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    Impacting Lives with Leon Altman

    in Entrepreneur

    Impacting the Lives of Baby Boomers

    with Leon Altman

    "Reinventing Your Life as a Baby Boomer - 4 Steps to Transform Your Expertise and Experience into the Next Big Step"

    My guest, Leon Altman, has been a marketing  professional for 30 years. During the "Madison Avenue phase" of his career, he was a copywriter and creative director at top ad agencies, including Young&Rubicam; Wunderman; and BBDO. He created highly successful campaigns for companies like Johnson&Johnson, Time Magazine, IBM, Ameriprise and Novartis.

    In the "Boomer" phase of his life, he became a very successful freelance copywriter and online marketing / business consultant. His copywriting, marketing strategies and coaching have helped companies like Jim Cramer, and theStreet.com as well as hundreds of small companies and entrepreneurs, rapidly build their business.

    We are discussing:

    Why building a personal entrepreneurial venture with juice is important for many baby boomers
    Why the most powerful business building marketing methods today is perfect for baby boomers looking to build a business  (method is content/education marketing)
    How to leverage your experience and expertise with sticky content
    Spreading your message with sticky content will enable you to quickly take your place as an authority in your niche
    Following a proven marketing system will get you where you want to go faster and more effectively

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    Impacting Lives with Terra Farrar

    in Marketing

    Joint Venturing - The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Achieve Leadership Status, Build a Tribe in Your Niche and Leverage Your Wisdom into Ca$h Generating Products

    In addition to being your host for Women Impacting Lives, Terra is a Joint Venture Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, and mentor to Entrepreneurs around the world.

    She has over 30 years experience as an event producer and director having worked with many trainers and speakers producing their events and creating their information products.

    In addition to owning her own business, she is also a Joint Venture team coach for the Joint Venture Insider Circle an international membership of entrepreneurs learning the strategies of joint venturing with information products and programs. Not only do JV parnterships grow one's business they also provide valuable tools and information to people around the world who are looking to make shifts in their life.

    This particular interview was conducted by a business collegue of Terra's and contains a wealth of information:

    What is meant by Joint Ventures and how is it different than Affiliates
    The Top 3 Ways to Leverage Your Expertise into Joint Ventures
    The 7 Main Reasons for Joint Venturing

    Be sure and listen to the end of the show to find out how you can schedule a 1:1 Discovery Call with Terra and Get JV Ready.


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    Impacting Lives with Jean Cornell

    in Health

    Impacting The Lives of Baby Boomers with Jean Cornell
    According to the EPA, “ Today more than 84,000 chemical substances are on the Inventory.”These are the chemicals used in our foods, personal care products,cleaning products and other home environmental exposures that have been linked to conditions of diet and lifestyle that are up to 80% preventable.These span from arthritis to cancer, even obesity and most everything in between. Alarmingly, “Only 200 of these chemicals have been tested and approved as safe.”Dr. Jean Cornell RN, PH.D  is owner of The Natural Health and Wellbeing Network. Jean  is accomplished in nursing, business, natural health techniques and nutrition as well as holistic coaching. Jean is an advocate for healthy food, products and an organic healthy lifestyle. She is on a mission to impact the health of a million women ( mostly Moms) so that this and future generations will become empowered to control their own health outcomes.During my interview, Jean and I discuss “Toxins and Aging - 3 Ways to Improve Your Health Today”. We will be addressing the following questions: Why we should care about toxins and the relationship to aging How our body responds to toxins What we can do to support our organs of detoxification What we can do to today to reduce our risk of disease, or minimize conditions we have already- 3 things

