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    Are we Ignorant about our own ignorance?

    in Spirituality

    If your looking for answers to life's mysteries lets look together. Welcome to our kitchen table where nothing is off limits and there are no sacred cows. 

    Tonight, are we ignorant about just how ignorant we can be? Too many people think they have all the answers and are more than ready and willing to "lead" others, but WHERE are they leading them? With all that is being discovered these days about our past and our true history, its all up for grabs. Lets see if we can blow away some of the clouds of ignorance together.

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    The Motor City Madman of Sui Juris Law on Boxing-in Ignorant Judges w/ Neil Rowe

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    Join us for another AWESOME 2 hour jam sesh with our favorite legal "bad boy", Neil Rowe, Creator of the FB Group Page "Proceeding Sui Juris"

    ~ From doing donuts in a police parking lot as a teenager just to ask them "Why" it's illegal, to being one of the first Americans punished under the post-9/11 Patriot Act for "Terroristic Threats" against a Judge (Neil asked him how he'd like it if he "came over and kicked his ass?"). This direct challenge to abusive authority landed Neil in Federal Prison where he become one of the best self-taught legal scholars (outside of the BAR System) that we know of today.

    Here's Neil in his own words: "I grew up five miles north of Eminem on eight mile, and five miles south of Kid Rock in Flint, Michigan. Same Bat Time, same Bat channel. Thats my pedigree."

    Neil has a personal vendetta to expose the legal fraud and his specialty is using precise legal logic to box Judges into the corner where they either have to admit the fraud, dismiss the case or throw justice completely  out the window and simply abuse their authority by issuing an arbitrary decree.

    Either way, Neil leaves them flushed and flustered and feeling the need to brush up on some of their case law precedent studies.

    Neil is the author of the weekly "Rowe Regulatory Review" (found on his group page) and is currently writing a soon-to-be-released masterwork on Supreme Court Case Law that will empower the massess to take back their power and reclaim their full Sovereign status with confidence and knowledge.

    Neil will be taking your questions and teaching you his very favorite "Courtroom Nuclear Options"~ NOT TO BE MISSED~!!!

    Please share this link with your friends:

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    People are easier controlled if they taught to be ignorant

    in Politics Conservative

    Our founding documents are designed to limit government action in certain areas. In fact, when people speak about "rights" they are not using the term correctly. Such as, People don't have the "right" to free speech. What they have is protection from excessive government interference or regulation of their speech.  While the 4 branches government are crammed into three names: legislative- which is the Senate and House, executive which is the president and judicial which is the supreme court, the fifth branch that is not published are the American people, who are the real Boss. While the fifty states constitute the United States and each state has its own rights per the founding documents, the voter is still the Boss. Progressives realize this most, for they have been doing everything in their power to dumb down society starting within our school system. People are easier controlled if they are ignorant and who will simply begin to believe a lie that the real Boss is the majority of the elected officials. That is why they have done their best in slowly changing the word Republic to Democracy by stating to the Low informed that the names are the same.  

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    Should there be fines for foul language and public ignorant behavior

    in Music

    Join us as we discuss if there should be fines for foul language and public ignorant behavior in public.  This Thursday at 6:30pm only only on SIRA Media Radio.

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    Bill O'Reilly is an unmitigated, tyranical, ignorant ass...like you didn't know.

    in Current Events

    Your host is amazed by the standards at Harvard University in their School of Public Affairs allowing one of the largest asses in TV today to be granted a Masters in Public Administration...what does he know about the public or administration?  His daily diatribes are the most non-sensical ignorance ever uttered by an educated man (and I use the term 'man' VERY loosely).  The man defines unmitigated, ignorant ass.  And the Cheerleader-in-Chief has issued new directives, warnings, forcasts and dire predictions about climate change that will infuriate the right to the point of distraction...distractions from all the other distractions that have led to total inertia in DC based on the principles that they expound...which is a secret and you won't find out without the super secret handshake only available to 'certified' conservatives.  A sort of "Spanish Inquisition" for liberals.


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    The Dr. Dom Radio Show: Dealing with Ignorant People

    in Psychology

    This Week:


    Some people ignore them, some people say something, some people get irritated, others get belligerent.

    The Dr. Dom Radio Show is a radio show about EVERYTHING.  Show topics change each episode, but topics typically center on interpersonal interactions (e.g., marriage, parenting) with a bit of psychology sprinkled in.  The show is hosted by Nickolas Dominello (i.e., Dr. Dom), a Professor of Psychology with over seven years experience in the field.

