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    in Lifestyle

    Join Ms Blue and Mr Anderson for some GREEN MAGIC and Lots of GIVE ALWAYS!!!
    Mr Anderson of  igrowugrow.biz will be sharing some Green Magic ,
    * Free Garden mini live Coaching 
    * Turning your Green Thumb in to MONEY MAGIC
    * Pest Control
    * IgrowUgrow Spiritual Side ( The Magic in The Garden )
    Mr Anderson igrowugrow.biz
    MsBlue www.msblueblast.com Know Your Magic

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    The Magic of Harvest Time with Mr. Anderson

    in Lifestyle

    Join Ester and Mr. Anderson of IGROWUGROW, live in The Remix  tonight speaking on " The Magic of Harvest Time”.
    Contact Mr Anderson: www.igrowugrow.biz
    KYM Oracle Deck: www.msblueblast.com/cards
    Email MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.com

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    KTL Radio presents YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW ft Mr Anderson

    in Health

    Join us tonight as we welcome back to the program our resident botanist, Mr. Anderson from iGrowuGrow. 
    He will explore the hidden secrets to gardening and the science behind developing the most congruent environment for plant life to prosper. 
    NOW is the time to synchronize your selves with celestial/lunar cycles and put into the Earth, either physically or mentally with your intent, that which you desire to manifest in these coming harvest months. 
    As the saying goes, you are what you eat so what is more important than what you put in your mouth? 
    As the world is being overtaken by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) find out how you can secure your own source of organic heirloom seeds. Learn to look at your food source as currency, because not only is this your bodies direct source of currency but REAL food is a commodity in a world of plastic options. 
    Find out this brother's proven method of yielding some of the most vibrant/colorful fruits & veggies the world has ever seen!! TUNE IN. 

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    CREE w/ Mr. Anderson

    in Education

    Devon Anderson, proprietor of igrowugrow , visits the CREE venue to discuss the importance of and the "how tos" of growing our own food for ecomomic and health improvement.  Most black people have been separated, by dastardly Racist Man and Racist Woman, from our systems of teaching and learning this most fundamental survival skill.  Mr. Anderson helps us unplug from this matrix and offers a very affordable service to get that lawn of yours and/or of your black relatives turned into a garden that will feed you.  As the economy continues to tumble and food becomes scarcer and more expensive in supermarkets, black people are going to have to compensate in ways that do not increase our likelihood of  being put in greater confinement or of commiting or being victims of violence against each other.. If you know nothing, something, or a lot about gardening/farming, this is a program that should not be missed.

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    CREE w/ Mr. Anderson- Part 2

    in Education

    Mr.  Anderson, proprietor of iGrowuGrow.biz, makes his 2nd visit to the CREE venue to explain some physics and creation biology that is fundamental to healthy and bountiful totallly organic, non-GMO food production.  He will also discuss how his children and family have grown as their crops have grown.

    This is not the standard garden-talk content.  This is true magic--Grabbing elements from the air, making tract housing dirt-clump fields into fertile soil without digging; utilizing the tides of liquid metals nearer the earth's core; pest control by critter behavior management instead of chemicals. Yeah---it's like that.
     I've wondered if Mr. Anderson is a reincarnation of George Washington Carver.  This is a treat---something hard to deliver when countering white domination. 

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    in Self Help

    Some may know, I work to Practice what I Preach and Teach.  One of the TOOLS I've used in my program of RECOVERY is GARDENING...that is..working to produce my own Produce...
    MR. ANDERSON OF IGROWUGROW will Join M.E. here in the Recovery Room to share his kinowledge and coaching for successful PRODUCTION....anywhere u are...U CAN GROW..YOUR OWN PRODUCE...

  • 03:09

    "The Garden: The Gateway to The Higher-Self" ft Mr Anderson

    in Science

    Join Know TheLedge Radio tonite as we open the airwaves to welcome our brother Mr. Anderson, from iGrowuGrow.Biz. As we approach the Autumn Equinox and the changing of the guard, Mr. Anderson will be prepping the family with the necessary jewels needed to make the most out of DYI permaculture techniques. Learn the Secrets of the Garden. The discussion will be inclusive of: 

    unity between plant & man

    communing with plants

    the moon as it pertains plants


    true alchemy via making black gold

    the 13 mineral nutrients macro & micro

    geophagy the practice using clay soil as nutrition

    Electro culture: drawing energy from plant by touch

    mushroom science

    In the spirit of our KTL H.A.W.K.S. Initiative (H.ealth A.nd W.ealth K.nowledge of S.elf) this is another KTL University edition so PENS & PADS is a MUST!!!

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    Green Magic with Mr Anderson

    in Lifestyle

    Join Ms Blue and Mr. Anderson ~~ Learn how to grow a MONEY TREE for properity.
    Green Magic for healing the ROOT Chakra
    Sexual Healing / Shakti  Sexy Plants 
    40 Days eat what you grow
    Mr. Andersons Secrets Of Water
    Electro Culture

  • 03:25

    Green Magick with Mr Anderson

    in Lifestyle

    Herbs, Plants and Veggies and more. Join Ms Blue and Mr. Anderson { Igrowugrow.biz } GREEN MAGICK and much much more ....

  • 03:10

    GO GREEN MAGIC Mr Anderson

    in Lifestyle

    Join Mr Anderson  and The Remix Family as we TALK ABOUT " Igrow Ugrow" GO GREEN !!! MAGIC  
    Who is igrowugrow.biz?
    IgrowUgrow is a Kitchen Gardening micro business dedicated to year round vegetable gardening without the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers in a suburban setting.
    What is igrowugrow.biz?
    IgrowUgrow is many things...It is a local vegetable gardening service, providing garden installation and garden maintenance...

    It is a podcast that turns my kitchen garden into your kitchen garden. I share tips and tricks that I use in my very own garden real time, as they happen day to day. I share my ups and down in the garden as I deal with pests and common problems gardeners face.

    Listen from Your
    Mobile Device with
    on iPhone, Android
    Blackberry, Pre and

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    Grow Magic In A Bag

    in Lifestyle

    Come Join The Remix Family and Learn how to Grow a Garden in a BAG ! and how to start a Kitchen Garden in City, Country or where ever you live.
    chemical free vegetables, My techniques call for common household goods to manage pest and feed/fertilize your kitchen garden. Mr Anderson will be joins the Remix Family Tonight.