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    indiana jones

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    one of the greatest movies ever made indiana jones. these films were awesome and there been copycat movies out there like the mummy and tomb raider. but if it wasn't for indiana jones we wouldn't have these spin off or copycats. but what was your favorite indiana jones movie when u were growing up as a kid. plus what u think of the young indy shows after the third one came out. harrison ford was the best indiana jones and now there talk about a reboot movies. no word on who going play him. but i hope it turns out good and stay true to the classic ones that harrison ford did. but call in and tell us what u think of the first four movies and the upcoming reboot.

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    One on One With Indiana Hoosiers Safety Mark Murphy

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    Indiana Hoosiers safety Mark Murphy was honored by the National Football Foundation as a national scholar-athlete, as well as a William V. Campbell finalist at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City (December 9), which is where I was able to sit down with the Indiana product. Murphy was a four-year starter for the Hoosiers, he is IU’s active leading tackler, and a two-time first team Academic All-American. Murphy talks about being a student-athlete, the Indiana Hoosiers football program, his fandom of the Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre), as well as LeBron James (Mark is an Akron, Ohio native), and gives a scouting report on the Ohio State Buckeyes. Hosted by Daniel Mogollon. (8 Minutes)

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    Ohio State-Indiana postgame show. All the complaining!

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    Needing to impress the Playoff Selection Committee, and with a 30 point spread, the Buckeyes came out flat, turned the ball over 3 times, and barely beat Indiana. So Matt and Chuck, along with the callers, break down the game, talk about where things wene wrong, what went right, and what it means for Michigan on deck next week. We also update on OSU recruiting, OSU basketball, and other B1G action. 

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    Indiana Talk Episode 1

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    Our first show will air on Friday, January 30th at 5pm. We now have all of our equipment set up properly and can broadcast, receive callers to the show. The show will last approximately for 30 minutes for our first broadcast. We will be covering the following topics tomorrow: The rising meth problem in Indiana, Unemployment, and other topics that may arise. Since this is our first show it will be a bit of a practice run. You may call into the show while we are live by following the instructions on the right side of the page. We also encourage you to tell your friends about our site to help spread the word as we continue to work towards creating a wonderful venue online for Indiana residents to talk and share their opinions.

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    Gay Marriage in Indiana, or not

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    There was some amazing news this week!!  Indiana, my home state, had finally legalized gay marriage!  A federal judge ruled that Indiana's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, and did not order an immediate stay.  For about 48 hours, we had marriage equality in the state, then a stay was ordered late Friady evening.

    We've talked about gay marraige before on the show, but let's talk again.  Why not?

    Your calls will make this awesome!

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    Big Ohio State recruiting updates, plus Indiana week with the Crimson Quarry

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    After a big win at Minnesota, we turn our attentions to some major recruiting developments, and Indiana week, with Kyle Swick at the Crimson Quarry, SB Nation's Indiana blog. We take stock of the Kevin Wilson era, talk about what makes Tevin Coleman so dangerous, where things went wrong with Indiana, and if they have a shot here (or at least at covering the spread). We also discuss Ohio State's big new offensive line commitment, and who else is likely to fill the few remaining spots in the 2015 class. 

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    Chris Williams, the coolest guy in Indiana

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    Join the Indiana Photographer of the Year 2014 for an in depth look at what its like to now be the coolest guy in Indiana. I've know Chris for a few years now, and it's a joy to watch his talent grow, through education and putting those experiences into practice. Be there to hear first hand what the coolest guy in Indiana knows. 

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    Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 2.10 - Penn State vs. Indiana

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    The #BlackShoePodcast returns after one of the ugliest games in the history of Penn State football. A pre-game skirmish, a handshake scandal, six turnovers, bad offense and even worse special teams were all on display when the Nittany Lions took on the Maryland Terps last weekend. Adam, Cari, Bill and former Nittany Lion cornerback (and Maryland resident) Stephon Morris return to the virtual studio in Morristown, NJ to discuss the...ahem...action. PLUS, the gang takes a look ahead at this weekend's battle against the Indiana Hoosiers. All that and more on the #BSP

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    Indiana: Probate is handling child custody?

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    Join us this evening as Mary Harper joins us from Indiana's St. Joeseph County.  The question we all should be asking is:  How did a child custody case end up in a probate court?  Who died?

    My name is Mary. I live in South Bend Indiana which would be St. Joseph County jurisdiction. I am a Mother, a USAF reservist and a college student. I am of sound character reaching out to acknowledge there is a legitimate problem with the practices of law in this St. Joseph Probate System.

    I have been put through the ringer fighting for my youngest Daughter Ella, who was taken from me 4 years ago...on my birthday. The Father to Ella...and his corrupt attorney went into the court room of Magistrate Barbara Johnston at the local probate court...accusing me of everything a person could accuse another of, and was granted an emergency petition to take my baby. There was never any evidence produced or showing that any of the charges levied against me were true.

    Four years out and a journey of false accusations...mind you I proved wrong, and lengthy continuences...with no evidence from opposing counsel, a magistrate that felt that "order of the court" meant her order and not the law, I am still without my child. I have no criminal record, while my child is with a guy that has had a felony charge and just recently, another battery charge. I have been robbed my of rights...but most of all my child has been ignored by this ungoverned and improperly instructed, supposedly overwhelmed probate system and denied her Momma that Loves her dearly and I might add her two sisters whom I raise on my own, that miss her so.

    This biased and unethical magistrate denied me my request for the local agency in this county to come in and see what would have and should have been for the "best interest of the child." My little girl has been put on a roller coaster and I need my baby.


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    Indiana University Health 'Garden on the Go' (r) : A Special Half Hour Show

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    A SPECIAL Radio Show with the Indiana University Health 'Garden on the Go' (r).  Learn how a Hospital goes the extra mile to help folks in Indianapolis, Indiana, have more access to Food, uses a neat Mobile Farmers Market concept, and how they are able to fulfill the food need with another Company.  These folks also help out another town in Indiana expand their capibility in Feeding others.  

    Join us for a SPECIAL Show on Thursday, September 25, 2014, at 9am to 9:30am, CST time zone.  Yes, there will also be another regular Radio Show later that morning at 11:30am, CST time zone.  I'm Excited to have this Show,  It is a dynamic Guest, she is passionate about what is being done, and you will find out some great information on how this successful program is helping a lot of people with even more ways coming to expand this help.

    Tune in at www.blogtalkradio.com/communitygardenrevolution or, you can download the Radio Show at iTunes, when finished. 

    Enjoy!  Come back and be with us.

    Just a "Shout Out" to the Folks in England for last weeks show.  I want to say THANKS! to the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens Executive Director Jeremy Iles and for the Hartley Botanic, Inc., USA Office Sales Head Dan Berry, for both their delightful interviews. Cheers!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

    Blog and Facebook at "Community Garden Revolution"

    Purchase my Book "Community Garden Revolution" on AMAZON.com or Order at your Favorite Local Bookstore.

    My AudioBook "Community Garden Revolution Notes!" is now available at Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.  Priced for GREAT Group discussions in your town how to start a Community Garden.  

    Have a Great Community Garden Day!


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