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    2016 Iowa Caucus - What Are The Odds

    in Current Events

    Tonight we discuss the results of the Iowa Caucus. It looks like the fix is in. We also discuss current events.

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    Even When The Odds Are Stacked. Daily Gogetemism #453

    in Lifestyle

    If the situation that you're facing is big and your confidence is low so you're feeling kinda small, how do you usually handle that? Are the battles usually worth it while you're fighting them? Do you come up big in difficult situations where you may be the underdog?

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    Never Quote Me The Odds!

    in Politics Progressive

    On the January 13, 2016 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    The record breaking $1.5 billion Powerball drawing is tonight. Do you have your tickets? I do have mine, but I also am seeing a lot of people out there with some really bad math. I will go over some of the crazy things I have heard people say when it comes to the Powerball. 

    The State of the Union Address came on last night. It was a really great speech and Obama hit it out of the park. I will go over some of the major points, the couple times the President stole my thunder and the one time I stole his. 

    Finally, when Liberal Dan Radio warned you about the dangers of the Michigan law that allows the Governor to install a city manager in "failing cities", I never thought it would be a deadly decision. I will give my thoughts on these ridiculous laws and explain why this should prove the GOP is absolutely not the party of small government. 

    Those issues, headlines, tweet of the week, and more this week at 8pm Central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right. 

    Remember, if you want to support the show you can always make a contribution at the show's Go Fund Me page. 

    If you are listening after the live broadcast you can leave your comments on the show thread at LiberalDan.com. 

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    Peservering Against All Odds of Criticism

    in Spirituality

    We will share and discuss how we can triumph over criticism. Their are two types of criticism which we will dicuss and share. Pastor Diane Winbush will provide this segement. For more information about us jsut go to www.boldwomenoffaith.com. We are a Saint Petersburg Global Ministry.

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    Against all odds, spreading the Gospel - Pastors Lonnie & Patricia Simpson

    in Spirituality

    PASTORS LONNIE & PATRICIA SIMPSON Pastor HOUSE OF PRAYER, PRAISE, & POWER CHURCH In Detroit, Michigan. This Husband-And-Wife Ministry Duo Evangelized Many Years Before Being Called By God To Pastor And Ultimately Become Ordained By Bishop Dwight Pate. Their Faith Remains Solid As They Hold Fast To The Word Of God And Minister It In And Around Detroit, Changing The Lives Of Whole Communities, Individual-By-Individual, Home-By-Home. The Simpsons Have Received Awards And Accolades And Have Served On Ministerial Boards And Are Familiar To Local And National Radio And Television. Through It All, Both Remain Genuinely Compelled To Encourage, Uplift, & Inspire In An Era Where Pastors Are Usually High-Profile In The Midst Of Adverse Press. Tune In To Hear The Passion Of These Ministers In Addition To Being Enlightened And Entertained!

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    isportsMSU Red Cedar Report

    in Sports

    On today's isportsMSU Red Cedar Report, isportsweb contributor Mike Sterner joins Tyler Hayward to help preview Michigan State's next game against the Indiana Hoosiers. Do the Spartans have enough at point guard to stop Yogi Ferrell and is there a chance that Tum Tum Nairn plays to help the cause? Plus, what are the odds of Tom Izzo getting into the Naismith Hall of Fame? They talk about all of that much more on today's podcast.

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    T&Z Talk for Friday, February 12, 2016

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the Friday, February 12, 2016, episode of T&Z Talk!

    The Democratic candidates for the presidency debate, and so do T&Z!  We'll break down the responses, the activity, the issues and the odds that this debate mattered.  Ted Cruz's campaign pulled a new ad yesterday for as VERY interesting reason.  What was it?  Tune in!  Ben Carson is cutting his staff and blaming Ted Cruz. Is his time in the limelight almost over?  We'll also take your calls as well.

    Support us in a few ways.  http://www.tandztalk.com/support/ or here:  https://www.patreon.com/TandZtalk. We do NOT charge to listen to the show but your support will allow us to continue to provide the best information, guests and opportunities to empower and educate.  ANY donation is helpful and reviews on iTunes and Sticher help as much as cash.  Please consider supporting us in any way you feel comfortable. Thank you!

    Please listen LIVE today as Richard Zombeck and Tony Trupiano return to the airwaves for an hour a day and an hour you need. Every Monday through Friday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST. Call the show live at 347-855-8118. Find EVERYTHING YOU NEED about us at www.TandZTalk.com, including links to Social Media and archives of the show!