    Contact Dr. Dom:


    Dr. Dom Radio YouTube Channel

    Listen right here on the Illuminations Media Network Wednesday evenings at 6pm PT.

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    Now Concerning Spiritual Gifts I Would Not Have You Ignorant

    in Spirituality

    Listen to this anointed servant of the Most High as he brings the Word of the Lord to you.  Bishop Solomon has preached all over the United States and has established Churches in Africa.  God uses this obediant vessel and manifests signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost in Jesus' name, confirming the Word of the Lord.  You will be blessed and encouraged in your faith!

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    Urban Schools in America; segregated, no $$ and failing, a testimony to ignorant

    in Current Events

    The host at SevsDeadSerious has been watching the abject failure of the Philadelphia School District; one that I taught in and one that my wife currently administrates in, continues to fail the young people of the city by chronic under-funding over the last 4 years due to the total neglect and closeted racism of the Republican led houses of legislature, as well as the state house with state idiot-in-chief Tom Corbett, who judging by his appointments give great credence to the addage of "white privledge" (ever notice how many privledged white guys deny white privledge...just sayin), leading to the current apocalyptic state of the Philadelphia schools.  While yes the state has shown itself to be racist, the fed should also look at the overall state of education in America under the tutelage of the tall, former basketball player who graduated from Harvard and has done next-to-nothing as the Secretary of Education, save for some REALLY cute photo-ops with cute little kids...as for doing anything substantive, not so much.  The kid in Philly wakes up every morning know that the state and federal government see them as having little value and reward them with even less opportunity.  Like climate change, you can't just close your eyes and it will go away.

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    Harvest World Ministry presents Love's Waiting Room

    in Social Networking

    Love's Waiting Room where there is hope for your tomorrow today.

    Our mission is love.  Our focus is sharing radical, relevant, and real issues facing couples in relationship.

    Our program is designed with the intention of changing everything about relationship matters.

    We focus on: Dating, Mating, and Relating whether you're single and satisified or married and glad.

    Your host: Bill Andrews, DD - Coach, Mentor, Pastor, Author, and a strong believer in the institution of marriange ordained by GOD.

    Our mantra: If you're ignorant, be ignorant.  But if you want to change, change.  KJV 1 Cor 14:38 

    You need a coach that will teach you how to build a meaningful relationship. Let us be that coach in your life with over 35 years of marriage and ministry, we know the real deal. To visit us on Sunday. We're located 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. Services is held at 5237 W. Diversey Ave in Chicago,Illinois 10:30am and 2:00pm.  Visit our website www.HWMCI.org for more information about our vision

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    Let's Talk...God is not Religious - The Sinner's Prayer Gospel-Episode 7

    in Christianity

    This series will address the error and danger associated with the all-pervasive embracing of a non-scriptural and casually committed to version of the gospel.  A modern phenonmenon, that is deceiving people into believing that they have received and are assured of an eternally secure salvation without the true surrender, commitment and passion required by Christ and the original leaders of the Church, according to scripture.  This has in fact, metamorphosed into another gospel completely, a false gospel.  The controversial and consequential issues of the sinner's prayer, born again and centrality of personal relationship with the Holy Spirit are dealt with extensively.

    The message of the series is that we must honestly examine and make sure that the modern gospel that is being offered wholesale and indiscriminately to all with less and less scrutiny and cost to the recipient is the truth and really procures salvation. This is so crucial, as we enter into the era of the "great delusion" that scripture warns us about which will appear in the very last days.  The deception is said to be so strong, that if it were possible, even God's elect would be deceived!  This series brings a fresh analysis to the true relationship and commitment that Christ offers and demands of those whom He calls.  Inviting the listener into a vibrant, personally rewarding and powerful relationship with the Loving Christ through the Person of the Holy Spirit.

    This message is life and death to a generation that is so scripturally ignorant and lacks the experience and foundation of traditional, biblical faith while being equally bombarded with so many erroneous and dangerous teachings, cleverly cloaked in mixtures of secular, esoteric and dangerous doctrines of demons passing for contemporary spirtuality and all embracing, unprejudiced Christian faith.

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    Is Human Slavery A Curse From The God Of The Bible

    in Music

    Did God of the bible predestined human slavery if so why this all powerful chose to do those things, are not positive experiences not more pleasant? God is truly suffering from psychosis, and this is the reason why Christians are so ignorant?

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