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    The Battle for North Carolina with guests Ilario Pantano

    in Politics Conservative

    Wayne Bradley will sit down tonight with two Congressional Candidates out of North Carolina. Ilario Pantano is running out of the 7th district.

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    Freedom Radio Ilario Pantano, Vicki Behenna, Allen West

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    Freedom Radio will rock  Sunday evening June 5th when we welcome back Congressman Allen B. West from Florida’s 22nd district.   http://west.house.gov
    Vicki Behenna, mother of American hero Lt. Michael Behenna, being unjustly held at Levanworth for simply doing his job as an American soldier.   Learn more about Michael,  at http://DefendMichael.com.  
    And new to Freedom Radio, will be our guest  Lt. Ilario Pantano, USMC retired, author of “Warlords” and candidate for the House from NC district 7.  http://pantanoforcongress.com
    Learn more at:   http://www.freedomradiorocks.com

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    Beyond the Standard—How We're Changing Our City

    in Christianity

    Glen Elliott ministers with Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona.

    David Drum serves with 4Tucson, an enterprise committed to seeing change in Tucson through the witness of Christians working together.

    Together they'll tell how barriers have been broken, Christians have come together, and real change is happening in Tucson, listed as the 12th-most post-Christian city in America.

    If you're not sure how change could ever come to your city, listen to these fellows tell what God is doing through his people in a place some doubted could ever be changed.

    Read Glen's story in the September issue of Christian Standard, downloadable now via the Christian Standard app for your smartphone or tablet!

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    Conservative Republican Forum w/guests Robert Lowry FL CD-20 & Ilario Pantano NC CD-7

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    This week our "Grassroots Candidates Series" continues with Robert Lowry (R) candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida's 20th Congressional District and Ilario Pantano (R) candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina's 7th Congressional District.

    We will learn about these candidates, their stands on the issues, why they're running for office and why the incumbent in each of their districts needs to be retired this November.

    As always, we welcome your calls with comments and questions at 347-637-1121.

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    Ilario Pantano - War Hero Running for Congress

    in Politics Conservative

    North Carolina 7th District Conservative Congressional Candidate Ilario Pantano Joins The Show Wed 22 June 4pm Eastern. Ilario is a Combat Marine Officer with Business Experience call in # is 310.982.4145 Press Release here: http://bit.ly/inb6Rq Call in and thank Ilario for his service and future service!

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    The Weekly News with Ilario Pantano and Allen West

    in Politics Conservative

    Wayne Bradley talks with the Former Marine and Tea Party backed candidate. He is now in a tight race with incumbent Democrat Rep. Mike McIntyre in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.

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    Permit to Carry in NJ

    in Politics Conservative

    After the tragic murder and carjacking of Dustin Friedman right before Christmas at the Short Hills Mall in NJ, many are starting to question NJ laws gun controls, which are some of the strictest in the country and questioning whether these strict gun control laws may actually be putting more citizens at risk, while having little affect on crime.  

    While NJ residents can apply for Permit to Carry Handgun, the large majority is denied because they cannot prove justifiable need.  The ability to carry a handgun for self-defense is extremely important, but no less important than the right to possess your legally owned handguns while traveling.

    Frank Fiamingo, President of NJ Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) joins us to discuss the issue of conceal carry in NJ and the "friend of the Court" brief filed by the NJ2AS filed on October 1, 2013 challenging New Jersey's "justifiable need" requirement to obtain a Permit to Carry a Handgun.  The Plaintiff, Richard Pantano, is being represented by Evan Nappen, noted civil rights attorney and close friend and supporter of NJ2AS.  

    Will Permit to Carry be a reality in NJ,  and will law abiding citizens be able to exercise their right to not only defend themselves outside the home but to lawfully carry their handgun outside their home?

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    Tucson Pit Bull & Dangerous Dog Victims Walk

    in News

           Tucson-Based Activists Announce Walk
          For Victims of Pit Bulls & Dangerous Dogs   The walk for victims of pit bulls & dangerous dogs is the first of its kind in the country. Local grassroots activists and the Facebook Pit Bull Regulation Project Group announce the first ever, Walk For Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs - Tucson, AZ, to honor the victims of serious, and sometimes deadly dog attacks and to raise awareness in the community of the dangers associated with vicious dogs. The event kicks off Saturday, October 27, 2012 at high noon at Lincoln Park on South Pantano Road in Tucson, Arizona. Admission to the event is free.   The activists created a website for the upcoming event, walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com, and a Google Group email list. Members of neighborhood associations, parents and victims of dog attacks and their family members are urged to visit the website and sign up for the Google Group list to stay up to date as the October event date approaches.   Learn More @   http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com/   Event Details:   Walk for the Victims of Pit Bulls &r Dangerous Dogs Saturday, October 27th 2012 12:00 noon Lincoln Park 4325 South Pantano Rd Tucson, AZ 85730 Admission is free

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    Teen Talk CNY - Spring Break

    in Youth

    Teen Hosts Tim and Devin talk to Ilario Huober from JCC's The Spot about things to do during Spring Break as well as activities offered year-round at The Spot.

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    CRF Weekdays w/Steve Rosenblum & Daria DiGiovanni

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    CRF Weekdays with Steve Rosenblum and Daria DiGiovanni on USA Talk Radio will focus less on guest interviews and more on analysis of news and politics.
    GOP congressional candidate Ilario Pantano (R) NC-7, a veteran of the United States Marines, is making his second attempt to unseat 7-term Democrat incumbent Mike McIntyre.
    He served as a Sergeant in the first Gulf War and reenlisted and graduated OCS after 9/11. 
    He now wants to serve his nation in Washington, DC to save our nation from the bureaucrats that seem hell bent on destroying it from within.
    We welcome listeners to call in with comments and questions at 347-637-1121.

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    Breaking it Down with DT

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us for Breaking it Down with DT where your host David Terry and co-host Brian Terry discuss conservative political and financial issues important to every day Americans. Be prepared for those office conversations at the water cooler by listening to Breaking it Down with DT every Thursday at 10PM EST.
    10:00 PM EST Special Guest Marine Corps 2nd Lt Ilario Pantano takes a break from his Congressional campaign in North Carolina to discuss his new book “WARLORD: BROKEN BY WAR, SAVED BY GRACE”.  Pantano will also comment on ObamaCare, the Economy and Fast and Furious Investigation and give us an update on his Congressional Campaign in North Carolina.