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    Incarcerated Lives Matter Season Premier Opener introducing Founder Valerie Shaw

    in Culture

    Incarcerated Lives Matter Season Premier Opener with Founder Valerie Shaw.

    About the founder of Incarcerated Lives Matter: VALERIE SHAW: A BRIEF BIO No, She Ain't Crazy! Valerie Shaw M.PR, an L.A. native and double U.S.C. graduate [Liberal Arts '66 and Master's degree in Public Relations '79], was the first journalist to work for the View Section of the Los Angeles Times, where she also founded the Black Journalist's Association of Southern California. Shaw has been an entrepreneur and journalist throughout her illustrious career. She was the producer of the "Black Hollywood Yesterday" series of calendars and memorabilia (including live shows featuring show film pioneers from the 30s and 40s. She founded and ran four upscale shoe repair and shine salons, including the premiere store on Sunset and Vine and she was elected to the prestigious Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Shaw's experience in the "shoe business" inspired her to write an underground bestseller, Himpressions: The Blackwoman's Guide to Pampering the Blackman, later released in hardcover by HarperCollins, Inc.

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    Marrying incarcerated Muslims/ Backbiting and Slander

    in Islam

    We find many Muslims especially our sisters marrying brothers who are incarcerated. What are the pros and cons to this type of union! have you ever married so one incarcerated? Tell us your story, we want to hear from you.

    Backbiting and slander, that thing which has destroyed not only personal characters, but also families and communities!

    Tune in this Thursday at 9 P.M. on the Hard Truth!
    Give us a call 347-324-3601 and give us your Hard Truth! 

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    tony talks kingdom hearts

    in Video Games

    tony and ali are talking about kingdom hearts the story and the relations of the story in scope from sora and riko and kiari to the many different worlds you incounter in the game. tips tricks and cheats on how to get passed your most difficult bosses and levels

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    In the wings of Our Stories: Pinnacle of Praise:Pot Holes In Our Hearts

    in Religion

    Pot holes are dangerous and annoying. Spiritual pot holes interferes with developing an intimate relationship with God. Beatrice Ndura and Heizal Njuguna will enhance your understanding on what causes pot holes in our hearts and how to effectively deal with them. Tonight 8pm ET, 5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT. Listen Live at 619-393-2852 or live/archived: www.pinnacleofpraiseshow.com

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    should incarcerated fathers childsupport orders be frozen until free

    in Comedy

    join us on The WTF RADIO SHOW as we discuss a few things like should incarcerated fathers childsupport orders be frozen until they are released and should non custodial fathers be obligated to spend money on their kids outside of the childsupport payments? Also we have guest Princeton Dew, a comedian from Saint Louis, Mo by way of Indianapolis! Listen live
    (link-> ) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thewtfradioshow and call in at 10pm central 602-753-1987. Heck, let us know what you think NOW

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    Humble, Pt. 2

    in Christianity

    Hello! God bless you always.

    Thanks for reading and your interest in this show!

    During our second session, we will continue our study on, "Humble."

    Looking forward to speaking with you. Have a wonderful week. You are GREATLY loved.

    Personal Hearts Radio

    "A Person-to-Person, Heart-to-Heart" Radio Show

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    Chill OUT: Love is in the Air...Time to mend those broken hearts!

    in Spirituality

    For some, February is a bittersweet month...after all St. Valentine's day is coming up!

    If you've suffered in love, take this opportunity to heal yor broken heart with activations from the Creator just for you, just to accomplish this!

    Is now the time to leave this baggage behind and heal your bleeding heart?  

    Join me today as we start February, the month of LOVE...let's mend those broken hearts!  This is the beginning of our LOVE healing sessions this month...

    Host: Ximena Velasquez

    Website: www.ximenavelasquez.net   www.energymdt.com

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    EP# 7 - Not So Random Shituations

    in Entertainment


    Tune In Tonight 10/17 at 9pm est. to Hearts Exposed Heart. Join Lakrush Hearts for a candid discussion on "Not So Random" shituations. Sometimes we have those moments that are just to difficult to answer on a whim and you have to take a moment to process before you can give your final opinion. Tonight we are delving into some "NOT SO RANDOM" shituations. On the menu so far:

    and much more...

    Serena Williams - Built like a man?

    Caitlyn Jenner - Glamour's Woman Of The Year?

    Stefonknee Wolscht - The 46 yrs old man whom now lives as a 6 yrs old girl?


    LISTEN, COMMENT & CHAT LIVE CALL-IN 347-989-0691 |

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    Love of Heart Movement spotlight Tuesday Tip with the Queen of Hearts

    in Motivation

    Queen of Hearts shares a Tuesday Tip,Episode.2

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    Cindy Charles Ouollette, author of Crying Hearts of the Loved Ones

    in Lifestyle

    Cindy Charles Ouellette was an airline hostess and model. She fell in love during her travels, ending up in a third world country. There, she raised her child while working as a language professor.  Inner fear led her to the bottle, ultimately resulting in alcohol addiction. While struggling with alcoholism, she found her miracle of recovery through God and a 12-step program over the internet.  After two years of sobriety, Cindy escaped for her life back to America. 

    Cindy is now a certified peer recovery coach in West Virginia and Texas, as well as a certified recovery coach trainer in Texas, a facilitator plus trainer for various recovery curriculum, a motivational speaker, an outreach worker focusing on youth in the Appalachian Mountains.  She is still an active member of several 12-step organizations. Now clean and sober for over 11 years, Cindy knows about the drama, trauma, and heartaches of Crying Hearts battling to save their Loved Ones from substance abuse. Cindy has also witnessed the exciting miracles of sobriety! Her novel is based on reality!  This is real deal stuff! Drug Addict Sparrow how he gets clean sober

    Releasing 2016 - Drug Addict Sparrow.  Subscribe to watch a free prerelease illustrated reading of this fun and meaningful storybook on line! http://www.cindycharlesouellette.com/sparrow.html

    Join us at the Been There Done That Show on Saturday 1-23-16 6pm mst at our web site http//www.beentheredonethatshow.com . Join us from 6pm-7pm  you do not want to miss this show call in at Call (718) 766-4707

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    Eternity in their Hearts -- Write Stuff -- 2/9/2016

    in Entertainment

    I think missionaries don't receive as much credit as they need to. After all, most missionaries leave their homes to go into other countries to spread the Good News. Some people find themselves in cultures that are vastly different from the ones they left. 

    In particular, there are those individuals who go on missions to places where there isn't a drop of running water in sight. The people they are trying to reach congregate themselves as tribes with rituals and customs we in the developed world may find strange, unusual, and downright horrific. 

    The modernized world would say these people do not need religion to mess up their way of life. They've existed like this for a long and don't need our help. Yet Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world and preach the gospel. Why?

    Join me as I chat with Carole McDonnell, author the tribal fantasy Wind Follower. You can call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8281109. TUNE IN!