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    Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)



    Sheriff Mack is best known for challenging the Brady Bill, a gun control scheme requiring local law enforcement to perform background checks on prospective gun purchasers. He maintained that the Federal Government had no authority to command local officials, and became the first sheriff in American history to sue the Federal Government (under the Clinton administration) and win at the US Supreme Court. The case was based on the Tenth Amendment, states rights and local sovereignty.

    Mack is the son of an FBI agent and began his own law enforcement career as a street cop in Provo, Utah. After graduating from BYU in 1978, Mack became an officer with Provo P. D. He was soon promoted to corporal, sergeant, and detective. He spent one year as an undercover narcotics agent. In 1988, Mack moved home to Arizona where he ran for sheriff. He was elected Graham County Sheriff and served as such for eight years. It was during this time – in 1994 – that federal agents informed all sheriffs that they would be required to work for the Federal Government under the mandate of the Brady Bill, and Mack's court case began. Since that landmark ruling Mack has written seven books and appeared at over 120 Tea Party rallies nationwide. He has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government and has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine.

    He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and is on the Oath Keepers Board of Directors.




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    New Business Paradigms — February 12, 2015

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    February’s show starts with a discussion over the fast-moving crisis in Ukraine. With Russian troops and tanks making incursions, should the US arm the Ukrainians? Our hosts discuss. Academy President Rinaldo Brutoco gives his analysis of other Eurozone financial and political issues including the possibility of a Greek exit from the common currency and a British exit from the European common market.

    The Economic Doomsday Clock stays at seven minutes to midnight. It remains unclear if the Republican-led Congress will be a responsible governing force, or whether political gridlock will create economic instability in an otherwise growing US economy.

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    5 Action Steps To Decrease Runway Incursions

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    The FAA has been really cracking down on Runway Incursions. A stat that continues to be on the rise in NTSB databases. In todays episode Jason will share with you what he believes are 5 action steps to decrease runway incusrions.

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    Marvel Film Talk Podcast Episode 5 - The Marvel Universe is coming to an end

    in Entertainment

    Today at a live press event at Midtown Comics in New York City moderated by Marvel PR man Chris D’Lando, Marvel Comics’ Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso announced that the Marvel Universe will smash together with the Ultimate Universe and will be replaced by Battleworld -- a mashup of many different Marvel realities.

    Take a moment to compose yourself.

    This huge development has been in the works for some time in Jonathan Hickman’s years-long Avengers saga. The heroes have been trying to stop a series of universe-ending “incursions” where two universes collide with one another. The inciting incident to May’s eight-part Secret Wars event will be when the heroes fail to stop the regular and Ultimate universes from crashing together. The resulting Battleworld will the Marvel Universe going forward.

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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham and Robert F. Dorr Talking "Big Week"

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    70 years ago this week, the decisive battles of the air war over Western Europe were fought, in what today is known as “Big Week.” During the series of massive aerial incursions into Germany, along with others in the weeks that followed, the U.S. 8th and 15th Air Forces struck targets deep inside Germany, with the specific goal of destroying Hitler's Luftwaffe and paving the way for Allied air supremacy for the remainder of World War II. Big Week was more than just a Maximum Effort” by the American air forces, but a complete revamp of the U.S. strategic air campaign which had suffered crippling losses for over a year. But new leadership in the form of the legendary Lieut. Gen. James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, the introduction of the revolutionary P-51 Mustang fighter, and a radical tactics change turned the tide in the European air war. By making the Luftwaffe the primary target of the American air campaign, instead of targets on the ground, Doolittle and his flyers rapidly created the conditions to make Allied victory in Europe possible.

    To learn more about Big Week and the American bombing campaign in Europe during World War II, join military historian, author and journalist John D. Gresham for Military Monday at 1 p.m. Eastern. His guest this week is Robert F. “Bob” Dorr, author of the book Mission to Berlin. Together they will talk about this turning point in World War II, along with telling the stories of the young man who flew these critical and deadly missions. Listeners will learn that these were not just “raids” into Germany, but major battles fought on the edge of the stratosphere, lasting up to 10 hours, and costing thousands of young Allied airmen. Listeners are encouraged to call in and offer questions and opinions, in what is going to be a commemoration to the young flyers of America's “Greatest Generation.”

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    The Appearance Portal (Jan 21 2014) John DiNardo

    in Religion

    going where no one has gone before...

    Augusto will be discussing Planet X and the associated astronomical events and how it all intertwines with the Scriptures with scientist John DiNardo.

    John tell us:  My work in physics education and in the field of electronics engineering deals with the principles of gravity, electricity and magnetism, the same principles that operate throughout our Solar System, and by which the destructive forces of Planet X's flyby will afflict Planet Earth, and all living beings.

