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    The Branden Johnson Show: Gumbo Mix

    in Food

    After eating all this good food for Thanksgiving of which many people celebrate for different reasons. I celebrate being thankful for what I have and how far I've come as a person. You may not celebrate this day and that's cool too. I do want to hear about recipes and good food to try for next year or during the Christmas Season. As a lover of food, I am encouraged by new recipes and different takes on old ones. No one cooks like my Aunt Madeline, Aunt Pearl Dean, My Dad Willie Joe, or my Mom Dru at baking. With all these great cooks and chefs in my life it will be hard to be me on several recipes that I plan to share with you. Heck! We may even talk about what you are grateful for to this point in 2015.

    Check out the Sagaponack Corn Pudding Recipe here!

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    Talking in Circles: Kansas Review; Franchising in NASCAR; Talladega Preview

    in Sports

    Kansas Speedway was a crazy place Sunday afternoon, as Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth both made contact with 5 laps to go battling for the lead, and Matt got spun out, and Joey went to the inside and went on for the win. It was a very controversial move, and we'll give our ideas on who was at fault, and what the fall out may be after the incident. 

    Bob Pockrass from ESPN.com wrote an article that came out yesterday about the franchising system that NASCAR COULD be introducing in 2016. If you read his article, there is a lot that will go into the franchising system that Pockrass has laid out. We'll talk about that and what this may do for the sport in the long-term future. 

    We'll also talk about the new restart procedures at Talladega Superspeedway this weekend. We will talk about that and what's actually behind why this decision was made to go back to one green-white-checkered, instead of the usual three. 

    Also, even though the Silly Season has been dead in the Sprint Cup Series, it's heating up in both the NASCAR Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series, including a big name in the truck Series switching teams in 2016. We'll give our insights on that as well. 

    And your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 


  • Live Rally for Cannabis and Civil Rights

    in US Government

    In this live on scene episode I broadcast  from the Rally for Cannabis and Civil Rights which I'm also a guest speaker.  This rally will be held at the Alabama State Capitol, 600 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, Alabama 36104. This is a rally to show support for our rights to use cannabis as patients as under the United States Constitution. Guest speakers: Cedirc  Coley, Dr. Bill Chitwood, Pastor Jeffrey Livings, Robert J Bubba Martin, Chris Rushing and myself (Marcus Echols). The flag carriers: Ina Epps and Pastor Jeffrey Livings. People will also be giving testimonials.

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    Buzz Kanter - American Iron

    in Automotive

    Buzz Kanter is Editor-In-Chief and Publisher of American Iron Magazine, American Iron Garage, and Motorcycle Rides & Culture magazine. He was inducted into the AMA’s Hall of Fame in 2002. Buzz is a true lover of vintage motorcycles. He launched the Stamford Connecticut based TAM Communications ina spare bedroom in 1989 publishing “Old Bike Journal” and then two years later bought the nearly dead 2 year old American Iron Magazine which focuses on American bikes such as Harley Davidson and Indian brands. In 1993 he added RoadBike (renamed Motorcycle Rides & Culture a couple of years ago) for riders of all makes and those who enjoy cruising. I met Buzz (#15) on the 2014 Cannonball Ride as he rode his 1936 Harley VLH from Daytona FL to Tacoma Washington.


    in Pop Culture

    Celebrating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel & Derrick Dwayne

    @MyRealTalkRadio interviews Destiny's Child Founder/Father of Beyonce + Solange: @MATHEWKNOWLES

    Mathew Knowles is an American Talent Manager and businessman. He is best known for being the manager of the Grammy award winning multi-platinum R&B Girl Group, Destiny's Child. He also managed Beyonce and Solange Knowles, who are also his daughters. He is the ex-husband of Tina Knowles, and father-in-law of Jay-Z. His new book "The DNA Of Achievers" is available everywhere books are sold!



    Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    TUNEIN APP: #MyRealTalkRadio Show

    Derrick Dwayne: Twitter/Instagram: @MrLngHairDntCrr

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    Dentists Who Go Green, Make Green with Ina Pockrass

    in Education

    Is going green important to you? We are excited to interview Ina Pockrass this week. She will be discussing how "Dentists who Go Green, Make Green".Like always, join your hosts Hogan Allen & Richard Train, along with occasional clinical guest hosts, for "The Whole Tooth". The show airs every Tuesday at 8 P.M. EST, with a weekly conversation with not only the "who's who" in dentistry, but many other experts who you ‘should’ get to know. "The Whole Tooth" is the premier internet radio show for dental practices which discusses how you can make more money, save more money and improve processes for everyone in your dental office. Topics include: clinical dentistry, what’s “hot” in hygiene, practice management, internet strategies, finance and more. "The Whole Tooth" is a fun half hour filled with great information and can fit into any schedule. If you miss a show, feel free to download the archive, or catch us on iTunes for FREE!

  • Health Care In Indian Country

    in News

    Our  host will be Sonia Martinez, attorney at law and Treasurer  at Whisper n Thunder, and Claudia Julien Producer and Chair of WnT Blog Talk radio.

    This show will address healthcare in Indian Country and focusing on on issues that impact healthcare from practice to policy and successful models that have been successful in healing our Native communities.

    Our guest are:

    John W. Molina (Yaqui/Apache)  M.D., J.D., H.D.L

    Health Systems Director, Dena'ina Wellness Center with the Kenaitze Indian Tribe in Kenai Alaska

    And Stephanie Big Crow (Oglala Lakota) BS, M.Ed., DBA-HCAL(c), Full-time Doctorate Student, Research Associate/Policy Analyst with Four Directions Healthcare Consulting, Inc. 

