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    ASWF Aftermath: The War Begins

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    As so it begins, as NRG and Psyco entered the ASWF this past Saturday. And they left with a bang. Nikki Lane suffered a brutal attack this past Saturday to end the show as Austin Lane was taped to the ropes and had to watch. Declaring this as now personal, Austin Lane seeks his revenge on the MWA. This coming Saturday should be EPIC as the full MWA makes it way to finish what it started. We also talk about Luke Graham Jr dismantling Bear Cat Brown. And Mike Anthony who rear naked choked out Sexy Rex and The Enforcer. This could be the last ASWF Aftermath show ever if the MWA is successful and takes over the ASWF. Your not going to want to miss this.,

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    ASWF Aftermath: Knock Knock

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    ASWF Aftermath is brings you the recap of "Going For Gold" and let me tell you now. It sure as hell didn't disappoint. From the BATTLE ROYAL in which Austin Lane made his surprise entrance as #20 and won the whole thing and will move to Feb 28th, 2015 to fight for the MisFit Wrestling Alliance championship. Lethal Injection put the belts up in advance of their contracted match again NRG and after a closely contested battle they overcame X-Kaliber and Ray Ray. Outlaw TJ Wells and Vic Vicious continued their hatred as Outlaw made a surprise appearance in the Battle Royal. Lee Michaels was also someone we didn't expect and he didn't let anyone down. We've also got some clarity if that's what you want to call it. Last Tuesday we were joined in the chat room by someone that didn't like what Mike Anthony had to say. He said he'd make his appearance known at ASWF and he did. It turned out to be Crazy Luke Graham Jr. It took every security guard in the building to throw him out of the Valiant Arena. We asked him to call into the show last Tuesday and he said he would in the right time. Well KNOCK KNOCK i guess it's the right time as he will be on tonights show.

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    ASWF Aftermath: Going for Gold preview

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    Join Michael Carnahan, "Bad" Brad Hicks, "the infamous one" Double J, and The Commissioner Joey Britt as they give you all the information you need to know before the show. This Saturday Night the ASWF Hall Of Famer Johnny Harper takes on "The Face Of Brilliance" Mike Anthony. Also new ASWF champion Seth Sabor is now scheduled for his first title defense this Saturday. Vic Vicious and insane Andrew will also do battle in a grudge match. And don't forget the Gauntlent For The Gold where someone will walk out with a shot at the MWA championship.

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    WFSO Aftermath

    in Entertainment

    WFSO Crew will talk about the week in wrestling, news, rumors, topics, and more 

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    Focus Movie Review & Oscars Aftermath

    in Movies

    AreYouScreening.com and BFCA critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review Focus. We were pretty hard on Will Smith's last effort, and we aren't sure we're going to like this one any better, but generally we appreciate a good con film.

    We'll also give some thoughts on the Academy Awards, answer listener questions, and probably have a few interview clips to share. 

    It's a rough time of year, most years, is Focus worth your time? Listen in and find out.

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    EOTR: WWE Fast Lane Aftermath

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    The Eyes on the Ring crew returns to the air on the Elite Podcast Network to talk about plenty including the results of WWE's Fast Line PPV. Who was victorious between Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan? Who is the United States Champion? Did anyone return on the road to WrestleMania? Find out on this special post show edition of EOTR!


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    BTR Wrestling: Fast Lane Aftermath

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    Join us tonight after Fast Lane as we discuss the PPV.  Will Cena win the US title and bring it back to importance. Will you see a Daniel Bryan heal run or a Roman Reigns heal Run.  Come on and support BTR Radio.  

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    WFSO Aftermath

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    WFSO Crew talks about the week in wrestling (Were gonna listen to the Stone Cold Podcast live with HHH

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    ASWF Aftermath: Against The World Preview Show

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    Join Michael Carnahan and "The Infamous One" Double J as they give you all the latest information you need to know before heading to the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman Arkansas this Saturday for Against The World. Already announced this Saturday will be the TLC match for the ASWF Tag Team Championship between Lethal Injection and The Most Dangerous Team In The Mid South Full Throttle. Who will be able to walk away with the the win and the gold? And how will Brad Mercurys' knee hold up in one of the most dangerous matches in all of professional wrestling. Also this Saturday the NEW ASWF champion Seth Sabor will be in the house what has the ASWF board got planned for the new champion? And what about the now former champion Mike Anthony? We have seen the tension between him and Action Jackson Jon Allen. And dont forget Seth Sabor isnt the only new champion in the ASWF as X-Kaliber captured his first taste of the ASWF International Championship will Hot Rod use his rematch clause this Saturday? And speaking of titles dont forget Sexy Rex is always lurking in the shadows with the ability to strike at any time with that Golden Ticket Briefcase will this Saturday be his night? All this and the premier of Uncle Filthy'z neighborhood on this edition of ASWF Aftermath.

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    PJ Sports Talk the Aftermath

    in Sports

    PJ talks about the SuperBowl, NBA, MLB.

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    Free Fire Friday (Gun talk)

    in Politics Conservative

    Johnny lives in Alaska and we talk about survival, guns and the second amendment.

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