    In 2002, the clear ring of truth struck me after merely reading the bylines of Mark Hazlewood's book, BLINDSIDED. Ever since then, I have avidly studied the myriad of ancient historical evidence and modern scientific evidence identifying this colossal rogue planet whose cometary orbital intrusions into our Solar System recurringly provoke electrostatic, magnetic, and gravitational cataclysms upon Earth at uniform cyclical intervals, every thirty-six and-a-half centuries.

    These recurring celestial assaults upon Earth scientifically explain the major global catastrophes that have occurred throughout the ages, including the Great Flood of Noah's day, and the ten catastrophic "Plagues of Egypt," notably described in the Holy Bible's Book of Exodus; and these cometary incursions explain, as well, the forthcoming Earth catastrophes prophesied in the Bible's Book of Revelation.


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    The Ruthie Report: Rusty Fleming from the border

    in Politics



    Rusty will join the show at the top of the 9 O'clock hour

    Ruthie and Rusty will be discussing the recent mass coordinated ILLEGAL ENTRY situation on our southern border.

    Mexico's crackdown on Vigilantes in Mexico - doing the job the Mexican Government refuses and cannot do.

    In the one week since this brazen attack on U.S. sovereignty in broad daylight, we have learned that Border Patrol agents made no arrests at the scene and did not use lethal force against the Mexicans, even though they were attacked with deadly weapons. Also, the Tijuana Police have made no arrests of the perpetrators after they returned back to the Mexican side of the border and the Tijuana media falsely reported that our border agents attacked the “innocent” Mexicans and yelled obscenities at them about having sex with their mothers. Mexican media is notoriously corrupt and pro-invasion of the United States. The Mexican government does not hide the fact that they encourage their unwanted criminals and their unskilled, uneducated peasants to enter our country illegally – by the millions.

    The San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition calls on House Republicans to fully investigate this major attack on U.S. soil and to take all necessary measures to ensure that the Border Patrol has the assets and secure fencing with razor wire to prevent future mass incursions of our homeland.   Call your Congressman and demand action this week!

    Rock attacks on Border Patrol by Mexicans at the border have injured hundreds of agents over the years, some severely. Rocks and chunks of concrete are deadly weapons.

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    Prewar Plan is not going well. Demonstrations Worldwide.

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    Demonstraters from all over Palestine, US, UK, Egypt, Libya, and many others joined in to shout loud and clear to Zionist Israel that the plan to disposess nearly 50,000 men women and children from the Negev.

    Many of the Liberals of England, America, West Germany, France, and Italy joined in to show thier support of the natiove Bedouins that have lived in the Negev fro over 2000 years.  It was a great showing of support and gave the people of Palestine a great lift of spirits.  Let's pray The Day of Rage keeps growing and stops the insane actions of Israeli incursions.

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    Respect For Life: Black Indians a Hidden Heritage

    in History

    Respect for Life with Bro. Leroy welcomes William Katz author of The expanded and updated edition of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage brings the Native American and African American alliance that for four centuries challenged the European conquest and slavery into the 21st century with additional research and documentary and photographic evidence. The new edition reveals the story of the African guides and translators of the colonial era who became valued contacts with Indigenous peoples, examines the African and Indian alliance known as the Pueblo revolt of 1680 that ended Spain’s rule of the southwest for a dozen years, introduces Francisco Menendez and the 1738 Black Indian community that defended its liberty in Florida against British incursions ... http://williamlkatz.com/#sthash.k5VO5UST.dpuf
    www.thekeys107network.com Twitter: @thekeys107
    Facebook Group: TheKeys Opening The Door To Endless Possibilities

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    is America cosigning a world war with Israel

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    In a stunning betrayal of the Constitution of the United States, which obligates the United States to conform to the UN Charter and international law, the US Senate has before it a resolution that commits the nation to support Israel militarily, diplomatically, and economically should it decide to attack Iran “in its legitimate self-defense”, where every action Israel has ever taken-from the Six-Day War to its incursions into Lebanon-has been deemed by the American government to be “in its legitimate self-defense”.

    The resolution states, “If the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.”

    The chat room is open and the phones await your call.

    The Night Shift Starts Now

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    The Mysteries of Birth

    in Spirituality

    The Mysteries of Birth
    Who am I? A moment ago I was Free Dancing with the Angels. Now I am your child. Yet I know we have been. together many times. We are young, old, a baby yet ancient. Many times have we laughed and cried. Many times have we loved. Many times we have touched the stars and the Heart of God.
    This poem is from Chapter 2 of The Secret Journey to the Enlightened Mind - Dr James Yogadhi Weldon avalable in hard copy and e-book on Amazon.com and many other locations worldwide.
    In this chapter I discuss a memory that came during meditation one day. This memory propelled me back to the intence experience of death not so long before in Tibet whe the Chinese invaded my town in 1947-8 in one of the first incursions into that country.