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    Fantastic Frank gets Secrets for Success from Ilene Meckley

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    In 2005 Ilene Meckley was hit head on by an 18 wheeler truck. Ilene narrowly survived the terrifying crash.  Ilene spent 5 1/2 months in the hospital.   Doctors told her family she may not survive.  Then they said they didn't know if she would be able to walk again. Ilene decided, "I will walk again."  She made the decision that she would do everything she possibly could do to walk again.  Her determination helped that to happen.  

    Ilene used every ounce of her strength to make sure she would walk again.  After being in the hospital for four months, Ilene was only able to take a couple of steps. Ilene used a walker and wheelchair for a couple years after leaving the hospital. Ilene refused to give up her career of helping others and each day she grew even more determined, making a promise to herself that she would not only walk again, she would return to her passion of helping others.  Ilene is dedicated to her career of sharing and teaching others her secrets of success.

    Fantastic Frank, born Frank R. Johnson, is the epitome of perseverance. As a young man, he was a successful chemical engineer and entrepreneur. One day while he was at the height of enjoying success, everything changed irreversibly when he was trapped in a fire, brought out in a body bag and his life changed forever. As a result, he incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It was necessary for him to re-learn everything; including how to walk and talk. Now he is motivated to inspire millions.

    Every day Frank meets his challenges, and is fueled with a passion to help others with his engaging, creative manner which is awe inspiring to everyone he meets.

    Frank touches many people’s lives daily – let him touch yours.

    Visit his website at fantasticfrankjohnson.com



  • Make a Stand: Ending Child Slavery with Vivienne Harr

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    Chat and Warm-up Music starts at 8:30 am Pacific, 11:30 am Eastern.

    Ilene and her Guest(s) start the interviews at 9am Pacific, 12-noon Eastern.

    Ilene is working with a family medical emergency, and is unable to do a live show this week. Instead, she is offering you our most charming (while also serious) show from this year. Ilene will be live again in the New Year. In the meantime, check this out!  

    You’re 8 years old and you learn that some children in the world don’t get to run and play, hug their parents, or eat well. That’s because they’ve been sold into slavery! What do you do about it if you’re a kid? If you’re Vivienne Harr, you create a plan for making $100,000 selling lemonade, and start working every day! 38 third grade students from Merryhill School in Sacramento are learning Financial Literacy. They’re asking the questions in this remarkable show in which kids put their heads together to make their world a better place. Click here to visit Vivienne Harr's website.

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    Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Dr. Ilene Brenner

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    This is a pre-recorded episode of Kiler Davenport Live. On this episode I interviewed Dr. Ilene Brenner - my favorite er doctor. We talked about a range of subjects from medical school to medical super computers to Obamacare and many other powerful issues.

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    Baptist de Pape: The Power of the Heart

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    Baptist became an attorney, and was about to sign documents to work for a large and powerful International law firm, when he watched a program that changed his life. Instead of practicing as an attorney, Baptist became an interviewer and film maker, things he had little knowledge of how to do! He interviewed such people as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, Maya Angelou, Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, Deepak Chopra and Paulo Coelho—some of the world’s most amazing teachers and thinkers. A true “outcome” to “following your heart,” Baptist de Pape not only followed his heart, he enlisted amazing people to explore it’s abilities. You’ll love this show.

    Click here to visit Baptist de Pape's website!

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    Ilene Kristen

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    Ilene Kristen ("Roxy" from ONE LIFE TO LIVE) talks about her role in the NYC play -- MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING and her appearance in FAR FROM THE BAY (Gregori Martin's prequel to THE BAY webseries).

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    Tony Edgell, Be Your True Self - A Hero

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    Tony Edgell left a comfy and secure corporate America job in September 2012 to pursue his life purpose of inspiring and empowering people to find their purpose and to live their dreams. He found his calling, and he is dedicated to helping others to uncover the life they, too, are called to live. In the past, Tony had serious anger problems. He used to get into bar room fights, and when he was in high school he was a bully, although you would never know it if you met him.

    Tony is not proud of his past, but he is proud of how much he has evolved as a compassionate human being. Today he has tender heart and is a source of strength and inspiration to those around him. Tony lives a joyful life full of peace and passion in Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife Gail and their daughter Annie, the dog.

    Click here to visit Tony Edgell's site.

