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    In Defense of Freedom

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    The two million plus bike rally on Washington DC, the permit denied to organize but the American brothers and sisters are still rolling to the capital.  We are working on getting some live coverage and the organizers on the show tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday.  Noting set as of now, but working on it....to get their voice, activities, current events recorded for eternity this 9-11-13.
    Also, without a doubt we will be covering the the current events in the middle east with Ed taking care of the business tonight. 
    Join us, would you please.  

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    We are In Defense of Freedom

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    We are constitutionalists, who believe in and obey the law of the land. We are tax payers, contributors to society, either current or retired military who have served our country, who come from military families many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. We emphasize love of country and our fellow man and the freedoms we are blessed with. We strongly encourage defense of our constitution, which is the foundation of our nation, from enemies both foreign AND domestic. Current events are discussed to keep folks abreast of what is happening in the world and our nation. We encourage our listeners to be involved in our nation’s government and when we as U.S. citizens see the constitution is being violated we sound a clarion call to all and advise them to contact their representatives to advise them that the law, and the oath of office sworn to, is being abused. We recognize that we as Americans have the capacity now, as we’ve had in the past, to do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom.

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    In Defense of Freedom - We're back and still mad as hell.

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    Join Ed and Ellie at 1am ET. Call in number is 347-826-9905

    We're back after a year and several months. And yes, still mad as hell. Not much has changed in the last year. It's still the same old same old and things are getting worse. We will be discussing briefly, for an hour or so, what we would like to talk about on our upcoming shows and basically doing a test run. We are still re-grouping and it may be a week to three weeks before we are back up and running at full speed. We will resume then at our regular time of 8pm ET.

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    Self-Defense Expert Regina Rowley live on Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network!

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    Tonight on Global Freedom Network Roy Dan Baron Live we are talking with Regina Rowley, an author, women's self defense expert instructor and public speaker. I am a contributing author in Share Your Message With the World which will be available July 18th.  I share a little bit about my life journey and how a four year old changed the course of my life. Mediocrity and compromise are no longer options for me. I'm certain many of your listeners will relate. If any of your listeners are near Killeen, TX I have an Anti-Bullying and Self Empowerment workshop for girls 12+ and ladies on July 26

    Talking points can include: Finding Your Life Purpose; Women's Safety and Self Defense; Domestic Violence.




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    Financial Freedom University

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    Fresh off the State of the Union 2015, President Obama brought up many key financial issues that need to be addressed in this world. 

    This is one of the KEY aspects my show is focused on...

    Financial Freedom University is the free school of education filled with an array of topics that were not taught in school . Important topics like taxes , budgeting , time management , finances, debt management , personal development  , health wellness , and  more  important topics. . Financial freedom is much more than having money. It’s the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life.

    I teamed up with the popular "The Nikki Rich Show Network ", where we plan on helping people get their visions across to the masses and take over 2015.  This season stay tuned in for entrepreneurs,  celebrities, entertainers, business owners , artists and everyone interested in spreading financial awareness to the masses while pursing their dream.

    Learn about who I am as a female entrepreneur , find out about my goals/visions,  and my path to financial freedom. More importantly tune in to hear how I aspire to change hundreds of people's lives this year and take them on a path to financial freedom.

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    What is Freedom Thinking - Introductory Show

    in Self Help

    In this introductory show, Paula Tresintsis from Freedom Thinking will tell you about what is in store for you over the coming weeks.  

    Paula is a Life Strategist assisting people to move through any challenges easily and effortlessly.  Paula's unique style will have you laughing and enjoying yourself, as each show is different from the next.  Paula will engage you with topics about The Six Core Needs, to having an understanding of the challenges of infertility.  Sit back with a cup of coffee and relax as you listen to Paula entertain you.  

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    The Defense Rests

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    Well, I wish that the Department of Defense would at least take a rest and consider reverting back to the department that it was intended to be, defense.  Let's look at this issue logically and see if the hypocritical nature of this department is making us, well, defenseless.  Call in with your opinion now toll-free 888-773-4496.

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    In Defense of Freedom with Moishe Rubinsky

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    Please join us this evening and show the world that WE and YOU are and always will be In Defense of Freedom. 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 Mountain, or 5 pm Pacific. The call in number is (347) 826 – 9905 or you can use skype. You can also call and just listen or press one (1) to come on the air. Tonight we will be speaking about various topics related to Islam and the infiltration here in the USA as well as other countries around the world.

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    Freedom With Weight and Food

    in Women

    This is a spontaneous conversation with Dawn and The Freedom Girls on weight, food, and facing those eating fears.

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    Department of Defense Podcast #1

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    This week's podcast with Secretary of Defense, Sullivan1995; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense & America's Securirty Affairs, sportbix; Asssistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs, lulu-lemon!; Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, -=Madara=-; Major, Aljamaaheer; Lieutenant Colonel, David-Rules; and producer, Warrant Officer, CF-AIRCOM

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    Financial Freedom University : Day 2

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    Tune in this Thursday to hear the next subject on Financial Freedom University: The latest College News 

    From tuition hikes in California UC systems for the next 5 years, how student debt now surpasses 1.3 trillion,   why only 14 percent of Americans with federal student loans are enrolled in government plans that allow them to lower their payments , and most importantly hear about ways to help relief the student loans , pay off those loans and set up a financial plan to get you on the right track to financial freedom.

    Also hear from some of my #FreedomLeaders with their thoughts of what it means to be financially free !

    Have your notepads ready!



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