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    Episode XV: Speak Softly, except while on the Cannibal

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    If you missed last nights episode, go and listen to the replay right now! It was filled with great topics, great callers, and as always, a great segment on Sports with Ryne.
    If you want to make up for missing last night, do yourself a favor and tune in tonight- it promises to be one for the ages.
    Also, Cannibal Co-Host Shawn Davis hopes to settle the debate that started last night in regards to biker gangs and all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases.
    There were a number of topics we did not get to last night, so we will have some topics that make a return appearance.
    Call in, share your thoughts, talk to Kermit, whatever you want to do. Just get on your phone and call the Cannibal tonight!
    BREAKING NEWS: We have recently become aware that we WILL be having Simple on the Show tonight to perform one of his many Hit Singles. Be sure and tune in- you dont want to miss this!
    1) Fathers who Wear "Affliction" brand shirts: The Scum of the Earth
    2) From Men to Menstrators: the Greatest Tragedy of All
    3) More Deadly: SARS or Laziness?
    4) Less Trustworthy First Name: Keith or Jasper?
    5) What is the best sauce/dressing/condiment?
    6) Did #Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger  remove the legs of several live rodents as a child, or was he considered an adult when he did this?
    7) Check the Family Tree: A Warning Against Unknowingly Marrying Inbreds and the Effect this Has on Your Own Family Tree.
    8) Steel Toe Boots and Herpes Simplex II: The Debate Rages on (Special Shawn Davis Segment)
    9) Gotta Hate a Horseface: Kermit Breaks down the most Unattractive Type of Woman
    10) Being Homeless: Pros and Cons

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    Episode XIX: Cannibal Rising

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    Hope you fellas enjoyed the night off last evening, but we are back in the saddle tonight. We got a special episode planned tonight, complete with a special start time. We will be starting things off at 9:00pm CT tonight and running until 10:30. Gonna be some great callers, amazing topics, and of course Sports with Ryne. Be sure to tune in and give us a call!
    1) Is Cellulite on a Woman's Body a Postive or a Negative Attribute
    2) Inbreds Able to Swim: Possible, Plausible, or Complete Bullshit?
    3) Most Misunderstood Dictator/Evil Doer in World History: Whose name has been tarnished through time without reason?
    4) Laziness in the Parking Lot: Twenty-Five Open Parking Spots and You Park By the Sidewalk/Front Door?
    5) The Infamous "Five-Second Rule" - How Long is Too Long To Leave Food On the Floor and Then Eat It?
    6) Possum Breeding/ Beading
    7) Is a Lazy Eye a Sign of Wisdom or of Sinister Behavior
    8) Is Being Grossly Overweight Cause for A Handicap Parking Permit?
    9) What the Hell is the Difference Between Unlawful and Illegal?
    10) Teach your Kid some Manners: The Sad State of Parents in Today's World

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    Episode IX: Miracle on Elm Street

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    We certainly hope everyone enjoyed their Sabbath, and we hope you enjoy tonight's episode even more. Tonight is a special episode because we are coming back from the break, and you should expect a big show.
    Tonight's show will be filled with intriguing topics and informative callers. We will be having a special segment after the break called "Would you Rather?" in which callers will poise questions to Kermit that force him to choose between two tough decisions.
    As always, our sports expert, Ryne Hancock will be on the Cannibal for what is typically the most informative segment of the show- don't miss it, tonight he's got some really great sports issues to discuss.
    1) Obesity in the Doctors Office: Never Trust a Fat Nurse 
    2) Does Drinking Spoiled Milk (Not Breast Milk) Make You Kind Hearted?
    3) Beverley Hillbilies: Behind the Times or Social Pariahs?
    4) Trading Souls for Earthly Pleasures: the Business of Soul Dealing and the Dangers that lie with it.
    5) Anything that Glimmers In The Light: Is Moby Pickens a Simple Peddler or a Gypsy?
    6) The Mystery of the Upper Decker: Fun and Games or Foul Play?
    7) How to Spot an Inbred from a Mile Away
    8) Jean Shorts vs Cargo Shorts
    9) Do the Size of A Woman's Feet Directly Correlate to the the Ammount of Hair on her Chin?
    10) Unintelligent Life on Mars and in Alabama

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    in Entertainment

    Malaki & Savory Waffle..
    2 brothers from the same sister & brother
    are here to talk about being Inbreds and
    the obsticals they are challenged with everyday
    and to prove to the world that Inbreds are people too..come listen..learn...and understand...why you shouldnt do it with family!