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    Eccl. 12:1-8 THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES

    in Spirituality

    Intro:  Ill. Soap Operas.  After the theme music has played for a moment, one has an announcer who says, “Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.”  Now, I am not sure of all the philosophical aspects of that statement, but a couple of profound truths are clearly implied.  First, life is short.  Second, life is filled with many changes. Both of those statements is true.  Life is short.  This is the testimony of Scripture, James 4:14; Job 7:6-7; 14:1-2; Psalm 39:5; 89:47. And, Life is also very eventful. Some of the happenings of life are good and others are not so good.  Also, what happens to me might not happen to you.But, it is safe to say that there are some things that will happen to each and every person in the world!  In this passage, Solomon mentions three events that will take place in the life of every person in this room.  Since life is so short and since this is material we all need to hear, I want to point out these three common events today.  I want to preach for a few minutes on The Days Of Our LIVES!                 

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    HumorOutcasts Radio - author Tim Jones

    in Comedy

    Tonight we have  humorist Tim Jones author of  YOU'RE GROUNDED FOR LIFE: Misguided Parenting Strategies That Sounded Good At The Time:  

    This humor book is a collection of hilarious essays on parenting in the era of Facebook and texting. If you’re a parent – or just thinking about making arguably the biggest mistake of your life by starting a family – then YOU’RE GROUNDED FOR LIFE may make you a better parent. Probably not. In fact, I’m laying 10-to-1 odds it won’t. But you never know. Whether you’re the parent of a toddler, a middle schooler or a college sophomore, you’ll find innovative parenting strategies the author has tried – all with hilariously disastrous results. If you’re looking for a humor book that looks at the funny side of trying to parent children intent on driving you insane, you’ve found it. As the father of high-spirited, rambunctious daughters, Tim Jones, author of the popular humor blog View From The Bleachers, playfully shares pearls of parenting wisdom honed from futilely trying to understand the mysterious minds of kids. If you happen to have figured it out, could you give him a call? He’d really appreciate it.

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    Commissioned by Submission with Liana Sims

    in Christianity

    Liana Sims - Author, Speaker and Youth Pastor

    Liana Sims, a 29-year old native of Los Angeles, commonly known as Queen, has captivated the world with her journey of transformation and freedom through her inspiring fight against obesity. Though Liana had struggled with obesity since elementary school, in 2007 at the age of 20, she committed to "no longer exist, but to live."  As a result, Queen Liana has lost a total of 180 pounds, naturally. She embodies resilience, and is a voice of hope to those who have come to believe that they are not strong enough to prevail in the face of the overwhelming odds. In 2011, Queen Liana founded Freedom2Live, a company committed to helping individuals and communities realize that there is victory by facing life, "one decision at a time." Through her candid honesty and inspiring outlook on living life to the fullest, Liana has become a sought-after speaker, writer, and coach. In addition to speaking and writing, her greatest joy in life is pastoring the youth of Faithful Central Bible Church located in Inglewood, California! Queen Liana is the voice this generation needs to hear!

    Website: http://MondayNeverComes.com | Facebook: http://facebook.com/WatchQueenLose | Twitter/Instagram: @WatchQueenLose


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    BangTheBook Sports Betting Talk Radio February 9

    in Sports

    This week's Tuesday show seems to be professional handicapper day on BangTheBook Radio. We'll open with a couple of very good ones in the first hour of today's show. We'll be joined by Brad Powers of BradPowersSports.com with a recap of Super Bowl 50, some look-ahead stuff in college football and the NFL, and then a transition over to the hardwood for some NBA and college basketball analysis. Tony George of TonyGeorgeSports.com will join us to recap how Super Bowl 50 went for him and his clients before moving over into some basketball chatter. Finally, Sean Higgs of SeanHiggsWins.com will have some basketball picks for tonight's action.

    0:00-0:55 - Show intro

    0:55-29:40 - Brad Powers, BradPowersSports.com; NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB

    29:40-1:07:45 - Tony George, TonyGeorgeSports.com; NFL, college basketball picks

    1:07:45-1:25:25 - Burke's NHL thoughts for Tuesday night

    1:25:25-1:48:25 - Sean Higgs, SeanHiggsWins.com; NFL, college basketball

    1:48:25-2:00:00 - Burke's MLB season win total series, NBA thoughts