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    Understanding Marriage in the LGBT Community

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    Welcome to the Real LGBT LIVES , with your host  Moji Solar- Percy and  Co - host Twanna Gause.

    This week we will be discussing Marriage in the LGBT community, our roles and responsibilities to one another and most importantly our children.

    Join the conversation this Thursday  February 25th, 2016 on The Real LGBT Lives at 7pm (EST).

    Call 646-716 -9165 to join us on this very important topic.

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    Understanding Marriage in the LGBT Community Pt. 2

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    Welcome to the Real LGBT LIVES , with your host  Moji Solar- Percy and  Co - host Twanna Gause.

    This week we will be discussing Marriage in the LGBT community, our roles and responsibilities to one another and most importantly our children.

    Join the conversation this Thursday  March 31st,, 2016 on The Real LGBT Lives at 7pm (EST).

    Please call 646-716 -9165 to join us on this very important topic.

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    The LGBT community is sub-sophomoric

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    One would think that Christians, "Big Brother" in the mindseye of the delusional, has initiated legislation stating that members of the LGBT community should not be allowed to start churches, scouting groups, and fund additional public, restrooms.  Why must they bury the rights of individual bodies composed of individuals? Sickening.

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    Sexual Addiction in the LGBT Community with Carol the Coach

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    Carol the Coach will be interviewing Jeffrey Zacharias who an expert in treating people who have  sex/trauma/addiction in the LGBT community. He is the Clinical Director of New Hope Recovery Center and believes that treatment for the community requires a specialized approach.

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    Immigration Reform

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    Join us this Tuesday, 9:00-10:00 pm EST for a vibrant illegal immigration discussion with special guest Maria Lynda Espinoza, co-Founder and National Director of The Remembrance Project, (www.TheRemembranceProject.org), a 501(c)(3) non-profit illuminating the issue of American citizens killed by illegal aliens.

    Born in Rotan, TX in 1962, Espinoza is an outspoken leading anti-illegal immigration activist. As speaker, writer and national organizer for the grassroots movement educating others on the issue, she is also specifically an advocate for the families of Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens.

    Espinoza’s flagship initiative is called The Stolen Lives Quilt ™, a national “Quilt of Remembrance”.  She has expanded the organization to over 28 states and is widely recognized as the anti-illegal immigration expert responsible for helping Donald Trump glean his now famous, popular and respected understanding of, and public support for, American families victimized by illegal aliens through organizing private meetings of families with the candidate.

    Espinoza also aspires to office and will discuss her candidacy for Congress (http://mariaforamerica.com/about/).  Call in to join Espinoza and your hosts Reuben Torres & Mark Falzon: 646 915 8117 to listen only; and press 1 to comment or ask a question. This show sponsored by Studentsforabetterfuture.com

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    Make Me Feel It Radio has a diverse audience and cater to many people. I am so excited to have someone so bright, friendly and intelligent to talk with us about the LGBT community, its presence and all the resources available. If you are not completely comfortable in your own skin yet or if you are radiating in your own uniqueness, I am sure we will have something to peek your interest, open your mind, and motivate you to be a better you. 

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    Immigration Reform with activist Ruthie Hendrycks

    in Politics

    Many plans have been put forth to correct the serious immigration issues facing the United States today. Ruthie Hendrycks works formulating legislation regarding, among other things, the H1-B visa program.  Tune-in tonight to get her take on both the problems and some solutions.  Call in with your comments and/or questions. 

    We may also discuss, "You Are My Hero", co-authored by Wendy Colburn-Blanco and Kelly Terry Willis, a book chronicling the story of murdered border agent Brian Terry. For more information on Ruthie Hendrycks, go to "The Ruthie Report" HERE  

    This show is sponsored by STUDENTSFORABETTERFUTURE.COM



  • Adoption in the LGBT Community

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    Join us tonight for a personal conversation with our Special Guest, Shawn Allgood, as she provides us with a glimpse into her journey of becoming a new Mother.

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    Addressing the Pink Elephant: The Black Church and the LGBT Community.

    in Christianity

    No matter where you fall on the spectrum, all of us need to strongly consider and dialogue about how we will do ministry in a world that will no longer define marriage and sexuality by traditional terms.  

    The overall objective of this conversation is NOT to force a change in people's opinions or theologies; the main purpose is to begin the much-needed dialogue on the realities of doing ministry with the LGBT community in mind.  Whether you affirm or deny homosexuality theologically, we can all agree all people are worthy of experiencing God's love; and we must admit that the church has traditionally been a very hostile and hypocritical place for LGBT individuals. How do we do ministry today in a way that upholds our biblical convictions (as diverse as they may be), and still demonstrate love to a community (as diverse as it may be)?

    Special Guest: Pastor Dwight Radcliff

    Pastor Radcliff holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies (with highest honors) from the Long Beach Bible College, and a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary (with an emphasis in Multi-Cultural Ministry/African-American Church Studies). He is currently pursuing his PhD.

    Special Guest: Pastor Curt Thomas

    Pastor Curt Thomas is a graduate of Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he received a Bachelor of Science in Education.  He furthered his study in ministry by completing a certificate program with Interdenominational Theology Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. He incorporates the knowledge and skills garnered from his studies in his approach to educating, counseling, andempowering his church members and community members at large. Pastor Thomas serves as the Senior Pastor of The Renewed Church of Los Angeles.

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    Community Garden info

    in Gardening


    Lets talk about a wide range of Community Garden News items. 


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

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    immigration in the land of the free pt.1

    in Current Events

    from liverpool to australia, to phoenix, az, one man talks about his journey as an immigrant (and his recent union to his wife, who is also on an immigration journey).

    we are a nation of citizens who began as immigrants, and we all have stories to share. these are the stories that give this nation character.