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    Imaginary Radio: The Intro Show

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    The Intro Show Of Imaginary Radio Features Interesting And Strange News Stories Of The Last Few Weeks, The Room 100 Feature Where You Have The Option To Rid The World Of Something You Hate, Aswell As Music From Aspiring Musical Artists And Ending On The Feature "A Poem For Showin".

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    This Show's Featured Music:

    Waiting On You By Sarah Moss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49pm7ET08FU 
    Pretend Friend By Don https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q30ceR8tTq4
    Freedom By Addy Gausman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex9RlFKAnZo

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    IMAGINARY FRIENDS/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    The author was evangelizing: the pastor and his wife were parents of a three-year-old girl. He began to tell me that the child was brilliant. She could do things a twelve old do. She could sit down at the piano and play classical music. He and his wife were swelling with pride, telling me that their child was gifted by God. Then they told me that the child had an ‘imaginary friend’. They thought it was “cute” when they saw her talking to an invisible person that she played with.

    I told them that this imaginary friend was a demon that was taking control of their child’s life. I mentioned to them the various experiences that I had handled concerning this demonic problem. Unfortunately, they rejected the information, because they were Christians and believed that “a Christian cannot have a demon.”

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    Friends, and Other Imaginary Things

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    Not everyone can have friends like Monica, Joey, Chandler, Rachel and Ross or even Phoebe but we all deserve real friends. Amirite? Even so today's Facebook and other social media is chalked full of frenemies. On this show we're going to discuss bad friends. What are the signs that someone is a bad friend? Also what’s your worst "friend" story? Next we'll lighten the mood with a little talk about our favorite imaginary home destinations. As usual you can have your weekly dose of celebrity news as well as hear the latest fashion trends right here on Here's The Thing with Pella & Nikki.

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    Imaginary Friends...Are They Really Imaginary?

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    Tonight's show will feature Kerriann reading a spellbinding chapter from her book Ghosts of Long Island; Stories of the Paranormal. "Irving" as it's entitled, is one of the most fantastic true story, of a little boy and his imaginary friend, Irving. This amazing tale will send chills up your spine. Join Kerriann and Joe for this delightful storytelling hour, where they will discuss imaginary friends.

  • Based on Civilized Human History The Word God Means Evil And BarBarian

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    Words are in themselves fact, and words of history concerning people, has no record of a God whitten about in a modern book call bible. It has no record about the garden of eden and  someone who curse people before they were born. Words which give contradiction in an issue, blocks the access of rights and possibilities, to whatever was intended to be a rightfull possession. And if you were expecting to be a recipient of any valuables and your document, has disqualifying clause/s, then that would be a contradiction which bars you from obtaining the particular thing/s. Words are keys to making positive ways of your life work as you expect. People are always thinking in terms of favorable situation, so they always seek to have communication, that carefully use words to secure the climate which favors the condition that they want to be in. So what about 200,000 years of human civilized intelligent history, without the word God, and how did people live for so long with words? History says gods who are scientist jump the gun of evolution and created intelligent hybrid mankind, and gave them the ability to speak and communicate. Now people are endowed with luminous ability called cognition-- to discern situation and able to use words that represent favorable situation for them. Lately the bible presents the word God to mean what is good-- and said love and trust in God. But the writerson the bible were very confused, of just crazily out of their right minds. They forgot to use the right words to fit positive situations of their God's goodness, because as it stands now, God only mean evil.       

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    Guest-Tim Kidd and Brian Bargainer

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    Pack up the babies, Grab the old ladies, Everyone goes...
    ...because from Louisville, Kentucky comes the charming hooligan,
    Tim Kidd. Easily described as a monkey with ADHD, who needs his Ritalin. With his quick wit, edgy material, and a unique outlook on life that makes every show feel like a rock concert!Now comedies best kept secret intends to flood the world with his upbeat, twisted brand of hilarity! Tim Kidd is the embodiment of everyone's imaginary friend, except this time he's all grown-up. Tim will be at the Comedy Zone in South Charleston this weekend. One show at 8 and two shows at 7 and 9 at the Holiday Inn & Suites Comedy Zone. Also making his way to WV this week our good buddy and comic Brian Bargainer! Listen live at 11pm!

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    Lets Talk Dellani Oakes

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    Huffington Post columnist Rachel Thompson and Critic/writer/columnist for Night Owl Magazine and Affaire De Couer Bennet Pomerantz discuss media topics with guests 

    Dellani Oakes is a former A.P. English teacher and photo journalist. Now working as a substitute teacher and Mary Kay consultant, she can give skin care & makeup advice, correct grammar, take pictures and write an article while controlling a classroom full of rowdy children.

