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    Enki Speaks: Inanna & King Shorty 2900 BC

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    Hosted by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.
    2900BC: ENLIL, Commander of the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth, convened the Enlilite Council. He replaced his sister Ninmah on the Council; in her stead, he appointed Inanna, his son’s daughter, as the twelfth member.  Enlil made the star group Virgo, which had been Ninmah’s constellation, into Inanna’s. Now Virgo was Inanna, no longer Ninmah. The Council also named the constellation “The Twins” after Inanna and her twin brother, Utu, Commander of the Sinai Spaceport.
    “In the eastern lands, beyond even seven mountain ranges, was the Third Region, Zamush, Land of Sixty Precious Stones, was its highland called.  Aratta [Harappa] the Wooded Realm, was in the valley of a meandering great river [Indus] located.  In the great plain did the people cultivate crops of grains and horned cattle herd.  There too two cities with mud bricks they built, with granaries they were filled.”  Inanna appointed an Earthling Shepherd-Chief (descended from Dumuzi) King of Aratta
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    Hosted by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.
    Though Inanna was Enlilite and Nergal Enkiite, he allied himself with Inanna against his brother, Marduk (also an Enkiite), who had been encroaching on his turf in southeast Africa.  Marduk ran Egypt, north of Nergal’s and Ereshkigal's realm in Africa.  Marduk's claim to rule all Earth alarmed Nergal.  He asked Inanna to help him contain Marduk.  Nergal and Inanna sealed their alliance sexually and planned to conquer all Earth for themselves.
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    Hosted by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.
    The Enlilite leaders wanted a ["hybrid demigod"] war-king to unify the First Region fiefs(Mesopotamia) and block Marduk's threat to their squabbling temple-cities. "To Inanna, of Marduk the adversary, the task of the right man to find they entrusted." [ZS, Enki: 30]
    In 2371 B.C., Inanna choose her gardener, Sargon, as the Akkadian warrior king to lead her armies and Sumer.  Nannar had fathered both Sargon and Inanna.  Sargon rose from gardener to king when he raped her and she liked it.  Enlil ratified Sargon--who had Enlilite genes–as Sumer’s king.
    Sargon began his rise when he saw Inanna snooze in his garden.  “He bent over her perfect face and lightly, then, as she--half awake--responded, kissed her savagely.  He entered her as she opened her eyes and her eyes shone with pleasure.”  She declared Sargon her lover.  Inanna repeatedly joined powerful aggressive men to lead her armies.
     Inanna & Sargon conquered all Sumer
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    PTRN Presents ~ Voces Paganas (Pagan Voices)

    in Spirituality

    7 P.M. C.S.T. U.S.A.  /  6 P.M. U.T.C.-06:00 (México, El Salvador)

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    PTRN Presenta - Voces Paganas, tu conexión radial en Español para explorar temas y tendencias del Paganismo contemporáneo, rituales, entrevistas, noticias y comunidad!!

    Estamos aquí cada semana, todos los Domingos por la tarde.

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    HOY PRESENTAMOS: Ishtar & Dioses de la Primavera

    7º Programa En Vivo 29/03/2015


    PTRN Presents – Pagan Voices, your Spanish radio connection for exploring contemporary Pagan subjects and trends, rituals, interviews, news and community!!

    We’re here every week, on Sunday's afternoon.

    TONIGHT: Ishtar & Spring Gods

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    7º Live show. 03/15/2015

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    Diane Wolkstein/Inanna & Karen Tate/Goddess Ecology

    in Spirituality

    Tonight your host, that's me, Karen Tate, will have a long-overdue What's the Buzz Segment called Goddess Ecology discussing why religion fears women and a vision beyond the fultures of capitalism and big corporations destroying Mother Earth and our quality of life.
    Also with us tonight, prolific author and scholar Diane Wolkstein has chosen the show topic:  Inanna, Spiritual Warrior, Approaching the God of Wisdom.  We;'ll delve into Inanna's myth, deciphering Sumerian cuneiform tablets of Inanna's texts, telling Inanna to Joseph Campbell and how to wrest wisdom from our elders.  Diane will read some of the text of "who will plow my volva?" with appropriate context in the Inanna myth as well as the underlying message of Inanna which is compassion.

