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    Once again "Impeach Obama" is the phrase of the day.

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    It seems the "impeach troops" are after Presodent Obama's hide. Thousands of loud citizens have been yelling for impeachment for years. Congressional and Senate leaders have threatened to bring impreachment to a reality. They too have renewed their threats.

    So when will impeachment proceedings begin? Warning: don't hold your breath. 

    Should impeachment take place? Probably.

    So why the delay? The reasons are many; however, are they valid?

    In addition, we will be discussing the aftermath and effects of the two SCOTUS decissions handed down on Monday.

    Join me Tuesday, July 1st, "In the Pickle Barrel" at 7AM-8:30AM EST.


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      Having to impeach any standing President is not something that our nation wishes to have to undertake, as it means we have to idmit to the world that our President that we trusted with the nuclear football is guilty of crimes that warrant impeachment and removel from office, but when we as a nation and a people clearly see that our President has clearly violated the laws of our nation and the oath of office impeachment or charges of high treason are our only recourse to protect our country and it citizens from a lawless President who willfully has violated the laws of our nation and the office he holds.

      In the History of our great nation many Presidents have done things that angered the citizens of our nation, but were the things they did deserving of Impeachment, maybe or maybe not, but clearly there have been a few Presidents clearly deserving of impeachment, Presidents who should have been removed from office, but were not.

      President Obama is guilty of the following crime and many other crimes as well and needs to be impeached and first and foremost is this, and I am going to run down the whole list of why I feel it is time we impeach this President and replace his Administration.

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    Another Day in the Impeach the President Movement

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    MEMPHIS TN (IFS) -- Another Day in the Impeach the President Movement with Congress spending our tax dollars to have the president face the congressional jury and loose his job.

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    Republicans win: Impeach Obama

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    Join the team of Ron and Don as we talk about the national and local elections and why the Republicans might give president Obama a rough time in his last two years. 

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    What more proof do we need to Impeach a sitting president

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    The U.S. Constitution provides for the removal of a sitting president through impeachment because our founders knew that all men have a propensity for evil. The first president to be impeached was Democrat Andrew Johnson who became president upon the death of Abraham Lincoln. 

    Johnson had removed his Secretary of War from his cabinet thereby violating the Tenure of Office Act that was later declared unconstitutional. He was charged with bringing into “disgrace, ridicule, hatred, contempt, and reproach the Congress of the United States.” The House voted overwhelmingly to impeach; however, the trial in the Senate was short one vote for conviction so he served his term as President.

    Since we have a democrat controlled Senate, do we really want to go through the preceedings that may simply be stopped in the Senate?  We are going to discuss it, and you can decide, Thursday July 31 at 11:AM

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    Obama's 7 Deadly Sins and the Movement to Impeach Him

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    Callers and Chat Participation are Welcome.
    We welcome James Neighbors of Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment. We will discuss Obama's Seven Deadly Sins against Americans and the Constitution and the movement to impeach him.
    Neighbors understands that the key to removing Obama is pressure on Congress, hence the reason for all states having local organization. With protests in all 50 states, members of Congress would see their local voters representing their desire for Congress to act and remove Barack Obama through impeachment or face losing their re-election bid. In mere weeks, Overpasses has grown from the singular vision of Mr Neighbors and swelled to numbers nearing 20,000. August 6th, 2013 will be first national event.
    Neighbors understands that the first national Patriot Wave is just a precursor to larger Freedom Rallies across America. He expects that once the word has spread across the nation, that Overpasses numbers will swell into the millions, and calls on all Americans to raise the bar from the protests in Egypt.
    Neighbors sees the movement moving beyond the removal of Obama from the White House, to organizing recall efforts for politicians in Washington D.C. who have forsaken their oath of office. His long term goal is to have a watchdog organization that monitors the political affairs in our Federal government to ensure that America never again slips into rule by decree as seen by Barack Obama, and the Progressive political movement's actions.

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    The Liberal Redneck~ Mandatory Not Mandate

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    Noon on Thursdays join LR, PD, and Rocky.  One thing about the Republican run Congress, LR and company will have plenty of lies, bull shit, and Republifiction to expose.  Join us live so you can call in or catch the archived shows at your leisure.

    This week, the war on Christmas escalates as a Catholic Warrior takes on Satan personally!  The next step on the militarization of public servants, allowing teachers to use deadly force!  But does such a law have any power against the might of Sauron?  A Texas School won't take any chances on that! 

    Plus another lesson in GOP logic:  There is a measles outbreak, it must be due to illegals, it's President Obama's fault... therefore IMPEACH OBAMA!  We don't make this stuff up folks.  We are just brave enough to call them out on their shit.  OH, but that's yet ANOTHER story today on the show!  Poop inspections in Texas schools.

    Episode 45 of the Liberal Redneck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ymF9grt1Zs


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    TSM04: TWEET to IMPEACH/Joe Joseph from Freedom Link

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    Special guest Joe Joseph from Freedom Link Radio called in to discuss the latest Syria developments and why The Powers that Be are The Powers that Shouldn't Be.
    We also announced our Twitter campaign TWEET TO IMPEACH: we sent out 435 Tweets, one to every House of Representatives member, to impeach President Barack Obama for giving aid and comfort to al Qaeda in Syria under Article III, Section III, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Over 6,000 Tweets have been sent at this point...will you join?
    Joe's new radio show premiers next week 9/9/2013 on Truth Frequency Radio: http://truthfrequencyradio.com/freedomlink/.

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    Are you ready to impeach Obama?

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    We have seen Obama thumb his nose at Congress, the department of Justice and deliver some damaging decisions that are weaking our country.  When will the American people say "enough is enough".

    Americans have been distracted by the circus over "Obamacare" only to let slip by more agregious decisions he has made without consulting congress.  He is not "king" Obmana.  His powers are limited by the constitution which he seems to ignore.

    What are we waiting for WWIII before we take back our country and make it the beacon of freedom and strength that we have earned.

    There is no excuse not to make this president accountable to the country for his flagrant disregard and disrespect for the constitution and the people he represents.





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    Impeach Obama Blooper Show

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    The following show was meant to be serious but we kept getting kicked off air , and things not working. Instead of deleting the recording we are adding it to 2013 bloopers. The joke ... is on us.
    We comfront the issues and reasons why we need to fire our president if he continues his current course of action. 
    World War 3 False flag opperations Missing Nuclear Weapons  Syria  Chemical Weapons  ILL managed administration  Much more  Callers wanted - lets get your opinion.

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    Do Something - Impeachment Is An Option

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    On this episode Jim unloads on Republicans that say we can't do anything about Obama's Amnesty plan. Bill Cosby rape allegations spiral out of control and now a former NBC employee has proof of pay offs. Fake websites tricking retailers into lowering prices. Buy your own drone for just $400. Is China buying Detroit? Gas prices continue to plummet.

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