponsor(s): Today's show is sponsored by 12HourExpress.com  - 12 Hour Express is a brand new venture in Riverside, CA. They are digital age courier service that's currently executing a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. The funds received will go straight towards building the technology (app and real-time driver tracking) needed to provide unprecedented efficiency for delivering mail/parcels. Being born in the modern age has given us the advantage and opportunity to rewrite logistics and, in doing so, prove that the current courier industry is over-consuming precious resources at an ASTRONOMICAL rate...every day!!  

    Special offer from Contact Contact to UTLRadio listeners: Get a 60-Day Free Trial. Just click this link!

    For more info on today's show please visit www.utlradio.com 

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    Horror Play 25 (DreadOut)

    in Video Games

    How well versed are you in Indonesian culture? Not so much? That's okay. You can still play this game. DreadOut is a mixture of Silent Hill and Fatal Frame.  You take control of a school girl as she explores a desolate town and haunted school. We won't tell just how scary this game is, but let us just say Robert and John jumped out of their seats a few times.

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    Talk! with Marie Presents Red Heaven's New Album Moth & Its Indiegogo Campaign

    in Current Events

    Join Marie to discuss RedHeaven's new album, Moth and its Indie G. books, e-publishing, indie authors, independent best selling books, magazines, Second Life events and share original music and writing. What's on your reading list? What's your favorite book? Do you have a favorite author you can't get enough of? We welcome calls from listeners and want to hear from you. If you enjoy the segment, follow the show to get notices.


    Check out RedHeaven's Indiegogo


    Follow RedHeaven on twitter

    Indie Book Featured

    Microfiction is More: Stories too short to forget by Johnpaul Mahofski

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    PMP: The Tarot of Bones with Lupa

    in Spirituality

    KaliSara and RevKess are pleased to host Lupa Greenwolf for a conversation about her newest major art and book project, The Tarot of Bones. The IndieGoGo campaign launched on April 7, 2015. From the press release: "Nature-inspired artist and author Lupa is launching a crowd-funding campaign to fuel her newest major project, The Tarot of Bones, on April 7, 2015. Her goal is to raise $5,000 to pay for materials for seventy-eight permanent assemblage pieces, one for each card in a traditional tarot deck, and to start a seed fund for printing The Tarot of Bones deck and book in 2016."

    Along with the Tarot of Bones they will discuss "eco-stuff", "art stuff", and other topics of interest to Lupa, including her third book to be published by Llewellyn World Wide. Check out the website for The Tarot of Bones for more information on this ambitious and art-felt project.

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    Saving Wolves and Wolf Camp Update

    in Education

    In this episode of RadioWild, hosts Alan Lacy and Chris Anderson talk about the current #SaveAmericasWolves campaign that the Wolf Education and Research Center is championing. Creating a viral campaign to help end the slaughter of wolves across America is key to it's success. The campaign will kickstart our next series of The Great Predator Debate, a 3 part film series on the dialogue of predators in the west and how we as humans live with them. It will also help complete Gray Area, a film on Mexican wolves by host Alan Lacy. Also, tune in to hear an update on the Owyhee Pack and the foxes WERC Rescued last year from Jeremy Heft, Lead Biologist and Site manager at Wolf Camp. We will also talk with Jessica Collins, assistant biologist and volunteer coordinator on exciting new developments!

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    THE DIGITAL DRUMMER: Black CrowdFunding Sites-Jim Neusom UrbanTechFair Broadcast

    in Technology

    With the billions raised through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, is there really a need for a crowdfunding portal to specialize in ‘Black’ projects? The Digital Drummer's new co-host Tech Advocate BONNIE SANDY beats the drum with Culturalpreneur MARLIN L. ADAMS, ESQ straight from the Underground Space Shuttle. As Founder and CEO of CulturalGrassroots.com Marlin Adams brings to discussion the need for Black crowdfunding portals! Call In (646) 716-7994 or join in the interactive chat.