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    The Descent of Inanna

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    The Underworld is a metaphor for the Unconscious, where all of our fears and insecurites lie.  It is where our "Dark Side" or Shadow resides.
    The Descent of Inanna, an ancient Sumerian myth, informs us of what we must surrender in order to reach the depths of our soul, and what we gain in reward for our courage to embark upon that journey.
    Scroll for related links:
    Visit The Virtual Museum of Iraq to learn more about the art and culture that brought us this myth.  An easy to use and interactive website.  Enter each "Hall" by clicking on it.  Hover your cursor over each object to learn more about it, see close-up pics and video. Amazing site!
    Visit the Oriental Instute of the University of Chicago to see archaeological finds from the region throughout the ages.  Another great site

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    Inanna/Women Writing Their Stories & Aztec & Mayan Goddesses

    in Women

    At the top of the show tonight, Cass Dalglish will chat with me on the theme of Inanna and Humming the Blues - Women Have Been Writing Their Stories for More Than 4000 Years.  We'll discuss Enheduanna, the female Sumerian writer from ancient times and her association with the Goddess, Inanna.  Learn why both are so important.   Cass is a fiction writer and prose poet who has worked in broadcast journalism.  She was the invited speaker during the museum session of a conference entitled Inanna - Live at the British Museum in 2007.
    Prof. Anne Key will follow in the second half of the show, sharing her scholarship and insight on what I believe are little understood Aztec Goddesses and the Ritual Calendar, particularly as it relates to women.

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    Martydom, Easter the Abomination of the Church

    in Christianity

                                                                      Acts 12: 1 -5

    Easter=Eostre whch is named Ostara who was a Anglo-Saxon Goddess but comes from the Ancients such as Semiramis, Inanna, Ishtar,Isis, Astare, Asharoth, Queen Of Heaven, Diana & Mother Mary. There are many more names for the Easter Goddesses depending upon which country was worshipping her.Easter has nothing to do with Passover people and it never will becuse it was all a Fable, in which, God warned us about. If you celebrate Easter you are worshipping Semiramis the Wife of Nimrod & the Babylonian Queen, a she Devil. The tradition that  ministers in the Pulpit knows this also they just choose to keep a tradition that God is very much against. Jeremiah 44: 4 -30

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    Anu, King of Nibiru, rocketed to Earth in 3800 BC to deal with the power demands of his great-great granddaughter Inanna and divide Earth's territories among the clans of hs sons Enki and Enlil. He put the area for his daughter Ninmah, the Peacemaker inbetween.
    At Anu’s temple at Uruk, Sumer’s sacred precinct, Anu’s wife, Antu, taught Inanna tantric sexual meditations and how to channel the sexual energy she and Anu would share to elevate their whole clan.  Then Antu ritually gave Inanna to Anu.    Antu and the Nibiran elite meditated outside the love-chamber as Anu and Inanna coupled. Antu and the Nibiran royals shared ecstasy, epiphany and satori. “The sexual experience was a merging of energies which enhanced the creative powers of both partners and the aggregate of their race.”   Anu renamed his great granddaughter Inanna, “Anu’s Beloved;”  She’d been “Irnini” before this.  He’d bed her whenever he visited Earth.  The King gave her the temple where they loved and the skyship he’d use to survey Earth.  Inanna, he said, would run Uruk’s temple through a priest/king, the son of her brother Utu with an Earthling.   For illustrations, articles and youtubes see http://aquarianradio.com/2013/01/3800-bc-nibiru-king-anu-bedded-inanna-at-uruk-temple-ritual-web-radio-enki-speaks-e

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    We the Anunnaki ~ 12/19/14 ~ Neil Freer, Robert, Helen

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr.Sasha Lessin welcome back researcher/author Neil Freer to "We the Anunnaki".  We are joined by regulars Robert Evans, Jr., Helen (Nell) Parks from down under and Janet's brother, William R. Thompson, Jr. will possibly drop by and be a part of a roundtable discussion.

    Our main focus is of course our favorite ancestors, the Anunnaki and in particular, Enki, Ninmah, Ningishzidda (Thoth), Enlil, Marduk, Inanna, Ereshkigal, Ninurta, Nannar, Anu, Antu and many other of our favorite characters in this ongoing, eternal, multi-generational, extremely dysfunctional passion play that spans over 450,000 years.  

    With "Moses" premiering in theaters nation-wide over the holiday season and this being the Christmas season, the celebration of the birth of Christ, we're going to focus on Jesus, Moses as well as the Exodus and address the questions, "Who were Jesus and Moses? Were they human or Anunnaki?  What evidence do we have?  We'll cover as much as we can this episode and continue the dialogue next week.

  • We the Anunnaki ~ 01/02/15 ~ Neil, Emily, Helen, Michael, Janet, Sasha

    in Education

    We the Anunnaki broadcasts Friday, January 2, 2015 from 8 to 10 PM Eastern time with discussion panel members Neil Freer & Helen Parks.  That may be all who are joining us this week but from time to time we get callers and other regulars who may call in.  

    This episode is roundtable style and since we have so many this week, we'll do 3 to 4 minute rounds till we eat up our time together.  

    After our initial check in round where we share Anunnaki News items, we'll invite our panelists to put out a question for the panel, ask individual questions of each other, perhaps do a couple feedback rounds where our members comment on what the others have to say.

    If you have any questions for our panel please call 646-649-0893.  Panel members call in 5 to 10 minutes before the show so we can do a sound check.  If you have questions, please log in to the chat and post your questions in the chat. If you have a question you want to ask on air, tell me your area code and I'll turn you on near the last part of the show when we take questions from our listeners.