    Whisper n Thunder is dedicated to Native American / First Nations empowerment

    online magazine sharing truth from the indigenous perspective. As an organization we also provide scholarships, heat reservation homes of the poor, teach leadership classes to high school Native youth.

    Whisper n Thunder exists to tell that story, to empower through the expression of uncensored truth. Our hope for change in a better  tomorrow where suicide, substance abuse, depression and isolation are no longer a part of the conversation. Empowering Native Americans through Education, Awareness & Opportunity is what Whisper n Thunder is about

    We ask you to become a part of the Whisper n Thunder movement, through your readership, your financial support, and your actions. Please donate what you can


    Whisper n Thunder is a 501c3 NonProfit Organization

    Whisper n Thunder Inc

    PO Box 10891

    Glendale, AZ 85318


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    BIA’s position on the INA 212 Waiver for lawful permanent residents who adjusted

    in Legal

    BIA’s position on the INA 212 Waiver for lawful permanent residents

    In a recent decision, Matter of J-H-J-, 26 I & N Dec. 563 (BIA 2015), the Board of Immigration Appeals held, An alien who adjusted status in the United States, and who has not entered as a lawful permanent resident, is not barred from establishing eligibility for a waiver of inadmissibility under section 212(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. § 1182(h) (2012), as a result of an aggravated felony conviction. Matter of E.W. Rodriguez, 25 I&N Dec. 784 (BIA 2012), and Matter of Koljenovic, 25 I&N Dec. 219 (BIA 2010), withdrawn.

    When Congress amended the immigration laws a few years ago, it disallowed green card holder the ability to cancel deportation if that person committed an aggravated felony. For a number of years now, the various federal circuit courts of appeals struggled with the issue of whether a person who adjusted status in the US is still eligible for a discretionary waiver after committing an aggravated felony.  Most circuits (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 9th, 10, & 11th). The 8th circuit said no, Roberts v. Holder. The 1st circuit has not decided that issue. The BIA in a minor holding said that since most circuits (9 out of 11 said yes it have to create uniformity through the country. If you consular processed for your green card, no waiver is available for an aggravated felony.  

    Marcus Jarvis, Immigration & Criminal attorney. www.m-jlawltd.com

    Book: “A Simple Guide to the Immigration Laws of the United States: What you NEED to know when you come to America.” www.a-tbooks.com and www.amazon.com 

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    Mother Earth~~Ina Maka~~the roots of Life

    in Self Help

    a self-help and spirituality resource focusing on healing & health from indigenous and mystical traditions.  Diva Brenda Kelly will guide us in yearly, monthly & daily Feng Shui for yourself & home--including Flying Stars, 24 mountain stars & elemental luck of Earth, Heaven and the Human Being. Pathfinder (Canku Woksape) will share spiritual healing technologies of holistic, indigenous and mystical sources--including Reiki, Universal & Spiritual Laws, the Seven Arrows, ethnomedicine & shamanism, spiritual interpreting & relationship with the Mystic, Real World. Find out more about us:  http://www.pathfinder1111.moonfruit.com/# and like our Aloha Healers Network community facebook page!  Mahalo

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    Half of Chap 6&7 Reading of "Rulers of Evil" F. Tupper Saussy by Jörg Glismann

    in History

    DE T E R M I N E D O N a priestly life, Iñigo de Loyola returned to Barcelona from Jerusalem in the spring of 1524. He spent the next three years in Spain getting the requisite Latin. Since direct contact with the Bible was prohibited by law, his reading
    coursed the humanities.

    With the esoteric experience of his Spiritual Exercises, he charmed the wives of important men. He received frequent invitations to dine at elegant tables, but preferred to beg food door to door and distribute the choice pickings to the poor and sick. He
    lived in an attic and slept on the floorboards, trying desperately to persuade God of hisworthiness. He prayed for six hours each day, attended mass three times a week, confessed every Sunday, and continued whipping himself. He devised secret penances, such as boring holes in his shoes and going barefoot in winter. Sometimes the Exercises aroused in his followers instances of bizarre conduct – swooning, long spells of fainting or melancholia, rolling about the ground, being gripped with corpse-like rigidity.  The Spanish Inquisition investigated him on suspicion of preaching
    gnostic illuminism. When Iñigo insisted that he was not preaching at all, but was merely talking about the things of God ina familiar way, the Inquisitor released him. In successive frays, the Inquisition ordered Iñigo (1) to get rid of his eccentric clothing
    and dress like other students, (2) to refrain from holding meetings until he had completed four years of study, and (3) to refrain from defining what constituted a grave sin. Wearying of the harassment, he decided to seek his four years of education beyond the Inquisition’s reach.

  • Empowering Nurses through Career Coaching

    in Health

    Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Nurse Emma Soy. Nurse Soy has her Bachelors of Science in nursing as well as her Master’s degree. As a graduate of North Park University and Liberty University, she carries 25 years of experience as a nurse. She began her career working in pediatrics and then began to expand her knowledge with various positions in the nursing field. After being exposed to different experiences, she became an advocate for patient care initiatives. She used her passion to provide top quality patient care and motivation to help fellow nurses develop more skills, Emma then began to focus on becoming a nursing career coach.  Although she was able to observe her patient’s health status improve, she gained much appreciation getting the opportunity to witness her fellow nurses improve on their clinical knowledge as well as develop better techniques so that they could become better nurses.