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    Impacting Lives with Amy Pearson

    in Women

    Impacting The Lives of Women Entrepreneurs with Amy Pearson
    The Approval Trap:  The Secret Reason You Can’t Raise Your Rates Attract Your Ideal Client, or Create Kick Ass Results in Your Biz and Life  (And How to Fix It Right Now)
    As of 2012 there were 7.8 million women owned businesses in the U.S and they are growing at twice the rate of men owned businesses. Most women, however, don't understand that failure is an essential part of the entrepreneurial journey. In fact, Judy Robinett, a top advisor to the film "She Means Business" shares that entrepreneurial ventures typically fail three times before hitting success.
    My guest, Amy Pearson, is a former "approval addict" (with the occasional relapse). She is now addicted to success. Her mission is nothing short of world peace by empowering every woman on a mission to attract their ideal clients (tribe), make great money, and have an epic impact while doing their unique work in the world.
    We will be discussing
    How the Approval Trap prevents women in business from making more money Why women in business are so risk averse and what they can do about it How perfectionism fits in to all this Amy's interesting take on tribe building ... and her -step process to live brazen

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    Impacting Lives with Randy Mitchell

    in Self Help

    Impacting Lives by Fulfilling Your Destiny Right Management ran an online survey receiving responses from hundreds of workers in the U.S. and Canada:
    19% said they were satisfied with their jobs 16% said they were “somewhat satisfied” 21% said they were “somewhat unsatisfied” 44% said they were “unsatisfied” Today's guest, Randy Mitchell, will share his insights on what it takes to activate the courage within and truly create a lifestyle that suits who you are and fulfill your destiny. What most people are not aware of is that each and every day they are creating their legacy and destiny. Unfortunately, most people end up living a life of quiet desperation spending their days and years doing what they have been conditioned to do or believe they have to do.
    Randy will share a variety of his processes that have allowed his clients to gain clarity as to their values thus being able to activate the courage to fulfill their destiny. Once you have a true understanding of what you value it will allow you to break free of false conditioning and live authentically.
    His personal coaching clients have experienced a cumulative 1000% growth in their business ventures and made millions of dollars. More importantly, they have found their way home and live balanced authentic lives.

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    Impacting Lives with Shayla Mihaly

    in Women

    Impacting The Lives Of Women Entrepreneurs with Shayla Mihaly.
    If you’ve ever dreamed of having a full practice – and a wait list – of great clients who…you enjoy spending time with, truly value you and your work, come back again and and again and pay you what you’re worth, then you will want to listen to my interview with Shayla Mihaly.
    This interview is perfect for heart-centered holistic healers and coaches who are doing deeply transformational work. You’ve already done so much inner work. You know how to take care of everyone else. Stop working so hard and making so little! Now it’s time to take care of you and your business. It is time to Put Yourself First in Your Business. Shayla is called "The Healer's' Healer" and "Servant of Servants". She coaches women entrepreneurs who are doing amazing transformational work and yet are struggling financially. She has over 20 years experience in holistic health and running her own multi-six-figure healing center. Today, Shayla coaches women business owners to transform their businesses, their lives, and the world because she knows having strong healer-leaders who are fulfilling their missions and creating a bigger impact is necessary and key to the awakening of humanity and our planet.

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    Impacting Lives with Sharon Babineau

    in Parents

    "Impacting Lives by Fulfilling Your Destiny" with guest, Sharon Babineau
    In a world of over 7 billion people, it can be difficult to believe that one person matters, that one person can change the world.
    Today, I'm joined by Sharon Babineau, to discuss why each and every one of us matters, and why fulfilling our destiny is so important especially during these difficult times. Sharon shares the life and legacy of her teen daughter Maddison, a young teen who while battling cancer used her dying “wish” (given to her from the Children’s Wish Foundation) to make the world a better place.
    Sharon shares the insight she learned as she journeyed through the three years Maddie battled cancer and the promise she made to her daughter, a promise she did not believe she could keep and the important life lessons her daughter taught her. A promise that lead Sharon to Africa, to fulfilling her own life purpose, impacting lives in a village in Kenya.
    Sharon has shared her daughter’s powerful story to over 30,000 students in Canada and the USA and has recently published Maddie’s tender journey in a book called  “The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away”, available on Amazon.

