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    A president for "We the People"!

    in Politics

    We will be talk to Sam Tittle a female independant Candidate for "We the People"!  Let's hear about her plans for America!

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    BDSIR Network, Smack Talk Centre & Kic FM presents: STC From The UK: Dusty Rhodes Live On Live Long. Hosts: Infamous Informer, Shadfather Special guest: Jamie Maverick Shields (STC BOSS MAN) Cameo Appearance: Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Owens

    "Oh you didn’t know? Well your ass better TELL someboooooooodddddyyyy!"?


    You see the sign.......you feel the electricity.....and then you hear it "STC, STC, STC, STC......"

    Welcome to the SmackTalk Centre or STC for short. The most credited, highly edited wrestling page on Facebook & Now Twitter. Giving you nothing but the best in wrestling related news, banter and keeping you in tune with all things WWE & TNA and independant.


    Join the Infamous Informer & the Shadfather every Saturday Night 8:00pm




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    “The shocked the white man, and confused him, so that he backed down by calling my father crazy. the story spread quickly around town; my father became known as a “crazy man” because he would not give in to the harassment of whites.  Strangely, this “crazy” reputation meant that whites were less likely to bother him. That is often the way of the oppressor .  He cannot understand the simple fact that people want to be free. so when a man resists oppression, they pass it off by calling him “crazy” or “insane.”  My father was called crazy for his refusal to let the white man call him “nigger” or to play Uncle Tom or allow whites to bother his family.  Crazy to the he was a hero to us.” Huey P Newton, Revolutionary Suicide 

    As to many of us Southern Black Americans our fathers where our only hero's or who ever was our father image. Sometimes it would be our Grand-fathers as in my case.  But we had our other hero's too and Denmark Vesey was one of them, Vessey is well known for planning a slave revolt in 1822.  A free Black Man who was a carpenter that won a lottery, and became a former slave in Charelston.   Before this he founded with others the AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, the first independant black denomination in the nation. His slave revolt was leaked by one of the members of his church and Vessey and his followers were judged and sentenced to death in a secret proceeding and hanged on July 2, 1822. A true REVOLUTIONARY .

    Another hero was O. W. Gurely founder of Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma's Greenwood section today.  Who was an economic geneous in 1921, woh was killed with 3,000 others. The twon was bombed form the air and then the KKK looted and killed any surviors they found. by beating and hanging's most of the surviors were children

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    All About Service Dogs hosted by Doc Vencil (Raw Feeding)

    in Pets

    This episode well will discuss RAW feeding of service dogs.

    Listeners are encouraged to call in and give their opinions and comment and participate in the dialogue.

    This show is produced as a connecting point for people associated with serviced dogs and hopes to provide an atomosphere that is free of negativity.

    So, join in and tell your friends to tune in and take part in the conversation. Let's learn from each other and make this a better place for ourselves and our dogs.

    This broadcast is produced by Saint Bernard's Service Dog Academy, Inc. A non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

    This is a listener supported program and your support by PayPal is appreciated at stb.sda@aol.com, or email for instructions on how to give.

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    Capital Hustlerz Interviews Brought to you by TRU RADIO Network

    in Indie Music

    On this episode of Capital Hustlerz radio 151 goes LIVE in another round of interviews as he continues to cover local and independant music artists from the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area. Here's who he will be talking with this week! 


    TABRIA-Hot off the creation of "OR-GY" her new album, art book, and fragrance Tabria will not only cove the details on her album but she will go in depth on what it takes to make an art book and a fragrance of your own. Her music represents what it means to fall in and out of love but most importantly learning to love, cherish, appreciate the virtual woman within herself. Get ready to hear some of her music as we walk the journey that is the "OR-GY" And NO, it's not a 'sex'apade. Be ready to hear the real life story of a Mother, singer, fashion designer and an entrepreneur! 


    OVERTYME- Exploding indie artist, rapper, pop artist, photographer, father, buisiness owner and more goes live to talk about his album "Lyfe Of The Kid". The album promises to be the perfect blend and mixture of energy, party and truth on ALL levels of music that any generation can listen to. He is the Godson of the Godfather of Hip Hop Kurtis Blow. Find out where he's taking this movement right here! 


    For more information on Capital Hustlerz Radio/ent contact Producer 151 at rohkeame151@gmail.com. 

