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    Sept. 16, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - JAL Airlines UFO Incident with Jessie Desmond

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    Jessie Desmond was  has always been a creative person with a passion for writing, science, history, illustrating, painting, music, film, the paranormal, and cooking/baking. It's taken a lot of hard work since she came into this world in December of 1982, but she continues to pursue her interests and passions (writing, art, and the paranormal) on a daily basis.  Recently, she has been named Assistant State Director for MUFON.

    Jessie has been in-charge of the - now defunct - paranormal group PEAK (Paranormal Explorers of Alaska) for many years and still collects tidbits here and there of paranormal occurrences in Alaska.  Aside from her interest in the paranormal, Jessie constantly writes, draws, and paints.  Her first feature-length screenplay, written in February 2006 only took her 9 days!  It's listed under 'Writing' and is called Revelations.

    From 2003-2006 Jessie attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts in New Jersey, receiving a degree in 2D Animation.  Previous to this, at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, she was a theatre major.  In May 2012, Jessie will graduate with a BA in History with a European emphasis.

    Interests include: pirates, traveling, European and US History, coffee, costuming, Halloween, horror films, the paranormal and occult, bangsian fantasy, steampunk, late-70s British punk rock, new wave/dark wave music, rock n' roll, comic books (X-Men and Batman), mythology and folklore, Egyptian history, being out on the ocean, raising her personal vibrations, conspiracies, chemistry, human anatomy, visiting zoos and museums, and trying new foods.

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    Ron Felber~Author, Mojave Incident, A Chilling Story of Alien Abduction!

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    Ron Felber began his career writing articles based on his experiences for True Detective magazine, and went on to write three books in the classic Nick Carter series. Like his protagonist Jack Madson in his thriller trilogy, Felber has worked as a deputy sheriff, transporting federal criminals, and has fought Golden Gloves. His book Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor is the basis for the Fox television series The Mob Doctor. A graduate of Georgetown University, Ron Felber earned a master's degree in English from Loyola University Chicago and a doctorate from Drew University. He was the president and CEO of a major manufacturing company. Felber resides in New Jersey with his wife and children. Visit www.ronfelber.com

    "On the night of October 21, 1989, nine glowing objects appeared over an empty stretch of the Mojave desert—and turned a couple’s quiet weekend into an unearthly nightmare of terror. Elise and Tom Gifford say they were held captive in their camper by nonhuman creatures—and through love and prayer were able to live through psychological torment as their captors manipulated their minds with telepathic power. The Watchers hovered over them for a day and a night, they say, stealing their thoughts and emotions, making them relive their most painful and intimate memories, bringing them to the brink of madness. Hours later they were alone again—alive but the visits continued and the nightmare wasn’t over. Called "The most frightening UFO book ever written", The Mojave Incident touches the subconscious fears deep in all of us". Available on Amazon

  • Rap It Up Live with A F Riggins---Black Lives Matters-James Blake Incident

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    Tonight we discuss the reason incident of Professional Tennis Player, James Blake and the undercover police of NYPD using force against him in mistaken identity...the details, implications, and why everyday African American citizens, particularly men are facing these actions in our communities and elsewhere.

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    The smack-talking starts again, tonight @ 8PM for a new season of 'The Nadi.' We'll look at the controversial events that have transpired throughout the Chaldean Community these past two months, including: The Sterling Heights Mosque issue, the Arab American News's gripes with the Chaldean community, Mojo in the Morning's recent incident involving the Pope, and President Biden's potential run and his support by members of our community. Tune in today, October 7, at 8PM. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    Winning the War Against Deception - Seeking God Wholeheartedly

    in Religion

    This Week's Lesson: "Winning the War Against Deception - Seeking God Wholeheartedly" - (Joshua 9)

    We face many choices and decisions. While there are things we can accomplish through our own understanding and intelligence, we take serious risks by not seeking our God's guidance. There is a very real possibility that we might be led astray by Satan's lies and deception. Even the most spiritually attuned and mature of God's people are not immune to being caught in the enemy's trap. God is always faithful to us when we trust in His guidance. When we seek His help, he makes the way clear before us. This week we examine an important incident in Israel's history in which Joshua and the people were misled by a group of people who sought to avoid being defeated by Israel's army. In this lesson we see the danger of deception, and are reminded of why we need to seek God in all aspects of our choices.


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    10/3/2015 Unraveling The Matrix with your host Austin Thomas. Special call in guest Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Presidential Candidate 2016. Open discussion the second hour concerning the incident in Oregon. Call in # 347-855-8301 Your input is always welcomed. 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

  • Late Night Politics With Stephen and Paige On the Human Being Radio Network

    in Politics Conservative

    Gun Violence, Mass Shootings and the Umpqua University Shooting

    T-Mobile Customers Hacked.

    Body Identity Integrity Disorder AKA Transabled. Woman enlists the help of a psychiatrist to burn out her eyes.

    Pregnant Women are now Sexist!

    Newest Swedish Rape incident and the Swedish governments "Punishment"

    "Unlikable" By Edward Swine, Hilary Clinton can't learn how to be empathetic.

  • WolfHours ~ INDA DEN with QueensMind, Mowfpeace & PrettyPaws 323.927.2913

    in Poetry

    Hosted By:

    QueensMind, Mowfpeace & PrettyPaws

    Wolfhours was conceived in the mind of Shontai Ralieck George a poet ,wordsmith, barz spitter master from Brooklyn New York. Though he now resides in the southern states he still has that gritty streetwise intelligence that makes him one of the most intriguing sought after figures within the poetic community.