    Dellani was making up stories before she could read. Her first really cohesive work began when her older sister started school. Left to entertain herself, she invented an imaginary friend and would regale her mother with tales of Snowy Green and Rainbow School. These stories paved the way for songs and poems in elementary school and short stories in high school and college.

    A college theatre major, Dellani took play writing. It became her new love. Scripts being dialog heavy and character driven, this aspect has followed her into her novel writing. She uses verbal exchanges & sparring as a way of revealing both plot and characterization.


    . Her first novel, "Indian Summer", was published in 2008 by Second Wind Publishing. Also from Second Wind, her second novel, "Lone Wolf" made its debut in September 2011. "Lone Wolf" is the first in her science-fiction series. Book two of the Lone Wolf Series - "Shakazhan", came out in July of 2013.

    In addition to her books published by Second Wind Publishing, Dellani has two novels with Tirgearr Publishing: "The Ninja Tattoo" and "Under the Western Sky"

    Dellani is also a Blog Talk Radio host with two shows each month: Dellani's Tea Time 4:00 PM Eastern every 2nd Monday & What's Write for Me at 4:00 PM Eastern every 4th Wednesday. Look for her on Red River Radio Network. (Guests vary)

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    “Kayla’s Not So Fancy Friend” - with Special Guest Kayla Bostic

    in Paranormal

    Kayla Bostic has always had someone by her side, watching her every triumph and fall.  Sometimes, when he wanted to, Kayla's friend would unleash hell. Come and listen in to a survivor's tale of how she has overcome, what her little brother has come to call "the fancyman". Not your typical imaginary friend www.LivingParanormal.com/Live

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    Catchpenny: Author Sarah Wathen

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    An artist turned author, Sarah Wathen is a storyteller by trade and a painter at heart. She was trained in Classical Painting at the University of Central Florida, then completed graduate studies in Fine Art at Partons School of Design in New York City. 

    Her first step into the world of independent publishig was as an illustrator, and Sarah quickly realized she wanted to write her own books rather than illustrate others. That reinvention came as no surprise to family and friends, who remember her as a child always ready to turn a tale. Hours spent under the backyard stairs with her sister - dreaming up imaginary friends with outlandish names like Afisha and Pekins, and designing social networks called the Plant Club and The Tutu Group - were recorded and illustrated, too. Copies still exist under lock and key! Sarah currently resides in Florida and runs the indie label, LayerCake Productions. 

    To learn more: http://www.sarahwathen.com

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    The Free American

    in Education

    Lori Holton & Clay Douglas
    I’d like to start by saying that every statement you read here is a 100 percent authentic quote.You can check out every word and phrase on the internet. The only bits you won’t find already published are my own interconnecting comments. As the editor of the article, I have allowed myself the privilege of taking part in this imaginary “debate”. If the overall effect is at times surrealistic,  this is intentional. The entire 9/11 debate, after all, is an exercise in surrealism replete with the most bizarre Alice in Wonderland logic  The mere fact that the chief suspects of the 9/11 crime have been allowed to investigate themselves makes this only too clear.  The aim of the debate is to pose and answer the question: Who did 9/11?   The politicians and bankers always lie! So if they tell you they’re trying to solve your problem you have to ask, "From where did the problem arise in the first place?” How is it that year after year the politicians carefully and diligently steer our collective boat of destiny ever nearer to the rapids of destruction?” Please remember that the government, backed by the banking elite, who after all OWN the governments, GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY PAY FOR, if not it would not be a very good bargain, would it, and they would change the system. So when you ask, “Why don’t they ever change the system?” then now you know. The agenda rolls along, the plans go ahead. You become poorer. They become richer and you do nothing because you are worked to death and are too tired following the “agenda”.Listen and share the Free American shows with your friends and family and support it by making a donation at www.freeamerican.com

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    Randy White Is A Delusional Nut Who Is Teaming-Up With The Invisible Man (142)

    in Christianity

    Paula White's former husband and mentor Randy White is a certified Nut-Case who now claims that he will be going on the road to do ministry with people he only hears and sees!  No doubt this Buffon has finally cracked-up!   Tune in as Wolf Tracker mocks this delusional Clown whose warped mind has created a host of imaginary friends!

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites Randy to be his special guest on this can't miss two hour program.  Mr. White can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  Wolf Tracker wants to give this Prosperity Gospel bottom-feeder the opportunity to debunk everything he has to say on today's broadcast!