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    Dr. Dan Siegel: The Power of the Heart

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    Dr. Dan Siegel has developed powerful ways for the psychological traps into which too many have been falling in recent years. Following the latest discoveries in Brain Research and Neuro-plasticity, Dr. Siegel demonstrates through stories of actual people how we can change our minds, brains, relationships and even the course of certain mental illnesses. Eliminate the guesswork. Get free of your psychological baggage. Imagine yourself living a life in which you do not have to endure undue stress, take medication, or repeat self-defeating patterns. Listen, listen, listen this week! Click here to visit Dr. Siegel's website and buy his book!

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    Universal Intelligence, Creating Champions for Life, Pachamama and Music

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    Dr. Amellia Kemp Ph.D. was unable to join Ilene for today's show. Dr. Kemp will join us at another time to discuss her book "From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy".

    Instead, Ilene took to the airwaves to discuss her newest projects, incuding: her work as a mentor for Accessing UI, in which Mentors access their "higher self" to assist others access their own "higher selves" and gain a clearer path to a successful life. Ilene also told us about her work as a Resident Expert with the CCFL, Creating Champions for Life group. Lastly, a real treat as Ilene talked about some of the amazing work of her children, including son Jonathan Lambert as a successful IT professional who has become an Accessing UI Mentor; and daughter Robin Fink and her work with the Jungle Mama program (part of the Pachamama experience in the jungles of Ecuador, partnering with indiginous people to understand and further each other's cultures. Ilene also gave us some insight into daughter Rebekka Fink's musicial success in the U.S. and in Ecuador and her work as she has joined her sister in the jungles. We've all enjoyed the intro and outro music for this show, Full Power Living. Our bumper music was written and performed in an earlier body of work by "Bekka's Frogland Orchestra".

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    The Deanna Wharwood Show with Special Guest Ilene Giles

    in Military

    As founder of Procurement Source Solutions Ms.Giles has dedicated over twenty years of her career in the area of acquisitions. As a former GSA employee Ilene has awarded over $20 billion dollars of government contracts within several multiple award schedule departments such as, MAS 70, 58, 520 & 26. During her tenure she soon realized that contractors blindly submitted proposals in hopes of obtaining a government contract without prior knowledge, and/or training.

    Dali Rivera is a disabled Army veteran and successful entrepreneur, who hasn’t let anything stop her from achieving her dreams.  With a head full of ideas but a lack of business skills she applied and was accepted into the

    Entrepreneur Boot Camp for Veterans with Disabilities Program, Instituted at Syracuse University in July 2010 and shortly after launched Elite Revolutionary Solutions, LLC 


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    Awakening with Mary O'Malley: What's In The Way IS The Way and Q&A: Sherina Lu

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    Mary O'Malley is a speaker, an author, and a counselor in private practice in Kirkland, Washington. Her work focuses on curiosity, compassion, trust, and the ability to be with whatever is showing up in our lives in a spacious and attentive way. In the early 1970's, she experienced an awakening where she saw through the struggles of the mind, making contact with the joy and the wonder of being fully awake to Life. Since then she has dedicated her life to inviting others into the healing and the creativity that come from being fully present for Life. Through her organization, Awakening, she has evolved a transformational approach to working with everything that keeps us from being present for our lives. Click here to visit Mary O'Malley's site and buy her book(s). 

    Next we move into a Q&A with Accessing UI's Sherina Lu. Sherina utilizes her Higher Self to help callers with their life-questions, utilizing their own higher selves for answers.

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    Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Ilene R. Brenner MD

    in Family

    Ilene R. Brenner, M.D. is a board certified Emergency Physician in Atlanta, Georgia. She's also adjunct faculty at Emory University School of nursing.

    The first physician in her family, Dr. Brenner actually comes from two generations of attorneys. She credits her choice of medicine as a profession to the lively discussions of her father's medical malpractice cases, as he is currently practicing defense trial attorney in medical malpractice. And it is these discussions that led her to active participation in assisting him with a number of his cases and provided the necessary background to write her book " How to Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit."

    In addition to the published book, Dr. Brenner spends much of her spare time after college writing: poetry, novels, screenplays, articles as well as a number of nonfiction works.

    Dr. Brenner's thoughts on healthcare: As an ER Doc, and writer. I have a lot of ideas on how to fix healthcare. I've also learned a lot of things about how the healthcare system works and how to work best within it.

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