    The wolfhours concept basically presents a way for everyone to tell their story. Everyone no matter what background or lifestyle, profession or trade, religious or non-religious ..everybody has a story to tell. The guy on the corner begging for change to the lawyer in the courtroom pleading his/her case before a judge , they all have stories to tell. You might have been driving home from work when suddenly a car crosses three lanes just to get in an accident with  you. By via of said incident you now have something to get off your chest. Well let it off!!!! We call this a vent. Venting is what the wolfhours movement prescribes if you got some stored up energy that needs to be released in the form of words. Written, spoken, even singing there is no one way to vent.

    This blog talk radio show will give wordmiths nationwide a platform to showcase their skills in front of a virtual audience. Spoken word is the new hip hop. The body of the old hip hop is dying so it is up to us as word smiths to preserve this art form by embracing this movement through spoken word. So whether you are a bar spitter ..ballad writer, erotica, political, conscious or what have you. Its time to represent this art to the fullest. As and added bonus we will be featuring some of the hottest spoken word artist in the poetic community, given our callers the opportunity to call in, get in que to spit or ask the featured guest a question. Even if you just want to call in  an enjoy the show either way the airwaves  will be set a flame.

  • Sam Maranto, Illinois State Director of MUFON Investgative Researcher

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    Fro BIG, INC Sam Maranto: Investigative Researcher and Public Speaker

    Sam Maranto is President of IL MUFON, NFP and State Director for MUFON International. He is a certified field investigator who has handled many notable cases in his decades of experience.

    He is best known for his role as the lead investigator of the 2004 Tinley Park, IL, mass sighting case, his work with NARCAP on the O’Hare International Airport sighting of 2006, and the well-known Northlake car incident of 2008. His case studies have been used in numerous television programs, including 10 Best UFO Encounters, NBC Dateline, Invasion Illinois, Aliens at the Airport, and the History Channel’s UFO Hunters.

    Always an active lecturer and event organizer, Sam has been the guest of such radio programs as Coast to Coast AM, Roe Con, and Mancow.

    Founded in Quincy, Illinois in August of 1969 as "the Midwest UFO Network" membership was mainly located in Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin but grew rapidly and in no time it became well outside the scope of the Midwest.The name was change to reflect its growing scope of operation and membership. Illinois MUFON, Local Chapters: Meetings and membership are open to the general public. Though we hope you eventually become a member at some point we welcome your interest and attendance. Below are our supporting membership scale Illinois MUFON,NFP state chapter supporting Meemberships scale $20.00 Supporting Individual Membership $25.00 Supporting Family Membership, Or what ever You can afford we appreciate it.Illinois MUFON,NFP does not receive any financial support from the International  or any other organization and is entirely responsible for its events and expenses.

    International details can be found at www.mufon.com

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    Bring your bible to School Day - Politicizing Shooting - UN should go!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Prayers go out to those who were affected by the mass shooting today a Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

    Candi Cushman with Focus on the Family talks about annual Bring Your Bible to school day coming up October 8th and resources for parents to protect their children's innocence on campus. #TrueTolerance

    Israel thwarted 1st ISIS plot inside the Jewish state. I bet they profiled!

    Hr2  Obama says "violent extremist is not unique to any one faith"... really?? Christians and Jews have violent extremists? Prove it!

    Muslim man strangles his daughter who was caught shoplifting condoms.

    Immediately after the Umpqua Community College mass shooting, couldn't the president just come out and say, "We don't have all the information, but we'll get to the bottom of it before making any rash conclusions or decisions. Right now let's focus on those affected by this situation"? 

    Has President Obama EVER suggested what "sane gun laws" would actually look like?

    Joe plays President Obama's statement on the UCC shooting and points out the problems.

    Hr3  More of President Obama's address following the Umpqua Community College shooting... it's a serious work of fiction and misinformation.

    President Obama says that the UCC mass shooting SHOULD BE politicized. Really? Right now!? Before you have ANY facts about the incident?

    Author Michael Hausam talks the 2nd Amendment. Courts have clearly ruled that people have a right to buy guns. And Netanyahu's 45 seconds of silence. And why is the UN on American soil? And why are we involved in it at all? US pays ~25% of $2.5 billion UN budget Why do we spend that much on org who has no interest in keeping peace or human rights?

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    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio...On Wednesday 30th September 2015..3.00pm Eastern 12.00pm Pacific 8.00pm Uk....The call in number today is 347-539-5367..From Uk..001-347-539-5367.... My Special Guest Today is Peter Robbins....Peter is an investigative writer specializing in the subject of UFOs,...He has more than 35years experience as a Writer, Researcher, Investigator, Lecture and Author...Aregular fixture on Radio Shows here and in the UK,...He has appeared as a guest on and been consultant to numerous TV programs and documentaries,..Peter has spoken on UFOs, Dr Wilhelm Reich and related subjects at local.regional, national, international conferences as well as for schools, universities, libraries and organizations...He is Co-Author ( along with Larry Warren )  of the British best-seller Left at East Gate;..A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation...He is the Author of Deliberate Deception : A Case of Disinformation in the UFO Research Community, and...Halt In Woodbridge...An Air Force Colonels...Thirty-Year Flight To Silence An Authentic UFO Whistle-Blower...On Today Show We Will be talking about Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident and its Cover-up....Thank you for joining me today for my show love and peace