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    Between The Benches Radio Special

    in Sports

    Glen Miller welcomes the owner/operator of the Between the Benches website, Michael Stuart, to the show. Glen and Mike look at their teams, Rangers and Lightning respectively, and compare the two as to how they will fare over the shortened season. Chances are there will be some disagreements over which team is best prepared to go far.

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    "Life Between Lives" with Hypnotherapist Nancy Canning

    in Spirituality

    On tonight''s radio show Host Pamela Marie Edmunds will be interviewing Hypnotherapist Nancy Canning.  Their subject of conversation will be "Life Between Lives."  What happens? 

    More About Nancy Canning;

    Nancy Canning has her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist for 15 years, is an enthusiastic speaker and teacher, author of the book Past to Present: How Your Past Lives Are Impacting You, and a trained clairvoyant.  In 1982 she began psychic studies in which she learned about being a spirit in a body and that we live on after this life is over, which was the most pivotal learning of her lifetime.  During eight years of study, she learned to read auras and past lives, work with energy and do healings.  This work became a foundation for her life, trusting her intuition and following guidance and using her skills in sessions with clients.                                       

    In 1998 she began using hypnosis to guide clients into past lives where they experienced the lives themselves.  Two years later she began the work that we’ll speak about tonight – taking people through a past life and then into the afterlife.  What happens after you die and before you’re born again? She has guided over 1000 people into the spirit world where they have experienced their soul’s journey in-between lives.  Nancy knows she was born to do this work, as it comes naturally to her. It is her passion and life purpose to help guide people along their Soul’s path so they are able to know why they have been born into this life, what they want to accomplish on a Soul level, and how they are doing.

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    Between The Ropes

    in Wrestling

    This is a test show for aug 4th. Be on the look out for the premiere show on Aug 17th   This Show will conist of WWE Rumors, Prediction reviews and more.  Send emails to betweentheropeswrestling@gmail.com to ask questions about the show.  we will accept any wrestling topics and ideas. 

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    Differences Between The Bible and The Quran

    in Entertainment

    I am going to read an article comparing the diference between the Bible and the Quran.  I am not well versed in the Quran or the Bible extremely well.  So we can learn together.

    Who wrote the Quran? Who wrote the Bible? These are some of the questions answered in this article.


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    An Alliance Of Friendship Between God And Man

    in Religion

    Had Some Technical Issues. Running Late

    Starting At 10:30 am CST

    Please join me Tuesday Sept 29th at 10;30 am CST as I discuss how  God initiated covenenant with men. What were some of the events that happened? Why did they happen? Man has alot to do with their conduct, and their choices. Were going to look at at how wickedness caused God to step in . In most cases He could only find a few righteous people. His intentions towards manking are for good. But , yes! Their are if's and but's. Hope you can join at 10:30 today. ~Char

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    Between The Lines welcomes author, Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

    in Women

    Between The Lines welcomes, author, speaker and coach, Gabriella Trivel. She is the author of 'Antarctic Odyssey A New Beginning- An inspiring story of a woman reborn'

    Watch my videos and have a taste of what happened to me when I went to Antarctica in March 2008. Enjoy!


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    Ending The War Between the Sexes

    in Religion

    Ending the War between the Sexes: Can the Two Become One”

    Einstein said “A problem cannot be solved with the same level of consciousness in which it was created”. We’ll explore the possibility of rising above the flooded consciousness of mis-education, animosity, and mis-information between the sexes. We’ll tackle whether it’s possible to float above the waters of turbulent relationships by balancing masculine and feminine principles within ourselves, in order to change our reality. What does It take to create healthy partnerships? We’ll discuss the power of a healthy sex life and how critically important it is. Reveal practical wisdom or tools we can use in transforming how we communicate and address sensitive issues amongst each other. And elaborate upon the nature of what Divine pairing is, and whats needed to begin to see more couples emerge and thrive to help the world.

    Join us Sunday September 26th as myself pastor Jamil, Goddess Amira “Sinia”, and “Magus” Rev Richard Bullard open up a discussion, that will carry us into some of the turbulent relationship Issues we face and above their waves to the other side of wholeness. We’ll challenge the taboo topics only discussed separately in salons and barbershops with a conversation that will help both single individuals and couples rise from stagnancy, to discernment, to divine empowerment when it comes to healing and change in the area of the science of love and mating of masculine and feminine energies…

    We’ll Cover:

    - From Burying the Victim to Performing Alchemy, Creating the Marriage of Masculine and Feminine Principles Within

    -Healthy Sex Lives, & why it’s important?

    -Improving the Flow: Becoming familiar with each others Power & Defining the Differing needs of the Sexes

    -Techniques for Maturing the Soul, attracting Soul Mates, and Becoming Divine Pairs

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    Between The Ropes SummerSlam Review

    in Wrestling

    Summer Slam Match Review, Upcoming Rumors

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    Race Between Us: Authors Examine How Racism Is Learned

    in Women

    Children learn the rules of society early in life based on how they are treated in every situation as they grow up. In the book Race Between Us, authors Brenda Baily Lett and Laurielee Woodcock Roy examine Racism: A Human Experience, as they describe their very different memories of growing up in America, one being from African descent, the other from European descent. How do we create a new society where racism is not taught by elders to the children? How do we repair the injustices of the past? Author Brenda Bailey Lett joins us today to take a look at how we instill racism in children and what must be done to stop it as she prepares for her upcoming appearance in New York City this evening, A Real Conversation on Race, Racism, Family, Privilege, Motherhood, and Life In America, hosted by BK Nation and Kevin Powell.

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    Between the Lines: Author Quevina Scarver

    in Books

    Quevina Scarver was born and raised in Long Island, New York. For a few years at a young age, she moved back and forth between Florida and New York, by choice...to be with each of her parents. Around the age of eleven, she began to write poetry as a way to express her feelings. For years, she would only write poetry until 2009. After the birth of her son, Quevina took to reading more and more until one day sentences and ideas started to randomly come to her. The only way to get them out was to write. 

    It wasn't until 2011, after moving back to New York once again, that she decided writing was what she wanted to do with her life. In 2014, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree for Creative Writing. 

    Contact Info:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/qscarver

    Twitter: @qscarver

    Order Book Here: http://bit.ly/QuevinaScarverAmazonBookLink

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    The Differences Between Preference And Being Offensive

    in Blogs

    What's the differences between preference and being offensive? For example no fats, no fems, no blacks, no studs, no trans. What gives a person to right to judge or not to allow a group of individuals to come or go as they please. Discrimination and racism still lives in the world today, will it ever go away? Love the skin your in and always remember to fight for your rights and don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. All LIVES matter!!!