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    IEP Meetings with Less Drama!

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    On this episode, we talk with Charmaine Thaner about strategies for keeping IEP meetings positive and successful. 

    Charmaine Thaner retired after 30 years of teaching to become a parent advocate. Her diverse experiences provide a unique perspective when collaborating with families and educators.In addition, she is the parent of a young adult who received special education services. 

    Charmaine has supported students, parents, and educators as a special educator, classroom teacher, parent advocate, and adjunct university instructor.  She continues to support parents as an advocate and public speaker. To learn more about Charmaine's work, go to Collaborative Special Education Advocacy. 



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    Maverick Mind Series - IEP Testing

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    MEASURING HOW YOUR CHILD  THINKS AND THE IEP   Measuring how your child thinks and relaying it in the IEP process. Listen to Dr. Florance explain how to interpret educational testing results with the unique profile of the highly visual student in mind.  Find out how test scores indicate whether someone is extremely verbal, a balance of verbal and visual, or extremely visual.  We will also discuss  auditory processing testing in the context of the highly visual child  

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    Part 1 - "Top 10 tips for developing a fully appropriate IEP or Section 504 plan

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    "Top 10 tips for developing a fully appropriate IEP or Section 504 plan"

    504- What Parents Need to Know

    Dennis C. McAndrews, Esquire, has worked for over thirty  years in the public and private sectors in several roles in the fields of estate planning and disability law. He is the founder and managing partner of McAndrews Law Offices, P.C., an eighteen-attorney law firm with offices in Berwyn, Scranton, Wyomissing, Wilmington Delaware, and Washington D.C., which regularly represents individuals and their families in a variety of areas, including estate planning/administration, special education matters, special needs trusts, elder law, abuse of vulnerable persons, guardianships, right-to-treatment cases, and injury cases.  He frequently acts as a consultant to other public and private attorneys with regard to estate planning/administration, disability and special education issues.  The firm also consults with higher education agencies and corporate entities regarding policies designed to protect consumers, employees and stakeholders.

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    How do you deal with an IEP? Measurable goals? Are they probably and possible

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    Jessica Schulte - K.I.C.K. Karate

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    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Jessica Schulte from K.I.C.K. Karate. KICK stands for Karate Inspires City Kids.  We are dedicated to fostering positive character traits though the study of Martial Arts for youth ages 4 and up.  We offer a range of programs including Super Kids for ages 4-6, Beginner Karate for ages 7 and up, and Adaptive Karate for youth that are part of the IEP program.  In our Martial Arts youth program, our students learn goal setting, gain focus and self control while having fun. For more information please visit thier facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KICK-Karate-273804709305401/

    For more information about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group and to see a list of upcoming networking events please visit our website at http://friendsofkevin.com 


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    Understanding the IEP Process; Tips for Parents

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    The IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process can be an overwhelming experience for parents.  Once the IEP is in place, annual meetings can also leave parents feeling confused and unsure if their child who stutters is receiving the support they need to succeed in school.  Please join us and call in with your questions as Lynne Remson, Board Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders and Chapter Leader of the NSA Phoenix Family Chapter, reviews the IEP process and helps you understand how to get the most out of your educational partnership with your child's school.

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    Protecting Your Child From Bullying In an IEP

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    Bullying IS an IEP issue.   
    Hosts Jennifer Laviano a special education attorney and Julie Swanson a special education advocate host this very important interview. 
    Your child's IEP is a legal document that their school must follow. 
    The tragic suicide of a Florida teen from relentless bullying has sparked a firestorm within the legal system to put an end to torment and tragedy.
    If your child is being bullied you have rights and can use an IEP to protect them. 
    Two girls were charged with aggravated stalking, a third-degree felony and will be processed through the juvenile court system. Neither had an arrest record. The older girl was taken into custody in the juvenile wing of the Polk County Jail. The younger girl, who the police said expressed remorse, was released to her parents now under house arrest.
    If you havent already spoken

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    Welcome back!

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    The Never Give Up Foundation radio show is back.  All new and ready to take over. Listen to The Never Give Up Show with Matthew Cox, every Morning @ 8:00-9:00am PST at http://www.blogtalk.com/nevergiveupradioshow  Click on "Listen Live!" to tune into the show online!  Join us and let others know about the show. Become a Fan The Never Give Up Foundation Facebook pages

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    Scout extensions and IEP for Scouts (ISAP)

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    We are honored ot have back on the show Tony Mei who the BSA National Chair for Speical Needs. 
    Today, Tony and I will be talking about Scout extensions and the ISAP (Individualized Scouting Advancement Plan) which is simular to a IEP in a school setting and we will also be talking about extensions are applied for and received to allow a scout to continue to work on differnt scouting achivements. 
    Learn the process, what can be asked for, what should be avoided and the ins and outs of the proecss. 

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    Episode 24: The School Year Has Started - And It's Not Going Well. What Can I Do

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    Date:  Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm EDT

    Speaker(s): Georgia Fruechtenicht, Curriculum and Learning Specialist, Trainer, and Navigator Team Leader; Parent to Parent of Georgia

    Join ADA Live! (WADA) on September 2 for our second conversation with Georgia Fruechtenicht from Parent to Parent of Georgia (P2PGA). In this episode, Georgia will explain the options parents have when their child's school year is not going well. She will discuss writing emails and letters to express concerns and how to request a meeting. She will also discuss effective communication techniques parents can use to address their concerns, strengthen their partnership with the teacher, and get their children the support they need to be successful at school.

    Georgia Fruechtenicht is the Curriculum and Learning Specialist, Trainer, and Navigator Team Leader for Parent to Parent of Georgia and Project Coordinator for the Parent Detailer Project, which is part of the Autism Plan for Georgia.

    You can submit your questions, explore resources and the complete program schedule and connect to archived shows on www.adalive.org.

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    Preparing for an IEP meeting

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    Presented by Special Education Attorney, Jeffrey A. Gottlieb. Learn how to be effective at an IEP meeting, such that your child receives appropriate placement, services and goals. Check website for IEP informational materials at www.specialeducationattorneyatlaw.com.