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    We are LIVE Every Tuesday and Thursday 7 a.m. EST!! And we are on demand whenever you make the time for the truth of Couch Conversations. it back and get comfortable with the truth! We will discuss Life, Liberty, and Achieving Happiness on Couch Conversations. We will constantly give you real life practical solutions for the ups and downs that you face along this journey called LIFE. So far we have talked about Pain, Risk, Visualization, Strategy and much more. This week our focus is...Separation - in short, taking time away from distractions to focus yourself, your goals, your future, your peace of mind and regroup.   This show is an outreach of Blessed And Know It Ministries and is hosted by our Mindset Demolition Consultant and Motivational Speaker REVJ!! Join our FB group! Give us a call for more info 888-68-43210!   Or go to our ever growing website  www.bakiministries.wix.com/baki

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    The Illusion of Time

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    In this week's Down the Rabbit Hole episode we explore what time is exactly and the concept that time is but an illusion at times trapping humanity in worry, anxiety, and inner war. We will dive deep into the teachings of A Course in Miracles and other great philosophers who are dispelling the myth that time exists and awaken your soul to the reality of what life really is. We will also be talking about the good and the bad of the demonstration marches we participated in this week, the experiences will shock you. Tune in! 

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    Separation Anxiety: Not just for kids

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    The speakers are: Dr. Frank Schneier Research Psychiatrist, Clinical Therapeutics, New York State Psychiatric Institute

    Dr. Anne Marie Albano Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry) Director, Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders, 
    Columbia University Medical Center

    They will describing what Separation Anxiety is, what the symptoms are and how to treat it. 

    It is a psychological condition in which a person experiences inappropriate and excessive fear and distress when faced with situations of separation from the home or from a specific attachment figure. The anxiety that is expressed is categorized as being atypical of the expected developmental level and age.


    For more information on the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders please go to http://www.anxietytreatmentnyc.org/ or call 212-246-5740

    For more information about participating in our research treatment study on Adult Separation Anxiety, contact Rob Valdovinos at (646) 774-8113 or at valdovi@nyspi.columbia.edu or go to http://columbia-generalizedanxiety.org/



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    Miracles, Illusion and Releasing the Past

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    Join Sarah and Peter as they discuss the illusion, miracles and how to release oneself from thoughts that drain our positive energy and prevent us from living our best life. All memories we have, be they negative or positive, have a charge to them and therefore affect our lives now.

    When we can feel the pain of a past hurt and then release it, we free ourselves. When we can change our thoughts from ones that hurt to ones that heal, we experience a shift in perception, and that is a miracle. When we have released it, we will feel happier and more at peace.

    There is no order of difficulty in miracles. Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

    Prayer is the medium of miracles. Miracles are thoughts. Miracles represent freedom from fear. Miracles restore the mind to its fullness.

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    Why I Teach Separation - The Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad

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    Lsten to the Life Saving Teachings of the Most Honorable Mr. Elijah Muhammad "Why I Teach Separation" (Part 1) (digitally enhanced audio) of The Most Hon. Mr. Elijah Muhammad. This Friday  from 6pm -7pm for questions go to:  NWNOI.TALK@GMAIL.COM or go to: www.newworldnationislam.com. To register with the New World Nation of Islam please write in to: 

    New World Nation of Islam

    P.O. Box 8466

    Newark, NJ 07108

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    Illusion: The Collective Trance

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    Because of the illusion of separation from something larger, the collective trance can deepen our experience of forgetting. When this happens we direct our lives primarily on the desires and needs of the ego. Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discuss ways to focus your attention. In the larger scheme of things, there is communication that is available to us in each moment. The signs are painted everywhere. Part of our challenge is to become the translator-beacon. Remembrance is a natural process. We need to use it naturally, without becoming obsessed with it. Tune in as this show uncovers the pros and cons of the collective trance.

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    Fish Bait Radio "LIVE" with Illusion Baits

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    November 18th@7pm eastern

    We will be joined by Pro Staff director Chuck Kinard with Illusion Baits, Chuck and Scott will be talking about all the great products Illusion builds.
    We will also be holding a contest for a "Illusion Pro Pack" ,you'll want to have these great products in you boat! Tune in and listen "live".

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    Life, Death, Separation and Oneness

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    Welcome back to Soul Matters Radio!

    Today, Marita Rahlenbeck will be interviewing your host Barbara Patterson on matters of Life, Death, Separation and Oneness.

    Both Marita and Barbara have been going through intense experiences over the past few months, and have a lot to talk about.

    Many questions are arising in this adventurous year 2014, many distractions are surfacing on our path of Conscious Awareness.

    While we are walking our walk, we are faced with challenges big and small, and we are asked to stand strong in the storms of life.

    Decisions and choices become more and more important ~ Fear or Love? Separation or Oneness?

    Marita and Barbara want to remind each other and the listeners to find our unique love space and remember to get back there when we feel shaken up.

    Find Marita on http://maritarahlenbeck.com/
    Find Barbara on http://www.barbarapatterson.de/

    Soul Matters!

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    RCM Live: November 9, 2014 - Separation Comes Before Elevation

    in Religion

            Before we can move up in any promotion, there will be a period of separation from the things and people that we enjoy being around. If you look at the people in the Bible, Joseph went through it. David went through it, and yes, Jesus went through it. 2 Corinthians 10:3 is the place we start, where the Bible states that the road to the next level will not be an automatic. Endurance is the key. Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. teaches us how to endure in this message from Restoration Christian Ministries, via RCM Live.

        Restoration Christian Ministries presents pastors John and Darlene Bazemore, live from North Brunswick, New Jersey, bringing you the word of God through RCM Live on the King James Radio Network.

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    "Separation of Church & Schools: Our Rights Or Their Fights?"

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    The national debate over separating religion from schools is a very old one. the aggressive movement to ban and remove religion from schools altogether is a very nasty one. Many points of reason have been cited for wanting religion, religious practices or even mere verbal references of religion in schools banned--but all of them tread so boldly across the fine line that balances the meaning of freedom of religion and segregation via personal prejudices. join in tonight with your thoughts on this topic by calling 347-327-9967 at 10:30 pm EST.

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