    Marlin L. Adams has many years of experience in business as an attorney, film distributor, producer and essayist. Marlin coined the term “cultural grassroots” in the mid 1990’s as VP of Legal/Business Affairs for KJM3 Entertainment Group, the independent film distribution company behind the success of Julie Dash’s, “Daughters of the Dust”, and Raoul Peck’s, “Man By The Shore”. Contact: madams@culturalgrassroots.com madams@culturalgrassroots.com

    As the official radio broadcast of the Urban Tech Fair, from blog to radio, Jim Neusom brings to conversation some of the awesome, interesting, historical, and down right technical digital information he shares online...From Blacks and people of color in Technology to S.T.E.M., latest tech trends and strategies that empower us and our communities.

    For Urban Tech Fair updates subscribe to The Urban Tech Fair at www.urbantechfair.org.

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    BROTHAMAN REVELATION Crowd Funding Campaign ft Guy Sims & Brian McGee

    in News

    Join us tonite for our ongoing discussion about crowd funding our elite creative class. We are joined by the esteemed creators of BROTHERMAN COMICS, one of the most heralded and successful independent comics of our genre, EVER!

    This team, consisting of real life brothers are returing with a follow up Graphic Novel to their smash hit offering, BROTHERMAN, which was introduced in 1990 at the NYC Black Expo.

    Join us tonight as we gear up to fund this EPIC project.


    For funding go to the IndieGoGo... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brotherman-graphic-novel-revelation#description




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    Author Lyn Gibson - The Adrian Trilogy

    in Books

    Lyn Gibson is rapidly becoming recognized as a master of the horror genre. Raised amidst legend and lore, Lyn has become well acquainted with the darker side of history. As a noted Vampire Historian, she has acquired a fan base that spans the globe as her in-depth research of the revered Vampire has uncovered a history of bloodlust and violence that had once vanished from view. She is lover of the paranormal with an insatiable craving for knowledge of the beings that exist just outside of mankind’s grasp. She is driven with the desire of depicting the Vampire in its’ true nature; A fiercely passionate creature that is unbound by its’ own malevolent nature. Lyn brings a darker side of history to life throughout her series, The Adrian Trilogy. The series masterfully blends legend and lore into modern times whilst adding a erotic twist. Visit her website: www.authorlyngibson.com

    Please contribute to Lyn Gibson's fundraiser:


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    This Girl Is On Fire! Indiegogo Raising Up Our Girls Campaign COUNT DOWN!! LIVE

    in Business

    Join AM 1220 KDOW Business Radio Host Margaret Jackson on LABOR DAY LIVE for 2 hours!  You got it, 2-hours!  Business Coach Margaret Jackson is promoting her annual EXPO & SUMMIT 2014  This Girl Is On Fire! Global Women In the Workplace!   Raising Up Our Girls.  This year's EXPO & SUMMIT is focused on our girls, and she is asking the GLOBAL Community to help her wrap up the INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN that will sponsor 50+ girls to attend this years event and give away three BACK to School scholarships!  It will be your chance to make a difference LIVE!  You will be able to DONATE LIVE and DIAL into the SHOW for an On-Air THANK YOU here on BLOG TALK RADIO, and depending on your donation you may be able to get a 5 minute promo on her Silicon Valley/Bay Area and Global LIVE STREAM on AM 1220 KDOW Business and Finance Radio.  

    Sponsoring the girls is the focus.  Silicon Valley Women Leaders will IMPACT, CHALLENGE, and POWER UP our next generation of POWER WOMEN!  TUNE IN - LABOR DAY!!!  DIAL IN and SPONSOR a GIRL!  We only have a FEW DAYS LEFT!   You can DONATE BEFORE MONDAY'S SHOW  - CLICK HERE  Dial into the show on MONDAY and let the Coach know you DID IT! 

    JOIN US with EXPO & SUMMIT special guest speakers and participants, women business owners, women professionals, and more.  POWER UP, LADIES! 

    Expo & Summit Presented by the On the Edge Women In Business CLUB & Business on the Edge, Inc.