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    P4P Real Talk with Alyssa Polisano IFPA Pro

    in Sports

    On this episode we get to chat with a lady that has put in some major work and recieved some major changes as a result. At her young age, only the best is yet to come.

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    NANBF Promoter John Arnold goes LIVE to talk about the 2016 competition season!

    in Fitness

    NANBF Promoter John Arnold will be LIVE with moderator "Showbiz Liz" on Wednesday 1/6 at 8pm cst to talk about the upcoming fitness seminars he and wife Becky Arnold will be offering to educate competitors about natural body building, as well as to discuss the success of the Natural States Southern Classic which will be celebrating its 20th year in April as an NANBF amateur show and IFPA Pro qualifier.  Callers welcome!

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    P4P Real Talk with Kareem Petteway: The World Physique Alliance

    in Sports

    If you've been on social media today, odds are you've seen posts flying around about the future of the IFPA, Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB) , etc., creating more questions than answers. Tonight, Kaelin and Desiree will be sitting down for some real talk with Kareem Petteway -- professional bodybuilder, judge, trainer, contest promoter AND CEO of the IFPA and former director of the  (OCB). He's going to share insights into some new developments hitting the natural bodybuilding world. If competing is ANYWHERE in your future, you won't want to miss this show!

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    PRW Radio Episode 163: Kerri Bolen and Jillian DeCoursey

    in MMA

    Our first guest will be IFPA Pro Bodybuilder Kerri Bolen. Kerri recently won the Yorton Cup, her final show as a competitor. Kerri showed amazing improvements this year. We will talk about those improvements, the Yorton Cup, her stepping away from competing and more.

    Next up will be amateur fighter Jillian DeCoursey. Jillian sports an impressive 4-1 recrod and is the current ACC Strawweight champ. We will talk to her about her start in the sport, where she is at now, future plans and more.

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    IFPA Pro Terri McBee

    in Fitness

    IFPA pro Terri McBee joins Zakary Walizadeh and IFPA Pro Alberto Nunez on this episode of Natty Talk Radio. Terri is a figure competitor who has won the Yorton Cup Figure division  and made a name for herself as one of the best natural figure competitors alive! We'll be discussing how she got started in the sport, her most recent injury and the road to recovery, when she plans on returning to the stage, what it's like to be twin sisters with the undefeated women's bodybuilding wolrd champion Patricia Beckman, and more!

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    That Signature Bikini Stage Look: Tips on Suits, Posing, Hair, Makeup & More

    in Nutrition

    Work that stage ladies! 

    Learn all that goes into creating your signature 'Bikini Stage Look' from the best!

    We will touch on topics of suit design, posing, hair, makeup and much much more. 

    Kristy Leconte has been a working in the fitness industry for 10 years and is an IFPA Bikini Pro. She lives in Maine, loves dogs and all things SNL. Kristy has been competing from 3 years and recently won the 2015 Yorton Cup for Bikini. 

    Tawnya Cline resides currently in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Vince and my four legged boxer/pitbull, Simba. She has two adult children that no longer live at home. Tawnya and her husband own, Indulgence Head 2 Toe (a full service salon), Bronzing Head 2 Toe (spray tan business), and Nutrition Head 2 Toe where she spends most of her time. They offer customized meal plans and a FREE calendar of fitness activities for all ages, races, and sizes. She holds three Bikini Pro cards and one in Pro Sports Model.  Tawnya has obtained several sponsorships, and also coach a competition team globally called "Smoothies and Blenderz." She has been privileged to have the title of Editor-In-Chief of Natural Bikini Magazine and now promoter of the West Coast for IPL. 

    Pam Wilkie is the owner and sole designer at Muscle Couture Competition Bikinis and Figure Suits. She began her competition career in 2007 and began designing her own suits in 2010. She's married to Michael Wilkie, owner of The Diet Doc Nashua/Team K Nashua and Fit For Life Personal Training. Pam is also a posing instructor and works as a team with her husband in offering competitors a full range of competition prep services. Pam and Michael have 3 children and live in Southern NH. 

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    Monday Madness: IFPA Bodybuilder Discusses Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

    in Current Events

    Our special guest for this episode of Monday Madness is International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) Pro Physique body builder Tiffany Franklin. Ms. Franklin will join your hosts Ken Williams (BBK) and Tiffany Santana (Metropolitan Bootcamp for Women) to talk about the benefits of weightlifting for women. Ms. Franklin will share with you all her journey from just wanting to get in shape to gaining IFPA pro status.

    Tune in and log on to Monday Madness: The Health and Fitness Show on Blogtalkradio only on the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network on blogtalk radio. The show airs Monday, March 16 at 10 a.m. atwww.blogtalkradio.com/sandhcn. Got questions or want to join the conversation, call 1-914-338-1541. Ken Williams and Tiffany Santana will also share tips on how you can look like a body builder getting ready for competition. 

    Monday Madness airs at 10 am on Monday, March 16 only on the Stovall & Hoggard Communications Network on blogtalk radio. Tune in each week for weight loss, fitness, health and other suggestions that will help you on your journey to wellness. 

    Call 1-914-338-1541 to join the conversation or to ask any questions.

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    Inside Natural Bodybuilding - IFPA Pro Masters Cup

    in Fitness

    Mike Neumann interviews NANBF/IFPA promoter Keith Hunter in this edition of Inside Natural Bodybuilding

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    Inside Natural Bodybuilding- IFPA Pro International Preview

    in Fitness

    Mike Neumann and Showbiz Liz interview the promoters of the highly acclaimed NANBF KC Classic/IFPA Pro International.

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    IFPA pro Ryan Doris!

    in Fitness

    My favorite episode so far with IFPA pro,Team Norton member, and Scivation sponored athelete Ryan Doris!! If you know Ryan then you know he can't stand typical bodybuilding related questions and this episode definitely delivered! We talk about how things change from the amteur to the pro ranks, how IIFYM has transformed into what it is today, POPTARTS?!?, Ian McCarthy, being a sponsored athelete, how bodybuilding at such a young age has changed our lives, and much MUCH more! 
    WARNING: We get a little off-topic about half way through :p

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    IFPA Pro Ryan Nelson

    in Fitness

    Ryan Nelson talks with Zak about his recent 6th place finish in the lightweight class at the IFPA Pro International as well as how he got started in the sport. At 20 years old he has a physique that's as impressive as some guys twice his age!