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    Importance of Giving Back

    in Religion

    Giving back feels good, it is a selfless notion. Giving back means giving without expecting a reward or recognition. The fulfilling and biggest reward is knowing that you made a difference in some one’s life. Heizal Njuguna will give us tips on giving back. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    in Self Help


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    The Importance of Education

    in Business

    Join Stephanie Scheller as she explores the importance of education, and the various types of education that will change your life! As a young lady with both a bachelors degree anda degree from the University of Life, she is passionate about education and the value it adds, and how to take best advantage of it! As sales-minded individuals, it's important that we are always continuing our education, growing our knowledge and staying connected with those who can help us grow. 

    Stephanie will be speaking from personal experience about the value of education in a traditional sense, and the importance of searching for education outside of the hallowed halls of a school and how to constantly be on the hunt for educational opportunities. 

    Education is one of the three keys to success, and today we're excited to bring you one step closer to finding your ultimate success!

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    Importance of Inspiration

    in Entertainment

    An exploration of the Importance of making what us come alive a priority in our lives. Anything you've been putting off? If so, what have you done in the past to follow your bliss? These questions are addressed in this show, to bring inspiration back into life.

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    The Importance of Saving and Investing for the Future.

    in Business

    Good Monday to you all,

    On today’s program our host Elijah Isaiah X is going to discuss two important topic’s dear to his heart. Re: Finance and Business.

    We discuss the importance of saving and investing, the importance of buying assets and not debt, how to improve your credit scores.

    And lastly, his continue push to help everyone start a business.

    So sit back and let’s enjoy the teachings of Mr. X. 

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    The Importance of Advocacy

    in Health

    Have you ever wondered if your voice counted for something? 

    Join host Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with Kimberly Poston Miller, author of the book Living with Juvenile Arthritis: A Parent's Guide and JA Advocate.  Tami and Kim will talk about the importance of being an advocate for your cause and the best ways to lend your voice to the cause. 

    Kim will discuss her time in Washington DC, to advocate for Juvenile Arthritis and other ways she has been advocating since the diagnosis of her children with JA.

    Catch up on Kim's book by following her blog here.

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    PQW presents: The Importance of Authenticity:

    in Radio

    For the longest time, we are often taught or led to believe that we must do whatever it takes to "fit in" or the abused interpretations of "group acceptance". This episode, we will offer a genuine platform for the people to speak on their respective experiences and even provide questions in order to remind and remember the importance of this subject is. The madness we see and experience demanded the need for this conversation to be had. The youth of today are not that much different from those their senior in this regard so all voices and persepctives are free to speak on it. Mainly for the embetterment of ourselves and our people at large.

    Per usual, the following views and opinions are unedited and can be deemed flammable to ears, hearts, minds & egos of a ‘delicate’ nature. Listener’s digression and full body flame retardant armor is strongly advised. Standard issued Pepto Bismol is available for those with moderate or severe cases of heartburn...

    To those black businesses, artists and entrepreneurs abroad, looking to get put on or advertisement; your information must be sent to platinumqueen1@gmail.com. We take care of our own here as we all must stand up and represent. Also, comments, show topics and all things pertaining are most welcomed and will possibly be read on the air. We broadcast live each Sunday at 6PM Eastern Standard Time/3PM Pacific Standard Time. See you there...

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    P.O.P.S. Movement Saturday/ The Importance Of Unity

    in Education

    SIX STEPS TO PEACE SATURDAY! P.O.P.S. MOVEMENT 6 :30 PM Central / 7:30 Eastern time join Queen Sister Veronica Coney & I Monique Singh-Bey and our Guest speaker of Exceptional Excellence! Temika Tamika Pledger from KCKS as we discus our Topic " The importance of Unity ! Chime in 7139550708 today! In love & service!

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    The Importance of Your True Net Worth

    in Christianity

    In the first episode of A Father's Wisdom, James Daniels will talk about the importance of increasing your net worth. There is a huge disparity between the net worth of whites and their African American counterparts. How can we increase our net worth? How can we pass on a legacy for the next generation. All of these questions will be answered on A Father's Wisdom.

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    Interop Radio: The Importance of Content and SDN

    in Technology

    Interop Las Vegas is just a few weeks away: That's why we're pushing forward with a special double-header show today! We start with the importance of content to the modern enterprise and move on to an introduction to key players in Interop's SDN Labs.

    In the first half of the show, we have a panel discussion on the fact that, in the modern enterprise great, value-laden content and it’s discovery are the core to IT success. The panel discussion this critical topic includes:

    Romi Mahajan - Moderator
    Matt Dyor - CEO of Payboard and an expert on content discoverability and content site experience
    Scott Raynovich - Founder of “The Rayno Report” and a journalist, publisher, and high-end content producer for IT and IT related-areas
    Dharmesh Godha - CTO and President of Advaiya, a producer of competitive and business value-IT content

    In our second half we'll be talking with a team from NEC and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, two companies joining forces to build a major segment of the SDN Lab at Interop Las Vegas. We'll be discussing the importance of SDN to next-generation networks and the steps that companies can take to move their SDN projects out of the "sandbox" and into production.

    Interop 2015 will take place from April 27th through May 1st at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. More information and registration details are available online! Register with code RADIO for a $200 discount on Total Access or Conference passes, or get a FREE Expo Pass. In addition, join the Interop mailing list to get the latest news and special offers.

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    Reclaim Your Health: The Importance of Happiness

    in Self Help

    Join us as we welcome Rebecca L.Norrington, who will share about The Importance of Happiness.

    About Rebecca L. Norrington:

    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws.She is a “self-proclaimed” Happiness Specialist. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Rebecca is also a Radio & TV Personality, Author, Speaker, and Fitness Instructor. 

    Rebecca hosts RealitySpirituality Radio, 

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realityspirituality an online radio show that focuses on everyday life and how to experience more happiness throughout the journey – regardless of your circumstances.

    Rebecca’s book, RealitySpirituality: The Truth About Happiness (First Edition) was released in April 2014 and can be found on her website www.rebeccanorrington.com and www.Amazon.com .

    About The Hosts:

    Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. blends 19 years in scientific research with cutting-edge marketing techniques to bring a unique perspective to medical marketing. An experienced writer, trainer and speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, she combines innovative marketing solutions with extensive healthcare knowledge to create campaigns that produce results.

    Genevieve Kohn shows women how to reclaim their health through healthy diet, gentle exercise and energy healing so they can have a life they love! She is a best-selling author, health coach, and energy healer. She lives in suburban Boston with her husband and two young sons. Go to bit.ly/wellsource4me and sign up to receive your free gift!