    Also, if there are music artists out there looking for a promotional LIVE CALL IN Internet radio show where they will have a link to distribute to the masses please contact us right here at TRU RADIO Network at radiotrue1@gmail.com (or) facebook.com/TRURADIO1 




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    in Entertainment

    Will Hirsch is a Writer and Director from Arizona. He studied filmmaking at SCC and has written 2 features for Independant producers and is currently working on 2 more.

    And be sure and hang out after the interview, as Hammer will have the latest news, as well as box office, celebrity gossip....and maybe make a couple of live calls.

    If you would like to come into the studio and ask Mr Hirsch a question or two, the number to call is 646-595-3032.

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    "Oh you didn’t know? Well your ass better TELL someboooooooodddddyyyy!"?


    You see the sign.......you feel the electricity.....and then you hear it "STC, STC, STC, STC......"

    Welcome to the SmackTalk Centre or STC for short. The most credited, highly edited wrestling page on Facebook & Now Twitter. Giving you nothing but the best in wrestling related news, banter and keeping you in tune with all things WWE & TNA and independant.


    Join the Infamous Informer & the Shadfather every Saturday





    Twitter: @stc_wwe


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    Grown Folks Talk With Shaun Upshaw

    in Relationships

    The world is changing. Relationships are changing. Women are more independent and taking the lead in realtionships now. Some men are confused on how to handle such independence, but on the other hand some men know exactly how to handle the independence. Nevertheless, this Tuesday June 2, 2015 Grown Folks Talk brings another topic to the roundtable that warrants serious discussion. 

    Tonight's subject matter is "“The Truth Behind What a Man Really Need and Want From "The Independant Woman" in a Relationship Part I." Join this explosive dialogue as we dive into the minds of men on this topic. Dial (347) 324-5327. Or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/taylorkennediemedia 

    We would be glad to have you&n

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    Focus On Cinema: What Is A True Indie Film...

    in Movies

    With the amount of films being release every year, it's a wonder how the major studios can get it all done. Well a surprising number of the movies being made today aren't being made or distributed by the major studios at all. Independent films, also known by Indie films, are being produced and distributed at and incredible rate and are part of what's been fueling much of our movie entertainment for a number of years now. So our discussion this episode of A Reel Point Of View stems from these two questions: What is a true Indie Film, and how are Indie Films distributed on a shoe-string budget? To help us answer these questions and other those posed in our conversation, will be our guest from the newly launched film, arts and entertainment magazine "Quiet On The Set".

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    Ron SAINT Germain, May 26th 8pm EST

    in Entertainment

    900 Seconds warmly welcomes RON SAINT GERMAIN!!!!!!

    Ron's career in the music business began in 1972 and has spanned four+ decades. He began learning the art of recording at two of America's busiest and best recording studios: Record Plant, NYC and Media Sound, NYC. Some of Ron's fellow 'colleague's' during those formative years were Tony Bongiovi, Bob Clearmountain, MIke Barbiero, Harey Goldberg, Joe Gaswirt, and Michael Brauer. Since going 'Independant' as a Producer, Engineer, and Mixer in 1977, his work has amassed over 75 gold and platinum awards, selling well over .25B units garnering 19 Grammy nominations with 14 wins for the Artists. He's also mixed live and recorded in venues from CBGB's to the 1980 Winter Olympics, Reagan's Inaugeration Ceremonies and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Perfroming Arts. He has one of the most eclectic discographies in the business, working in countless genres of music.

    Among some of the most notable include such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Aretha, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Ashford and Simpson, Mick Jagger, U2, Muse, Bad Brains, Living Colour, 311, Tool, Soundgarden, Kraftwerk, Sonic Youth, Duranx2, The Cure, Chili Peppers, Foreigner and SO MANY MORE!!!

    Ron continues his work traveling where it takes him but prefers to mix at home in his private studio: Saints Place in N. NJ. 

    Ron is also a very experianced pilot, having flown for over 34 years!!!

    For a Dropbox link with more info and videos, please use: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk10cx046ihl9w2/Saints%20Links.docx?dl=


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    The Time Space Continuum

    in Spirituality

    Is the Universe expanding?  Is our physical reality that exists within this four dimensional continuum about to change? Hermann Minkowski said that space by itself and time by itself is doomed to fade away but a union of the two will preserve an independant reality.  Join us as we cover more on this subject.