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    T.I.T: Totally Inappropriate Talk

    in Entertainment

    No topic is off limits. No answer inappropriate!!!!! Hosted by Cheryl B. with a new guest host each week.  The show also showcases local artists musical works.

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    Totally Inappropriate Talk

    in Entertainment

    No topic is off limits. No answer inappropriate!!!!! Hosted by Cheryl B. with a new guest host each week.  The show also showcases a local artists work.  This week's guest host will be Byron Smith and our Spotlight artist is Mair with her election song.

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    inappropriate mma show test

    in MMA

    trial run of mma show, just samurai

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    Appropriately Inappropriate #4

    in Entertainment

    Appropriately Inappropriate is a free podcast intended to make you laugh and cry, from laughing. It's a once a week show that covers random topics that we don't ever take seriously. Take a listen and feel free to laugh with us. This week we seek healthy alcoholic beverages, Kevin adds to his shit list, and Nancy finds out who's influenced her that doesn't even exist.
    For more hilarity, give the AI crew a 'like' on Facebook at http://facebook.com/appinpod For more great shows, visit http://foureyedradio.com

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    HIT:NBBA: Powernomics Ch1 "Racism, Monopolies, and Inappropriate Behavior"

    in Politics

    The National Black Business Alliance is sponsoring this discussion series on the work of dr. claud Anderson’s “Powernomics”.

    His first chapter of eight paints a picture of the depth and magnitude of Black Americans’ socioeconomic predicament.

    It examines the collective inherited advantages of being White and the collective inherited disadvantages of being Black.

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    QTI Power Hour: Do You Want Fries With That and Other Inappropriate Questions

    in Current Events

    On this episode of the QTI Power Hour hosts Jason Lofton and Steve Kucharski explore Jason's run of good luck, plus it may be early but the candidates have gone public and the QTI Power Hour is gearing up for 2016. Buckle your seat belts. 

    And last but certainly not least...What does an UBER driver look like?

    Jason Lofton is President and CEO of QTI, a diversified player in all aspects of construction throughout the Midwest. To learn more about the hosts, go online: http://www.qti5.com 

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    HOW INAPPROPRIATE! -You Should Know Better!

    in Lifestyle

    Ooooweee!!! It seems like EVERY TIME we plan on a show topic the Universe sends us material to present in our discussion!!


    On the heels of Ray Rice's knockout video, Atlanta Hawks owner's email and a host of other things that happen every single day in each one of our lives...we are discussing, "HOW INAPPROPRIATE!- You should know better!"


    This week on Playing Devil's Advocate™ hosted by Ms. KiKiand the crew will examine the growing trend of inappropriateness!  What happened to decorum and tact?  What motivates people to do and say the most inappropriate things and the messages we send to children when we let it slide!  This is a conversation you cannot miss, so set the date now and join us!



    And if that's not enough we have our Producer's "Drink of the Week", and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in our interactive chat room or LIVE on-air Wed night!


    Playing Devil’s Advocate™

    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

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    Guest: Pete Hendrickson

    in Culture

    Pete Hendrickson - author, artist and political activist fighting for freedom from inappropriate taxation - is the first American in history to secure a complete refund of Social Security and Medicare "contributions" withheld from his earnings, along with all other property taken for federal taxes. His books include "Cracking the Code - The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America" and its sequel "Was Grandpa Really a Moron?" Since 2003 students of his legal analyses have been routinely retaining and recovering billions of dollars which otherwise would have gone to federal or state government treasuries.

    Hendrickson is also a widely-read essayist on matters of politics, public policy and law. Many of these works are collected in his book, "Upholding the Law And Other Observations." He is a member of Mensa; an award-winning artist; and has paid his dues as a youth soccer coach.

    With a business background in solar and renewable energy, he now focuses full-time on the restoration of the rule of law in America. He is currently working on his next book.  Website: www.losthorizons.com/

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    Planned Parenthood Radio w/ Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 7

    in Pop Culture

    This is PLANNED PARENTHOOD RADIO on the Random Brain Activity Network!

    Join Bully & The Punchline for two hours of wild and uncensored chatter as they talk about everything and anything that they can think of! We'll be kicking things off this week talking about the fourth episode of season 5 Game of Thrones. After that we'll delve into anything else we're thinking of, no subject is too taboo, controversial, or just plain inappropriate! You never know exactly what's going to happen or what might get said. Absolutely nothing is off limits, and nothing is considered sacred. With the occasional scheduled guest joining us to let us know how far we do the cross the line.

    If we don't offend you in someway then we aren't doing our jobs right!

    We always encourage callers, new and old, to discuss or debate whatever topics are at hand. 

    Check out and like our Facebook Page for links to articles discussed on the show, schedule information, and various pics posts throughout the week. www.facebook.com/PlannedParenthoodRadio

    Send any and all hate mail, requests, feedbacks, questions, or nude self pics can be send to the hosts directly at...


    Warning: Adult Language

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    Common Core--Untested Standards Causing Harm To Many Children

    in News

    Hear about a parent's experience with Common Core that was not supposed to happen.  The book by Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye was banned from Alabama High Schools yet another book by same author of the same mold (written ) is being taught.  The Common Core Standards Initiative has been warned by Early Childhood Development Experts and Mental Health Experts as harmful, developmentally inappropriate and by one as "Cognitive Abuse".  Alabama has a chance to repeal it.

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