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    DBS 69 [hahah hahahah hahahaha]

    in Comedy

    Lmfao we're on our 69th episode! xD *immature laughter*

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    Daily Gogetemism #201 Trying To Get Your Kids To Choose You As Their Favorite

    in Lifestyle

    Yeah, when we're young and immature and insecure we might try to make our kids love us for the things that we do for them instead of letting them love us for who are to them. When you and another parent aren't getting along, there's no telling the mess that we can create.

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    Baby Boy

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    The term "Baby Boy" is defined as a young man that has not mentally developed into a man yet and still plays childish games. This term was depicted in a movie by John Singleton with the same name title. This Thursday we wil discuss this topic and talk about men who make the claim to be a man but carry themselves like a boy. Also join us as we discuss the recent shooting death of Walter L. Scott by Officer Michael T. Slater. 

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    In My Mood: "Immature Love" - With Kanti Kasa

    in Entertainment

    Check Out The WHHA Website: http://whharadioshow.weebly.com

    About Mood: "Immature Love" - With Kanti Kasa
    We all have been there, and to some.. you're probably still going through it. Sometimes, all we need is advice, or for someone to understand us.

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    #4HFA - The Flip the Script Show: Is Sexism Fake and Pro Wrestling Real?

    in Sports

    The definition of Judgment is "to come to a sensible conclusion".  The key word is sensible!  For some reason, every man that is attracted to a woman is a chauvanist and every wrestling fan is silly and immature.  Don't know about you but it doesnt make sense to me.  So we will discuss it!  We will consider the following:

    Can chauvinism be mistaken or misappropriated, between a woman and a man, during a regular conversation?

    If Dan Bernstein just gave his opinion on Aiyana Cristal's journalism skills, then would he still be label as chauvinistic?

    Why does professional wrestling constantly get disrespected?

    Why are wrestling fans considered immature for watvhing a sport deemed as fake?


    Tonights guests will be:

    Kaka Ray of Kaka Ray Crisis Management & Prevention

    Vincent Pride of Thursday Night Mayham on the Sportzfam network

    Vashti Hurt of Carolina Blitz & Game Over Sports

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    Goofing Off During Spring Break

    in Comedy

    It's finally Spring and Matt-Man and Jayman are ready to bask in the warmth and sweat out the humidity. The first thing you have to do during spring is celebrate Spring Break. You don't have to be a student to celebrate either. All you have to do is be willing to engage in excessive partying and immature high jinks. If you're not willing to do that then why are you here? (Please stay anyway.)

    Matt and Jay are also really into March Madness. They've analyzed the matchups and will be watching the first two rounds with great interest. They'll tell you what has happened so far and why it happened and then what will happen in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 and beyond! Plus other unconventional predictions and analysis.

    Sunday is also National Goofing Off Day! If ever a holiday was created with Matt and Jay in mind it's this one! They'll explain the art of goofing off to everyone. No two people on Earth can come up with more reasons NOT to do what they should be doing than Matt and Jay. This show might be every procrastinator's dream. Be prepared to take notes people!

    As always Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along too. They'll put a smile on your face and bring nothing bun sunshine to your hearts. And as always the phone lines will be open and buzzing as we take your calls at 661.244.9852!

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    "Why He'll Hit...but Won't Commit"

    in Radio

    Many men claim to want a future with you...but in reality, only wanna smash. Tune into "The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of my classic special on "Why He'll Hit...but Won't Commit." To hear all the signs and red flags that indicate you're being used for sex and how to avoid dealing with that type of immature behavior, call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com. "Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years".


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    "Gone Girl: How to Avoid Dealing with a Psycho"

    in Radio


    Whether it’s Angela Bassett’s character in Waiting to Exhale, Lynn Whitfield in A Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Wesley Snipes character in Disappearing Acts, or real life examples of Tina Campbell attempting to stab her husband and shooting his car up…Immature, violent, vindictive behavior is never a good idea and often stems from deep rooted insecurity and self-esteem issues. Please join us on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST, as we discuss “GONE GIRL: How to Avoid Dealing with a Psycho”, where we’ll also discuss hot topics like: Creflo Dollar seeking a 65 million dollar plane, interracial dating and MANY others. Call in LIVE with comments/questions to 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com...” REAL Radio that Matters for over 10 Years”

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    "A WOLF In WOLF'S Clothing!"

    in Spirituality

    Today we are going to present our listeners with a "Survival Guide" for immature or gullible Christians who are being devoured by the wicked church leaders in the modern day church.

    These folks (the wolves I mean) aren't even trying to hide anymore! They ain't actin' like sheep no more! They just straight up WOLVES!!! They are eatin' Christians ALIVE!!

    This is going to be a hum-dinger!

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    Is Jackie Robinson West Being Robbed of its National Little League Championship?

    in Women

     Many people are outraged at the decision of the International Little League organization to strip Jackie Robinson West of its National Championship title based on allegations that the team violated rules related to the boundaries in which team members should live. This decision came at the incessant urging of Chris Janes, Vice President of the Evergreen Park Athletic Association, who charged that a JRW team member lived in a suburb of Chicago and was not an inner city resident. Chris Janes is Coach of the Evergreen Park Little League Team, which suffered a humiliating loss of 43-2 against JRW during the Sectional Playoffs, and of course JRW went on to compete for and win the National Championship. So, are we seeing, according to Chris Janes' accusation, a team that deliberately schemed, lied and cheated to get to the top? Or are we seeing, according to JRW supporters, an immature adult who is lacking in good sportsmanship and is unable to graciously accept defeat? Is the Jackie Robinson West team being robbed of its rightfully earned National Little League Championship Title? Will this case end up in court? What do you think should happen?



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    There is moor than one way

    in Education

    Debate is health and constructive criticism helps but when we start arguing just cause we can and because over inflated egos. I see a lot of immature so called leader in the conscious community