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    Impacting Lives with Heather Cameron

    in Women

    Impacting The Lives Of Women Entrepreneurs Is your business smoldering? Are you working hard but not seeing the results you want? Do you want to turn your smoldering business into a Blazing Hot Success? If you are just starting out, do you want to get to Blazing Hot as quickly as possible?
    My guest, Heather Cameron, is the creator of the Ignite Your Market Programs and is passionate about empowering entrepreneurial women to see beyond their current market and grow their business. She draws on her own passion in order to help entrepreneurs follow their passions to serve more people and create the lifestyle of their dream. Heather is a Certified Executive Coach and an expert facilitator with over 20 years of experience working in Canada, the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.
    During the interview Heather and I will be covering:
    What do I mean by “building your Success from the Inside Out”? Understand the 3 biggest mistake entrepreneurs typically make Learn the 3 foundational steps you MUST do to take your business from Smoldering Embers to Blazing Hot Success

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    Impacting Lives with James Shoemark

    in Entrepreneur

    "The Entrepreneurs Journey to Fulfillment"Would you consider yourself to be a Heroic Entrepreneur? For those who are feeling that there is something more to life than what you have been doing or there is a special role for you to play in making the world a better place, then, yes, you are a Heroic Entrepreneur. And if you are not sure, but are open to the possibility, then you undoubtedly are one... undercover.Bottom line, if you want to live a more fulfilling life, then join me on Tuesday, October 15th when James Shoemark visits our virtual studio all the way from Scotland. He has established a creer spanning 25 years in which he has personally empowered over 2,000 people to live more fulfilling lives.James, like many of us, has learned the hard way how to find fulfilment in life. Despite joining a motorbike gang at age 17, loosing eight friends to fatal motorcycle accidents, and then being recruited into the Hells Angels, he now focuses his coaching and speaking career on supporting Heroic Entrepreneurs."Each of us is on a journey and we can either wake up to its purpose proactively or reactively (reactively requires a crisis). That journey is called the MonoMyth or Hero’s Journey. Too many people focus on what they don’t want and get just that. I help people to focus on what they do want and consequently get that and more. I teach the Law of Target Fixation which means wherever your focus is, that’s where you end up."

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    Impacting Lives with Michelle Manning Kogler

    in Women

    Impacting The Lives of Baby Boomers
    with Michelle Manning Kogler

    Many baby boomers - women and H.I.M - are just now starting the 2nd and even 3rd phases of their lives. As they re-invent themselves in business and the projects they are creating, different set of issues are facing them. How does one navigate this era of their life especially when the road they have been traveling is going through major re-construction?

    My guest, Michelle Manning-Kogler, mentors her clients as they focus on strengthening the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual and financial aspects of their lives in order to create greater wealth, increased self-confidence and empowerment, peace of mind and healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

    Michelle is the author of Quantum Soul Clearing - Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul.  It is about a process she created and while it has many applications, it is being used successfully by people going into business or creating their 2nd and 3rd acts in life as well as those wanting to feel better, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

    We are discussing:

    The feelings of unfinished business baby boomers are facing upon reaching this phase of their life
    Understanding why many still aren't happy, even though they have been highly successful
    The increasing desire to feel a deeper connection within themselves and to Source
    Recognizing a longing to have a much larger impact on the world and not knowing how to do it
    Why the 2nd and 3rd phases of life seem so much more difficult
    Applications of her signature Quantum Soul Clearing to these and many other issues faced by Baby Boomers

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    Impacting the Lives of Our Youth - With Natalie Blais

    in Parents

    Inspiring Passion in Our Children with recovering "Perfectionist Parent", Natalie Blais
    LinkedIn did a survey released in Nov 2012 that said ONLY 30% of all adults are working in their dream job. What roll do parents play in fostering passion in their children and how can we take a larger roll in preparing our kids for the future? Natalie is a single mother of three mini-humans to teach her every day what it means to be kind and generous and gracious. She is a powerful advocate for children's education, volunteering in the classroom and participating in parent councils. The foundation of Natalie's work is creating a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful home. During this interview Natalie shares her exclusive "5 Terrific Conversation Starters for Parents". 
    Are you looking for a way to get your children to talk to you about their day? By applying these conversation starters to engage your children in conversation will give them an opportunity to practice empathy and kindness every day.
    To access all of this month's shows on "Impacting The Lives of Our Youth" go to www.WomenImpactingLives.com.