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  • Underground Beat with Madam President and Special Co-Host King Rocky & T Hurt

    in Hip Hop Music

    This Wednesday 8-10pm est the Underground Beat with Madam President we'll have No Gimmick Music Coalition #NGMC's King Rocky and T-Hurt. Just like every week we will be throwing down those raw hip-hop tracks that you've come to expect from us. Maybe some Know Your Roots, announcements (keeping you up to date on local events in your area), the #PresidentialJJBeatsDownRapContest, and ending with an in-depth interview with King Rocky & T-Hurt of #NGMC as we drop and discuss their tracks. If you would like to call in and speak with us the number is (646) 716-5926 and press 1 to connect with us! #PresidentialSalute to all the listeners, callers, supporters, and former co-host for making this all possible!  

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    in Politics Conservative

     Tonight we have the long awaited Independant Presidential Debate on Para Bullum Radio between Robert MacLeod Jr, Gerald K. Michaels and Rev. Arizona E. Harting and I am hoping everyone will surely turn in to listen towhat I am sure will be a lively debate.....Now with this said there are other issues out there that are important to America and I welcome your call in reguard to the issues that matter to you and yours.

  • 01:45

    UBwithMP LIVE at the #HelloHipHop Event Hosted by Visual

    in Hip Hop Music

    We will be switching the show up for this EPIC event. The Underground Beat with Madam President will be present at the #HelloHipHop Allow Me To Introduce Myself event hosted by Visual at Subterranean aka Sub T. The show will cover the artist that will be taking the stage. You can come join is at Sub T located at 2011 W. North Ave Chicago or you can call into the show the number is (646) 716-5926 and press 1 to connect with us!!!   

  • 01:39

    The Podcast About Nothing: Stephen "Chainsaw" King

    in Wrestling

    The Podcast About Nothing welcomes professional wrestler Stephen "Chainsaw" King!
    Stephen will provide insight on the World of Independant Wrestling and his #ChainsawNation!

  • 01:31

    The Neo Soul Show Presents Danny Lavoe

    in Music

    "When it's cold outside...." we attempt to bring you the hottest artist in R&B/Soul! With the start of the NFL football season and disappointing fantasy football results, we bring you a very talented independant artist for your listening pleasure. And we, once again, are extremely excited to present them to you.

    Danny Lavoe hails from the great state of New Jersey in the city of Elizabeth. The Q0man brought this talent to our attention and we look forward to talking to Danny about everything his music means to him.

    Join us tonight as we dive into this new artist and as always bring #MoreMusic and a show worthy enough to be called Soulgasm!

  • Gods' Way Ministries

    in Prayer

    We are inter-denominational or Non-denominational because we have

    4 pastors from different, "independant": churches and 1 from a main 

    line denomination,  BUT we all preacg JESUS, with signs and

    wonders following!!!

  • 01:58

    Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness - 09-24-2015 with Jon and Ira

    in Politics Conservative

    Ninja's are taking out ISIS

    French are getting to the point where they've had it with Muslim immigrants

    Pig farmer has beautiful way to show how much he loves the Muslim call to prayer

    Trump does a good deed, that most people never even heard about

    Dog proves just how loyal they are

    College students think Socialism is great, until it effects them

    CJ Pearson is back in the news

    Why do Athiest care if people believe in God, when they don't?

    Who's really stopping America from becoming energy independant?

  • 01:58

    Underground Beat with Madam President and Special Co-Host Trev Munroe

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Underground Beat with Madam President #Take2 has Special Co-Host Trev Munroe coming. Like every show we will be; throwing down those raw underground hip-hop tracks you’ve come to expect from us, announcing upcoming events that are happening around you, and the #PresidentialBeatDown. Then Madam President will get into an in-depth interview with Trev Munroe as they drop and discuss his material. We would love to hear from you so if you want to call in please call (646) 716-5962 and press 1 to connect. #PresidentialSalute to all the listeners, callers, supporters, and former co-host for making this all possible! #UndergroundBeat #MadamPresident #TrevMunroe #DontPlayRadio #OnlyPlayRaw #MPP


  • 01:06

    Podcast About Nothing: Tyshaun Prince of Paragon Pro Wrestling

    in Wrestling

    This week The Podcast About Nothing welcomes Professional Wrestler and star at Paragon Pro Wrestling; Tyshaun Prince. Tyshaun is a fixture of the West Coast  independant wrestling scene which has recently caught fire.
    We'll ask Tyshaun about some of his opponents. Working at Paragon Pro, FSW, EWF and more.

  • 01:32

    The Neo Soul Show Presents Kay Soul

    in Music

    The Neo Soul Show put the summer clothes away and are preparing to take you Back 2 School! As always we open the show with 30 minutes of music we like to call #MoreMusic presented to you by MJ! Get with the hash tag and send in your music to be a part of the mix. After that our illustrious host bring to you another great independant soul music! This week is no different as we present to you....Kay Soul!

    Straight from her website, "Bringing genuine talent and raw emotion, Kay Soul offers a fusion of r&b melodies with soulful lyrics, telling stories through song in way that only she can." Kay released her anticipated single The Journey back in June of this year which debuted at #17 on the iTunes New R&B/Soul Release Daily Charts. Her debut EP Deeper is set to be released this year. She is Driven, Dedicated, Destined, and Determined and we are glad to have her on.

    Tune in as the Q-man, T. Mitch and MJ bring you another 90 minutes of Sougasm!

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    An Elder Care Attorney Isn't in Case You Die, It's In Case You Don't

    in Caregiving

    Join Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, as he interviews Elder Care Attorney, Christopher J. Berry, Esq. Certified Elder Law Attorney.

    Estate Planning and Elder Law is not an area for a “generalist.”  Your quality of life and your life’s work is more important than that.  It is important to work with a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA).  The CELA designation is the GOLD STANDARD in estate planning and elder law.

    The clients that we work with value the peace of mind,  that their goals are being met with the absolute latest in legal strategies to protect assets and preserve quality of life and care.  These are only available when working with a Certified Elder Law Attorney. Any attorney can say they “do estate planning or elder law”, but only CELAs can say they are the top 1% of estate planning and elder law attorneys.  Michigan Elder Law Attorney, Christopher J. Berry, Esq., was the second youngest attorney in the country to become a CELA.

    To accomplish our clients goals, we utilize a variety of legal and financial strategies to protect your assets and help ensure you receive the care you need today or in the future. Asset preservation is the name of the game. We want to protect your hard earned assets from probate, long-term care costs, and taxes.

    We call upon various governmental benefits to help pay the catastrophic cost of long-term care, including VA benefits and Medicade.

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